X3: X-men The Last Stand(my version fan fiction)

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this is the first half. tell me how it sounds.

20 years ago. Flashes on screen

A dark blue rolls royce pulls in front of a mailbox. The mailbox reads, Grey on it. A big large man gets out of the drivers seat. Two other men get out of the car.

Hank Mccoy aka Beast: I hope you know what your doing

Charles Xavier aka Professor X: Trust me hank, I am well aware of her powers.

Eric Lensherr aka Magneto: Well gentlemen shall we go in.

As the three men enter, everything is floating around the house. A temperature gauge on the wall shows that it is 90 degrees in the house. As the three men walk to the living area of the house, the grey couple is explaining to the men that there daughter has been acting weird since her friend was killed last week after being ran over by a car.

Charles Xavier aka Professor X: Let me try and talk to her. Hello Jean

Everything falls to the ground

Jean Grey aka Phoenix: My name is phoenix old man

Charles Xavier aka Professor X: Ok phoenix. I am only here to help. What is making you so angry and upset. Is it the death of your friend.

Jean Grey aka Phoenix: Leave me alone now. (Jean tk's the professor against the wall)

Hank Mccoy aka Beast: Jean please let us help you.
Jean Grey aka Phoenix:No(screams)

Bam everything around them explodes and is demolecularisized. Professor X immediately knocks jean out with psionic blots from his mind.

Charles Xavier aka Professor X: I am sorry I had no choice.

Flash forward to present

wolverine is shown walking down a street with his claws extend. He walks into a building looking around everywhere. Afterwards he walks a mile from the building it explodes. Then the ground caves behind him and a sentinel comes out of the ground and shoots a laser beam at wolverine. As he is running the sentinel shoots a rope from its hand which wraps around wolverines leg. The sentinel then throws him through a building and then kicks him through a car. The sentinel trys to stomp on wolverine but colossus comes from behind a knocks off the sentinels leg. Rogue appears and touches colossus to metal up. Afterwards she rips off the sentinels head. Then several human sized sentinels surround rogue. Colossus powers have worn off with rogue. A royal flush series of cards flys toward the human sized sentinels and they explode catastrophically as flames shoot everywhere the fire freezes revealing iceman. Several sentinels are seen landing and firing missles. The missels stop in place and come apart piece by piece and each sentinel is attacked with a series lighting bolts. The destroyed city fades a woman says" danger room session complete" aftwards six mutants walk out. The mutants are: Storm, wolverine, rogue, gambit, iceman, and a girl unwrapping her green hair by the name of lorna.

Sorm: ok ladies and gentlemen see you for math class later.

Wolverine: (walks in on the professor) chuck are you alright. looks like u seen a ghost

Professor X: I keep having sudden psionic attacks and my nightmares are getting more frequent.

Wolverine: you to.
Professor x: We all know whats going on and I think we should just move on.

And hour later cyclops is having a nightmare of jean yelling for help while the water is turning firery red and the water explodes into mist the jean screaming scott. Cyclops wakes up and runs into the professors office.

Cyclops: professor its jean
Professor X: Scott wait(a tv is showing a blazing fire at the akali lake with objects flying around telekineticly) The x-jet is seen flying through the air. As the x-jet lands Storm, Wolverine, Cyclops are seen getting out . Storm causes a whirlwind to act like a vaccum which drains the air stopping the fire. Cyclops discovers jeans body with her clothes mysteriously red with a orange phoenix shape in the middle. Wolverine and Cyclops get her to the x-jet and take off with her. Bolivar trask along with Madam Viper walk from behind a tree.

Bolivar Trask: (takes out a cell phone) Mr President its confirmed. It was a mutant that started the chaos.

President: Return at once
Madam Viper: You are aware she is an omega level class mutant. And so was the other mutant that put out the fire.
Bolivar Trask: Viper i'm fully aware of what we're up against. Thats the purpose of Project Wideawake and Hydra.

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alright somebody say something

Thats rather good big grin too bad X3 sucked

Wow, I must say that your version is better than the original X3...keep up the good work! yes

thanks. wish more people would post

Originally posted by steverules
Thats rather good big grin too bad X3 sucked

why do u not like x3

Keep it coming.

Now And Forever
X-men 3 sucked and i was looking forword to Jean having the phoenix force...ha the director f*cked that up...

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