Harry Potter

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Harry walked to the trunk and got everything out, then he carried his stuff up to Percy’s old room, where he was staying. Hermione and Leslie were staying in Ginny’s room. Ron was in his room, sharing with Dean. Harry was wondering what the twins room, was going to be used for.

Whenever the children walked into the Burrow, Harry’s question was soon to be answered. As he walked into the Burrow, he smelled a rancid odor. Then he saw something fly past his head. Then he heard the shrill scream of Mrs. Weasley, “BOYS COME OUT, EVERYONE IS HERE!!” Harry first had a confused look on his face, then he saw two boys come out of nowhere. One was short, with medium sized-black hair, and the other boy was short, with medium sized-dark brown hair, and look exactly like the witch that gave him the note.

“Lucas, Ben, what were you guys doing,” came a voice from the stairs. Then the witch called Lizzie, came down the stairs, with an angry look on her face. “Ohhh...Hello everyone, I see you have met my brothers.” Everyone nodded. Then Lizzie stepped off the last step and walked towards the group, and shook everyone’s hand.

Then Lizzie stepped towards the two boys and said, “This is my brother, Lucas, and my adopted brother, Ben.” Lucas and Ben waved at the group then headed upstairs. Lizzie stayed downstairs with the others and asked Mrs. Weasley if she could talk to her. A few minutes later Mrs. Weasley screamed, a happy scream, then nodded her head vigorously.

Then they hear a thump from upstairs. Ben came running down the stairs and up to Lizzie, whispering something. Harry and the others watched in amazement as the two ran up the stairs. Harry and the others rushed upstairs, as well as seeing what the commotion was. As soon as they saw the door, they saw Lizzie pouring a yellow colored liquid into Lucas’s mouth.

“Ohhh...this seems......odd, doesn’t it,” Lizzie states, everyone nods their heads.

Lucas then shoots up on his feet and says, “I’m better.” He looks at the door and says, “Ohhh.....damn it!” He falls on the bed, with his hands on his head. Everyone stayed in the doorway until Lucas said, “Sis, can you tell them?”

“Yeah,” Lizzie states, “Well everyone come in and sit down on the floor.” Every person did as they were told. “Well, first of all, Lucas faints whenever he gets overly excited. Well, this actually all started back when I was at Hogwarts. I was fourteen, and he was four. We were sleeping, and I had heard a noise downstairs. I picked Lucas up, and carried him to the steps of our house, our parents told us to get back. I backed away from the hallway and back into my room, where I watched our parents head downstairs. I came out of my room with Lucas in my hands, and then I-I-I,” she started to sob uncontrollably.

“And then she watched our parents died while I slept,” Lucas finished, and then went on with, “and then Lizzie went downstairs, and woke me up on the way down, we slowly and quietly walked down to the basement where our parents kept my sister’s wand. As she was grabbing her wand, something hit me and I fell backwards into a wall, which caused three of our mom’s potions to fall on me. Then my sister, disarmed one of the people, what are they called, Death Eaters, I think his name was McNair and the other was Lucius Malfoy. She disarmed Malfoy too. But they quickly got their wands back and disapparated. That was the end of our parents.” Everyone gasped, and Lizzie was still sobbing. Hermione, Ginny, and Mrs. Weasley came over to comfort Lizzie. “And my sister had to take me to the groundskeeper of Hogwarts while my sister was at Hogwarts, but over the summer we went to an orphanage, where we meet Ben. Then when Lizzie, turned 18 we moved, to somewhere in the country, where she adopted Ben, and we lived til now. But someone burned our house down whenever we were at Hogwarts last year. So, now we live here I guess.”

“So, you faint because you get overly excited,” Ginny asked.

Lucas nodded and then said, “I fainted that time, because your brother, Bill, told Ben and I that his fiancée, Fleur, is bringing her cousin and her cousin’s friend, there girls. And I’m guessing one is a veela.” Lucas smiled then walked out of the room with Ben. Lizzie was still sobbing.

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Bill had now just come in the room. "What's going on here?" he asked.

"Well when you told Lucas and Ben that Fleur was bringing her cousin and her cousin's friend, Lucas had an accident, and now we know about the Reed's past," Ginny answered.

"Ohhh..," Bill started, "Well just to tell you, both the girls are Fleur's cousins." Then he left. Ginny and Hermione were still comforting Lizzie, Mrs. Weasley had gone downstairs to watch the younger boys. Harry and Ron were just standing up and staring. Harry was leaning against the door thinking about something, and Ron was sliding down the wall, and then he fell, and laughed.

Lizzie started to laugh then whispered, "Thank you all. I really needed that. Harry, I have to ask you something? Professor McGonagall told me that you took Occulemency in your 5th year, if I am correct. She wants me to ask, if you would like to continue, but with me instead."

