Grahf vs Id

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Superboy Prime
Xenogears's top badasses(excluding Krelian 131) go at it.

Will Lacan's current curse finally come to an end thanks to Fei's rampant Id?

Or will Id/Fei be assimilated by Grahf?

I am aware Fei fought Grahf at end of Gears...but during that fight Fei had fully healed his multiple personality is a different fight.

Both characters can dismantle Gears with their barehands. Their Gears are unbelievably powerful.

Round 1 hand to hand

The Seeker of Power or The Slayer of God?

Round 2 Gears match

Alpha Weltall or Red Gear(Weltall)

Earth will probably blow up while these 2 sadistic powerhouses duke it out.

Just FYI, completed Fei beat True Weltall. It no longer had the Anima Relic making it Alpha Weltall. So it was kinda way weaker.

But while Grahf is way more intelligent, Id has the body of the Contact. He can beat Grahf on raw power alone. He has an infinite suply of energy.

Superboy Prime
I think hand to hand Id will take it....but on Gears Grahf would take it.

Apparentely Id didn't get to use full access of weltall/xenogears power until Fei merged all his personalities into one and regained control. Granted he was still powerful as ****.

Then you have gameplay stats where Alpha Weltall just can dish 10,000 points of damage more than Id.


It depends if Id has had his limiters removed that restrain his power.
I think Grahf MAY be able to beat pre-Solarian limiter removal Id but I'm not gonna bet on a firm victory.

I never believed the limiters to have done anything to Id (Fei, yes, but not Id). I also believe that losing his Anima Container didn't make Graf's Weltall weaker. In Perfect Works, him, Myyah, and Fei were the only characters that drew an infinite amount of energy straight from the Zohar (WE). No Anima Container does that, so it's obviously not important.

As for the matchup, it's always been stated that Id was Graf equal, but that's only by people who could only observe from certain events. Id is definitely stronger. Marginally so? Probably not. Though both have issues with the body (Id w/Fei and Graf w/a decaying body)

Id might have the power edge but I'd think Grahf's intelligence and knowledge of how to manipulate both Fei and Id might help here.

Also, is it explained in the PW what "The Power" is? Is it just some ability Grahf gained from the impartial Contact?

Not all of PW was translated, so I didn't get anything explaining that. It might just be a basic power bestowal ability that anyone can do (didn't someone else do something like energy transfer?)

Most likely Id would take it! Tough to say.

The body snatching trick is either a learned skill that Grahf acquired through training, or an acquired technique from contact with Zohar. The 'power' is Grahf's own abilitys combined with partial contact with Zohar.

H2H, very hard to say. Depends on what point in the game Grahf is at. If he has Khan's body, he can probably win, simply because of his experience edge and because Id has jack shit for power control.

Gears.......can't call it. Alpha Weltall and Weltall-ID are pretty much equals for most of the game. Though, if Weltall-2 is anywhere near Id, then Grahf's victory at Raziel might mean quite abit.

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