Kol Skywalker runs the gauntlet!

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Gets full rest, fights take place on Tatooine where Qui-Gon fought Maul the first time.

Kol has done stuff we've never seen before, like killing a Sith by reflecting its own lightning, and in his last stand on Ossus he took out several Sith and even more troopers. And given that he's a Skywalker in his forties, about the same age as NJO Luke, the only people/teams there that I think could maybe defeat him would be Krayt/Nihl and Revan/Malak, the latter having the best chance. All the rest are just fodder.

He would stop at Dooku, as debated before.

And how is Dooku going to stop what is basically a somewhat watered down version of JA/NJO Luke?

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I forgot what happened in issue 1. Wasn't he killed by force lightning from Nihl? I wonder if that means his force lightning is near the level of Sidious.

He was basically slaughtering every Sith and stormtrooper present, and had already wounded Nihl (he was thought dead by many) until the guy fried him from behind with lightning. That doesn't put Nihl on Sidious' level - Dooku, Malak, and many, many others have accomplished similar feats, and it's not like Kol was prepared for the attack.

Originally posted by Faunus
Kol has done stuff we've never seen before, like killing a Sith by reflecting its own lightning

Are you referring to this?


From what we've seen, these lower level Sith are weaklings, ergo there's no reason to assume she is any different.

And simply because she died doesn't mean it's "stuff we've never seen before". Mace Windu ring a bell? Except in his case, he was actually dealing with the supposed most powerful Sith ever, not some tool of the Sith.

It's hardly anything special (if AotC Obi-Wan can absorb lightning, I'd imagine it wouldn't take an immense amount of strength more to reflect it, especially if its potency is low).

Originally posted by Advent
: How good were any of those Sith? Indeed, it would seem that they're severely lacking in combative skill. If you recall:


A fourteen year old padawan, Cade Skywalker, was able to seemingly effortlessly take down one of those Sith minions with a bare foot kick. In addition to that, he was able to slice his way through several of those lackeys with another padawan of the same age, even when outnumbered:


One could only assume that they don't possess godly skill, and, at best, have training and ability comparative to that of youngling (like Ashla).

Honestly, I'm not trying to take anything away from Kol, as it's quite a display of power, but this feat isn't as impressive as you'd like to make it out to be. He only killed seven of these Sith minions from what we know, and given their obvious lack of prowess, it's hardly anything that would put him even on par with someone like Count Dooku.

What does his age being nigh parallel to Luke's have to do with anything, Faunus? Kol is not Luke. Kol's Force potential is not equal to Luke's and they have nothing to do with each other when in comes to power.

We have no idea how deluded the Skywalker bloodline has become and simply being a "Skywalker" doesn't grant one immense power in the Force. At least, it doesn't automatically mean you are going to be one of the most powerful beings in the history of the galaxy (which is exactly what you're implying).

Considering both Count Dooku could take down Kol and his ancestor, Anakin, could also defeat him, I don't know how you drew such a ridiculous conclusion.

Your proof for naming Kol as some type of demigod is that he defeated some weak Sith warriors and he's a Skywalker in his 40's (which means little). If he were anywhere as strong as NJO Luke, he would've decimated every single one of his opposition on Ossus given what we've seen his son and Shado Vao do to some of them.

Originally posted by Faunus
And how is Dooku going to stop what is basically a somewhat watered down version of JA/NJO Luke?

If Kol was a "somewhat watered-down version of JA/NJO Luke", then he likely wouldn't. But since Kol isn't, I see no reason as to why he shouldn't be able to handle him.

Originally posted by Advent
1.) Dooku is called by narration to be exactly "one of the most respected and powerful Jedi in the Order's twenty-five-thousand-year history", and is stated to be "an even greater Sith" (by narration, and Yoda's dialogue indicates this as well); albeit, it's true he's not "number 2" of the era, but he's what? Like the fifth best in an era where the Jedi Order is at its prime? Above the likes of Obi-Wan, Grievous, Sora, Maul, etc. A little more impressive, I'd say.

2.) Let's see, his displays of Force mastery suggests his power is tremendous (and what did Malak ever do with the Force that was impressive, btw? Choking a guard? Lol. Dooku choked out Komari Vosa). There's the fact ROTS Obi-Wan isn't even a match for Dooku's Force power, he was owned at literally the flick of the wrist:

"He gathered the Force once more in a single indrawn breath that summoned power from throughout the universe; the slightest whipcrack of that power, negligent as a flick of his wrist, sent Kenobi flying backward to crash hard against the wall."

Also note that he did this while fending off Anakin. He also did tool Asajj Ventress, who we know is pretty powerful. Not the strongest, but still. And he also - with one finger - brought Ventress down to her knees:

"Her face went pale. Dooku lifted that one finger, and this time he tapped it in the air, as if pushing a needle into a pincushion. Ventress crumpled to her knees. Her voice came out clotted with pain. Dooku made another little patting motion, and Ventress slammed to the tile floor. "

So, we have a flick of the wrist, a tap of the finger, patting motion. "Strong in the Force this one is", eh? From the AOTC novelization, when he puts Anakin out of commission for a time:

"Dooku's hand shot out toward the charging Jedi, sending forth a Force push as solid as any stone wall, and a burst of blue Force lightning. With a wave of his hand, Dooku sent Anakin flying across the room, to crash into a distant wall, where he slumped down, dazed.

He was able to completely revitalize himself using just the Force (ROTS novel), suggesting he doesn't need some dumbass Jedi captives to do it. We know he's obviously a proficient Force lightning user by his displays in AOTC, and other various things. He was able to own Sora Bulq, and knock him out with Force lightning:


As seen in the background is Tholme, who himself is no weakling was battling against Dooku 2-on-1, and even so Dooku still beat Sora, and right after spared Tholme, only of course, after owning him with his saber as well:


Really though, Dooku has a vast amount of training, and experience over Malak. Roughly 80+ years of it. Since we know he was trained as a youngling, he has about 70+ years experience as a Jedi, and 13 years as a Sith Lord. Now, we know experience definitely isn't everything, however, to deny it gives an advantage is purely ridiculous. For example, throughout those years - he is stated to know "Every weakness of Ataru" (his duel against Yoda obviously didn't end in a victory, however, Yoda's pure skill is probably better than anything).

And within those years, has mastered Makashi - the lightsaber to lightsaber form - to it's highest degree. Admittedly, forms are not necessity for victory, however, it's clue that Dooku's lightsaber skills are no joke.

He's also described as "Dooku, consummate planner, consummate duelist." Consummate meaning perfect or to the highest degree. Clearly Dooku's skill with a lightsaber is amazing. Even Yoda comments on his skills:

"Yoda stirred again with his stick. "Then best of all would be the strongest student, yes? Wisest? Most learned in the ways of the Force?" He nodded. "Best of all, Dooku would be!"

Calling him the strongest student, and one that has learned the most. We also know Dooku is a better duelist than CW Grievous, who has slain numerous Jedi Masters with ease (Council members as well), Asajj Ventress, and so on.

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