Harry looked startled at first but then he nodded his head, and smiled. Hermione, was once again staring at Harry, but this time he stared back. Nobody noticed this. Hermione blushed and turned her attention back to Lizzie. "Do you think you could tell us what you maybe teaching this year," Hermione asked.

"Well, actually, I have no idea. I will just read through the Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts, The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 7. But, that won't be hard because I love to read." Lizzie stated. Hermione gaped, at what she just heard.

"Wow....you love to read, so do I," Hermione screamed. Lizzie and Hermione then walked out of the room, and started talking about Hogwarts, A History. Ron left. Harry and Ginny were the only ones left in the room.

"So..are you alrite?" she asked.

Harry nodded then said, "Ginny, I am really sorry, but like I said at Dumbledore's funeral, I just want you to be safe." (Author's note- I don't know where my 6th book is so I don't know what he said.) "Besides I think Dean would be better than me, anyway. Plus I kinda am liking someone else now." Harry walked out of the room and up toward's Percy's old room.

On his way up he met Hermione, she smiled at him and he gave one back. She blushed and walked into the room, held a crying Ginny. Harry walked into his room and fell on his bed, wondering. Harry closed his eyes and was awoken with a slap on the head.

He sat up and looked around his room, and there was Ron and Hermione. Ron was sitting against the door, and Hermione was standing and giving Harry a very flirty smile. Harry returned the smile and then looked at Ron. The trio sat in complete silence, all that could be heard was birds chirping in the distance.

It (the silence) was broken when Harry asked, "So, when is the wedding?" Ron shrugged his shoulders and got up then left the room, Hermione had told them before they came into Harry's that she wanted to talk to him alone.

Hermione looked at Harry and then came over slowly and sat down next to him. Harry looked into her eyes, then up to her hair. He loved her hair, he had no idea why, but he did. Hermione slowly inched her way towards Harry, and he did the same, but he stopped just before their lips touched. He got up and was about to open the door when Hermione said, "Do you like me, Harry? I mean like you know, as more than a friend?"

Harry turned around quickly and looked into Hermione's eyes. Then he shut his, and nodded. Hermione sighed, and then got up and touched Harry's face. She had both hands on his face, and she moved them to his neck. Harry put his hands around her waist, and put his lips on hers.

He had wanted to kiss her since when they first met. When he was about to lick her lips for entry the door burst open and there stood Remus Lupin.

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Chapter Two: You're With Who?

"Harry, Hermione, were you two just.....," Lupin began. Harry looked at Hermione, and she nodded. Lupin smiled, and then hugged the two, but then said, "Please, tell me that you all love each other, and won't leave the other." They nodded again, then Harry put an arm around Hermione's shoulder.

She looked at him then smiled. Lupin started, "Have you seen Lizzie, I need a word with her?" Harry and Hermione looked at each other and then at Lupin, then shook their heads. Lupin walked out of the room. Then there was silence, except for a few stomps, and a lot of screams.

"So....what does this mean, Hermione?" Harry asked. Hermione looked at Harry with confusion, fear, and nervous all over her face. She went to the bed and sat on it. "I'll let you think about the....kiss, then come downstairs, if you wanna talk," he finished, then walked out of the room, and down to the Weasley kitchen.

He saw Lupin talking to Lizzie, and then he saw her nod her head and hug Lupin. Then Lupin looked up and smiled at Harry. He let Lizzie go, and went over to Harry. "Ummm....Harry, I know that Tonks was my girlfriend, and some people think that I am moving a little fast, but now I'm with Lizzie."

Harry's face now had been painted with confusion. He then yelled, "YOU'RE WITH WHO?" Lupin grabbed Harry's arm, and dragged him out of the house, just as Hermione was coming down the stairs. "What in the bloody hell, are you doing, Lupin?"

"Harry that was rude. I think that you should work on your manners," Lupin replied, while shoving Harry, to the ground. "Just don't scream it to the world alrite?" Harry nodded then got up and stood in front of Lupin, he shook his hand, and saw Hermione come out.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Hermione asked.

"Nothing," he replied, "Come with me." Harry led Hermione to the broom shed. He took out all the brooms, and let Hermione in first then came in, after her. "Hermione, have you decided, what we should do?" She nodded, and he smiled.

"I think that we should spend some time away from each other while, we're at the Burrow, and then when our Hogwarts letters come in, we can discuss it then." Hermione whispered. The smile from Harry's face faded, and turned into a blank stare.

