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Smallville at Comic-Con: Special Report!
By Craig Byrne

The panel started with a screening of clips from the show's first six seasons. Reminiscent of the excellently-edited "Previously On..."s that we see before season finales, this selection of clips was amazing.

The biggest highlight of the clipfest was seeing Clark flying (from "Crusade"wink with the words of Christopher Reeve's Dr. Swann in voiceover. It gave chills in the same way "Marlon Brando as Jor-El in the Superman Returns trailer" did.

Then, the clipfest went into some clips from the Season 7 premiere and possibly beyond. We see Lionel washed ashore in some way. An angelic-looking, flying Kara surrounded by white light. Chloe being zipped up but then waking up from the gurney in the morgue. More Clark vs. Bizarro. Kara in the Daily Planet (or was it the Talon? I can't remember..) This was the first view of Season 7 for fans and it was great.

It seemed that when the clips were shown, the characters of Lois and Oliver got huge responses (maybe from being popular, or maybe because the actors were present). There was a scream of "oh no!" when Chloe was seen dead on the table, but again, that won't stick. (Read some season 7 spoilers)

The guests of the panel included series creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, plus actors Erica Durance (Lois), Phil Morris (John Jones), and Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow). Also joining them was Laura Vandervoort, who will be playing Clark's Kryptonian cousin, Kara Zor-El, in Season 7.

From the brief clips shown, and Vandervoort's general enthusiasm, look, and demeanor, she is going to be PERFECT for the role of Kara. I think... or hope... that her addition will revitalize the show in a similar way to how James Marsters changed things up in Season 5.

Al Gough revealed that Dean Cain will be appearing in the season's fourth episode, as a villain (Read more on that). Also, Justin Hartley will be returning as Green Arrow in the middle of the season.

Phil Morris shared his own enthusiasm and fandom, revealing that he had spent several hours on the convention floor himself earlier in the day. Morris, by the way, will be returning for several episodes this Fall.

The fate of Lana is still unsaid, although Laura Vandervoort she hadn't gotten to work with Kristin... "yet." Why would she say "yet" if Lana is dead, hmm?

Saddening some fans who wanted to ask about it, Al and Miles reiterated that they still can't use Batman, though they ask if they can use Wonder Woman every year. One of the times that it was said that they could not get Bruce Wayne, there was booing from the audience.

The first 15 fans asking questions got free t-shirts. (Can I have one?)

Someone commented on the chemistry between Lois and Ollie, and they asked Erica and Justin how they prepare for a romantic scene. They both made mention of their respective spouses. (David Palffy and Lindsay Hartley were both in the audience).

Justin Hartley proved himself to be a huge geek, revealing his two favorite Smallville moments. One, was having Green Arrow shooting at the, what Justin called a "soda pop can" (how Midwest!)... and the other, just the general meteor-flying-before-the-logo "Somebody Saaaaaaaaaaaaave Me!" Seriously, why doesn't this guy have his own show?

Phil Morris said his favorite Smallville moment came at the end of "Labyrinth."

Al told the audience that Michael Rosenbaum wanted to be at the Con but he recently had a back surgery and was unable to make it. Get well soon, Michael!

ETA: More reports!!

'Smallville' draws Dean Cain, Supergirl, but not Bruce Wayne

For such a small town, Smallville sure gets a lot of action. At Saturday's Comic-Con panel for the upcoming seventh season of the superhero show, the show's cast and crew revealed who'll be dropping in on Smallville, how Supergirl is faring with her flying lessons and which billionaire playboy with a dark side will never, ever visit Clark's town.

But first, the gathered fans were shown a jam-packed first look at scenes from the upcoming season. Although it's hard to tell what's real -- and not a dream sequence or flashback -- it looks like the new season will be a doozy. A few things that I was able to catch:
- the continuation of the Clark-Bizarro smackdown
- Chloe's pale form on a gurney, in the hospital, having a sheet pulled up over her face and then (here's where I doubt my eyes) rising up from her morgue drawer?!?
- Clark calling Kara/Supergirl a "girl with blonde hair and a bad attitude."
- return of Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter
- a quick glimpse of Lana - (Hey, didn't she blow up? Maybe she's not really alive. Kristin Kreuk wasn't on the panel.)

