My Story: Tom and his deck

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Tom and His Deck

Tom ran and ran through Duel Academy. He was late for his very first class! He ran past Chazz Princeton, who was entering Obelisk Blue Arena for a duel. Tom himself was sceduled to duel Jaden in 5 MINUTES!!!

He at last skidded into the Arena.
"Ah,There you are Tom. Get ready to duel Jaden." Said Prof. Banner.
Jaden was a second year student. Tom and Jaden both loaded thier decks.
"Lets Duel!"They both said.
"Get Your Game on!" said Jaden" And you better, because I'm gonna summon Elemental Hero Avion in Attack Mode! And I'll play a face down too".
"My Draw!" said Tom. He drew Destiny Hero Devil Guy." I summon D-Hero Devil Guy in attack mode.
Attack Points:0800 Defense:0000
And Now, his effect allows me to take out that Avion!" Avion vanished."And now-I'll Attack you directly!
Jaden's Life Points: 3200
"And now I activate Tremendous Fire! This deals me 500 points of damage, and 1000!
Tom's Life Points:3500
Jaden's Life Points:2200

"My Turn! Jaden said, And I'll activate my face-down! Dian Keto! I regain 500 life points!"
Jaden's Life Points:3000.
"I play a quick-spell card! Card Destructun! Now all cards in our hands are destroyed! and now its my turn! I activate Monsetr Reborn! And revive Destiny Hero Dogma Guy!
Attack Points:3500 Defense Points:3000
And now! Destroy Jaden's Life points!
Jaden's Life points:0000
I Win! Tom yelled.
"You got game!" Jaden said proudley.

Chapter 2: Tom's Love Life.
Tom was so good that he was soon promoted to Obelisk Blue and ranked as the fourth best sstudent in the school. His room was right next to Alexis's. Alexis was the third best student. Tom secretly loved her. But every time he tried to ask her out for a date his voice choked up. He asked Jaden, but he said he did'nt know why. Then one day, he asked her out. She smiled and passed her a note. It read:Yes. Tom was stunned.

That night Tom went with Alexis to the lake and there, he got his very first kiss. He was so happy that he had a girlfriend. That night Alexis was all he dreamed about. But He forgot about the test duel tommorow.

Chapter Three: Tom vs Alexis
Tom at last dashed into Obelisk Arena. He was stunned to see who he was going to duel: Alexis!.
"Let's Duel" They both said.
"I'll summon" Alexis began," Cyber Angel Fentin in attck mode!
"And i'll activate Polermization! I'll sacrifice:Pitch-Black Dragon, Aqua Dragon, Fire Dragon, Blue-Eye Dragon and Lighting Dragon to summon... Five-God Dragon!
Attack Points:5000 Defense Points:5000
Attack Cyber Angel Fentin!"
Alexis's Life points:0000
"That was quicK! Alexis said.
"I know! I got eight decks! That was my dragon deck!

As Tom's School year continued, he kept getting better and better. His relationship with Alexis grew. Tom was at last going to duel Chazz. The Duel took place seven weeks before the end of the school year.

Chazz went first:"I summon Cythonion Soilder in attack mode!"
"My Turn!"Tom said" And summon Destiny Hero Devil Guy! And equip with Destiny Sword! His attack points rise by 1000 for every Destiny Hero in my Deck. Devil Guy:Attack:4800 Defense:4000
Now I'll use his effect to destroy Cythonion Solder! And attack directly with Hell Bells!
Chazz's Life points:0000
"I did it! Chazz is pretty good. Well, Thats my last duel for the year!"

Chapter 5: Out of School

Tom was shocked to learn that Alexis lived next door to his house! As the school year ended, Jaden gave him a card: Clayman.

At last, he went home. Every few nights he and Alexis went on a date

very gud, even tho i dont like to watch the WB, but still gud

One day, Tom waleked into Alexis's house, and found Jaden with Her. Jaden told Tom that he was sleeping over and so was many of Thier freinds. Zane, his younger brother Syrus, Bastion Misawa, and Chazz. Tom also said he would.

That night, The six of them had a dueling contest, popcorn and watched the horror movie "Frakenstein Reborn". It scared the pants of Syrus. Then on the news said that a flood was swamping the town. It was time for the group of them to run.

Chapter Six: The Flood
Everyone grabbed supplies to survive the flood. They all ran towards the forest. The town was deserted. As they reached the forest, they set up the two tents and they slept...

Tom woke to screaming. Alexis was gone. They left the tent to look for her. They saw somthing unatrul. A Aqua soldier holding an unconcious Aleixs. It plunged into the river and Tom and Zane went after her, followed by the others except Syrus.

They kept swimming after Alexis. Tom didn't want to lose her. He loved her. Since they were all fourteen. Anyway they at last came to a pocket of air. As the underwater chase continued, they reached a huge underground beach. Tom dived and grabbed Alexis. The Aqua dude tried to grab her again but failed. And right there, Tom and Alexis kissed. Zane and Chazz launched themselves at Aqua.

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Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.