megatron vs grimlock

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this is the movie type i know i know grimlock wasn't in the movie but just try to imagine what he will look like if he was in the movie. ok standard fight no humans around and its in the city no humans. I think megatron would win because you guys talked about starscream using megatron's fusion cannon to destroy grimlock. So megatron has his fusion cannon and everyone saw it so who do you think would win

Sadako of Girth
That was a fear based dream sequence.

I couldn't see G1 megatron losing to G1 grimlock.
Bay's Megatron however, my Nan could beat up with a rubiks cube.
So I'd say Bayatron loses to G1 Grimlock, whilst G1 Megatron'd crucify Grimlock one on one.

But Bayatron versus Baylock could go anyway that corporate sponsorship dictates. stick out tongue
If Megatron adopts an earth form made by USM or GMC, the companies wouldnt want to see it killed by something that they don't own.

But dont worry if Bay is doing this movie, then we wont have to worry about there being anything involving fan concern related in the mofo anyhow and it'll be a cerebral nutriciousness equivalent of anorexia. stick out tongue

But it'll look good.

Alpha Centauri
This is actually how far it has come.

Just imagining characters exist, and then debating each other's versions.


Darkstorm Zero
WTF?We're using fanmade characters now?

What in the blues of blue hell's are you basing Grimlock's stats on?

There is nothing concrete at all here! Alpha, you gotta admit, me using the Toons isn't as bad as this is..... at least there is some SUBSTANCE in the toons.......

Sadako of Girth

Its another thats impossible to answer and therefore is a thread I cant take seriously..

Still posting in it though..... stick out tongue


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