Aliies - New & Improved!

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I know I have too many threads, I wish I could clean them up...

I havn't been here in ages, many things to keep me busy as well as a little practice in artwork that's been long overdue stick out tongue

I finally sat myself down and began mucking around with my WACOM tablet again, the results were surprising, never done something like this before...

Since I'm still hopelessly riddled with all things Warhammer, even after twelve years (abstained for a whole year) now I'm thinking of taking it up again. I was rummaging through my stuffs and models of late and found one of my favorites, a Dreadnought... rolling on floor laughing

So I grabbed my tablet, the model and a copy of Photoshop on my new computer and started doodling... after an hour scribbling, I layered it and applied colors = The results were as follows (however messy, I quite like the scribbly-linework ^.^)


I know noone cares but as of today I am an animator... once I have something ready to show off It'll be here with any other art I manage to do...

dunno if this'll work, but here's my first frame by frame cartoon... I really like the jittering sketchiness of it XD

Deviantart Link as it's an invalid file type for KMC, apologies for the spam... ]

Hi guys... I'm back smile

Things have changed more rapidly than I would've liked, but in the most part it's been for the better smile

My lack of self-confidence in my art and other things is now gone, I sucked in my gut and attacked some of the hardest topics for me with an aim to finally advance from my stagnating abilities.

not only that but I have a new job in Architecture/Civil engineering that I gained after showing off some of my building designs, now going for a diploma in Civil Engineering.

I also believe I'm hardly the same person you knew from before, so this is the new & improved Aliies.

And god, it's great to be back!

Your devious friend,

Tomas AKA Aliies

Welcome back dude!


darn, Most of the links died with my photobucket account...

well I'll be posting some new stuffs soon smile

I geeves yous more arts... another story I am writing, also to show off my new level of Anthro art ^_^

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.