Smallville, a nice place to visit

Deancain_ripleysbelieveitornot_240 Show creator Alfred Gough kicked off the session with a brief, but well-received announcement:
"Dean Cain will be appearing in 'Smallville.' He's going to be in the fourth episode and he's going to be playing a bad guy."

The panel also included co-creator Miles Millar and the following cast: Phil Morris (Martian Manhunter), Justin Hartley (Green Arrow), Erica Durance (Lois Lane) and the latest addition, Laura Vandervoort (Kara Zor-el/Supergirl). Gough explained why they decided to add Supergirl this season.

"It seemed for us the next evolution in Clark's journey as his father's dead and his mom's in DC most of the time, he doesn't have any family," said Gough. "So basically this is the first time he's had any flesh and blood sort of family, it also gives him some insights into what happened on Krypton. There are also some family secrets in the House of el.

"And it also puts Clark in sort of the mentoring position with Kara who is 19. She left the planet the same time as baby Kal-el did. She crashed in the meteor shower in the Smallville river, and the flood that you saw at the end of Season Six is what brings her out. she's been in suspended animation, so suddenly the baby cousin is now the older cousin, which puts a lot of friction between them."

Vandervoort has been shooting up in Vancouver for about two weeks so far.

"It's definitely been a whirlwind," said the actress, dressed in a distinctly superhero-blue dress. "I've moved up to Vancouver. Tom and Erica have been incredible. Allison . I'm waiting to meet Kristin, whom I'm sure everyone loves. But it's been a lot of fun. They've been teaching me to fly. I'm doing a lot of harnessing work ... We actually had a flying scene last night.

Gough added, "Kara can fly, and Clark can't. So we're definitely going to have Kara giving Clark some flying lessons. Whether he'll be any good at it remains to be seen."

Further adding to Smallville's superhero population are a few as yet unnamed Green Arrow pals.

"J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter, is very integral in the first several episodes," said Gough. "And Oliver Queen will be back midseason and probably be bring Justice Leaguers -- old and new -- with him."

Ericadurance_smallville_s6_240 Splitting time between Smallvile and Metropolis

" obviously gets more involved with the Daily Planet," explained Durance about her character's fate this season. "And yes, there is this editor that comes along that is very interesting ... and interested. She toys with that idea for a while. I think it's because he embodies what she wants to become. She wants to be this journalist and she wants to be proud of what she does and have a career and have something that says, 'This is me. This is what I embody.' I think that throughout the season, she'll be doing a lot of investigating, kicking butt, getting out there and getting in people's faces."

As far as her interaction with the latest strong female cast member, Durance is hopeful.

"As far as Lois meeting up with Supergirl and that sort of thing, we do have a bit of a meeting, don't we?" remarked Durance. "Which is great. I'm excited to see where that sort of friendship goes. I hope we're going to be friends."

Vandervoort was cautiously optimistic. "I think Kara first meets and thinks she's sort of a threat, so she's kind of protecting herself. But I think that will develop a little bit."

" fights too, so I think Lois kind of likes that," added Durance.

Avoiding Smallville like the plague

Millar and Gough finally dashed the hopes of fans who had been wishing for Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, to drop in on Clark.

Millar: Since our first Comic-Con, we've said we wanted to have Bruce Wayne in the show," began Millar, only to dash the fans' hopes. "Well, that's always been our wish, always been our desire, and unfortunately, it's never going to happen ... That was our dream, but it's not to be.
Gough: We are the caretakers of this crown jewel. We work at Warner Bros. who owns , and there was the decision made that once the Batman franchise was rebooted for features that we wouldn't be able to use the character in the show.
Martianmanhunter Millar: We want to be clear: We have a great relationship with Warner Bros. and DC Comics. They've been unbelievably supportive of the show and getting characters like Martian Manhunter and the whole Justice League ... It involves estates and legalitya and all these things. So it's not anyone's fault. It's just that that's the way it has to be ... And then Wonder Woman, we've always wanted in the show --
Gough: Never say never on Wonder Woman.
Millar: Well, every year we try.
Gough: We'll keep trying on Wonder Woman.

Kal of Krypton
YAY! More GreenArrow!

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