Moment of Truth: How has Harry made a difference in your life?

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Its finally over
I was dying of exitement for this last book, but now that its here, it's hard to except that it's over. Im creating this thread for those who would like to express their feeling towards these books that have made a place in our hearts. How have these books changed you, and how does seeing the end of the tunnel make you feel?

I remember I started reading the first book out of curiosity during school vacation. It gave me something to do, because I hated being stuck inside the house all alone. I remember reading about Harry and his great adventures and wishing I could go with him. Then when school started back up, there was a problem, and my parents had to put me in a different school. So there I was starting 7th grade not knowing anyone, until I was told that the school had a Harry Potter Club. I was welcomed there at once, and it was there I made my new friends. It was were I first had the feeling of belonging.
Things at home were not always the brightest ether. I remember when I got in a fight with my parents I would lock myself in my room and read. Harry kind of became the sholder to lean on. Whenever there was something wrong, he was there. I remember wishing Hogwarts was real, wishing there was such a magical place I could excape to.
More and more books were published and as Harry grew so did I, and always closer to him and the wizarding world. It was like they were all real and all so close. When Sirius died, I cried so bad. My parents said my obsession was silly. and here I am five years later feeling like someone very dear to me had just died again.
I now realize that as Harry broght hope to the wizarding world, he always brought hope to me too. The feeling that good would always triumph over evil, or that a little bit of magic can still exist in such a cruel world. But ever since I started reading the part when Harry starts walking towards the forest and his fate, I felt like he did, that the end was near. I have known his so long... I'm starting college now. But I feel like I lost a very dear friend. Even while I write it feels like I'm writing "HARRY POTTER REMEMBERED". Even though I know that the books will still be here always, I still can't let go of the feeling that its over. Forever

Well, it was the first book that made me want to read other books

danielle marie.
I grew up with Harry Potter. The books are and always will be a part of me. They taught me, and in some ways they made me believe. They will always have a place in my heart.

I've read them since I was 6/7 can't remember, they made me a total outcast and I love them for it!

The Phantom
Harry Potter was the first books I was really ever able to read. I'm not say that I couldn't read other books because I didn't like them either. I couldn't read until about 3/4 grade. Ironic how I can't put down books now. It started my love for books and everything. Also, during my middle school years, it helped me cope with everyone disliking me and making fun of me all the time. Just a simple turn of a page and it got me out of the classroom and right next to Harry on one of his crazy adventures. Harry Potter really did make quite a difference in my life. I never realized it until the books were over. I miss it already.

cry me too!
so so much crybaby

It took me away from the confussion and hecticness of 18 bus stops through central London and for that I thank it!

the books taught me how to have confidence on myself. I definatly learned how to stand up for myself and to what I like, thats for sure! (being pure catholic, you dont no how many people tried to tell me Harry Potter is evil)

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