He opened the door, and walked out, he then ran up to his room, and grabbed his Firebolt, whenever he was about to walk out of the room, he ran into Hermione. She had a look of concern on her face. She started, "Harry, I'm sorry, just-"

"Hermione," Harry interrupted, "I understand, there is someone else. Just leave me alone." Hermione wouldn't move out of his way. She then, put her hands on his shoulder and kissed him. Harry thought, "Why is she doing this to me?" They kissed forever, or at least until Ron saw them.

"Ron," Harry said, surprised, "ummm...sorry, mate." Ron was smiling.

"Harry, mate. I told Hermione that I didn't like her anymore whenever you came upstairs. Then she had this weird happy-surprised look on her face, then she asked 'Who?', and I told her that I asked, Leslie out. And she said 'Yes.'" Ron replied, softly. Harry burst out laughing.

Then he looked at Hermione and whispered in her ear, "Will you go out with me?" Hermione turned her head towards Harry and then kissed him, and he took that as a yes.

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Everyone Enjoy Chapter Three

Chapter Three: The First Month

The first month of summer had gone by quickly. Harry and Hermione were getting along great until one day.

Harry was in his room all alone, waiting, for the image of his dream to come back to him. There was a knock on the door. "Harry. Harry, are you in there? It's me, Hermione." Hermione stated. Harry got up and opened the door, when the light shone in his room, he just then realized that he was in boxers and a white sleeveless shirt. He didn't care, he just motioned Hermione to come in.

Hermione walked in and smelled a rotten odor, she looked around the room and saw dirty socks, shirts, pants, underwear, etc. She pinned her nose, and looked at Harry. "Yeah sorry, about that. Just....come here." Harry blurted. He motioned toward his lap, because everywhere else had something dirty on it.

Hermione slowly walked forward then shook her head. Harry had a questionable look on his face. "Harry," Hermione started, "I know there is something wrong. You haven't come out of your room for days. Please, come eat something, please." Harry looked up into her eyes, they were getting teary. He got up, went over to her.

He whispered, "I'm sorry but I can't." Hermione then stepped back and looked at him.

"WHY?" she shrieked, "Harry, you haven't eaten in days, your getting skinny. Please, for me." She made a sad little face. Harry glanced at her face then shook his head. She stomped out of the room, and down to the garden.

Harry staggered over to the window to watch Hermione. She was sitting under a giant oak tree. He stayed in the darkness so she couldn't see him. His plan for that day, had been telling Hermione his dreams, about Voldemort, Dumbledore, Cedric, his parents, and Snape.

He slowly got pants on and walked downstairs. His stench made everybody hold their noses. He walked outside, ignoring the others. He stopped at the big oak tree and asked, "May, I join you? I have to tell you something."

Hermione nodded, and he sat down next to her. He sat ther, with his green emerald eyes closed, his hair blowing in the wind. Then he finally said, "Hermione, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you mad. Please, I have a good reason." He looked at Hermione and she was starring at him, she moved closer, as did he.

Right before their lips touched, there was a pop. They look to their right and see Mr. and Mrs. Delacour, Fleur, Gabrielle, and two veela girls.

Harry jumped back and ran to the house, he took the longest shower he ever had.

When he got out, he had just his towel wrapped around his waist, and he was whistling a muggle tune, he had no idea that every girl, under 20, was watching him. He stopped whistling and looked to his left. All the girls stared then ran after him, he ran to his room, and locked the door behind him.

After all the running away he was panting, he looked in his room to find Mrs. Weasley and Hermione sorting through his nasty clothes. He snickered, and Hermione heard. She got up and kissed him.

Mrs. Weasley was about to leave whenever Harry got some of his clean clothes and left. He ran to an empty bathroom, and quickly got clothes on. He ran back to his room where he found Hermione, Ron, and Leslie.

Ron had a surprised look on his face. He didn't know that Harry had gone out of his room, taken a shower, or wore clean clothes. Harry burst out laughing, then came over to Hermione, and put an arm around her. Harry was about to say somthing, when, suddenly, there was a scream from downstairs.

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Chapter Four: The Pre-Wedding

Harry rushed downstairs. with Hermione, Ron and Leslie right behind him. When they looked in the crowded Weasley kitchen, they saw everyone around a figure. Harry took Hermione's hand and walked over with Ron and Leslie behind them.

Harry pushed his way through the crowd, until he was at the front. He saw Lizzie pouring the yellow liquid into Lucas's mouth once again. A few seconds later he arose and looked around the room. "What caused you to faint?" asked a sandy blonde haired veela girl.

"Well," Lucas began, "when you came over and started talking to me, Igot really excited. And then when you asked me if I was at Hogwarts, and if I was in the House of Hufflepuff, I got over excited and fainted." The sandy-blonde haired girl nodded.

Fleur stood up and cleared her throat. IMMEDIATELY all of her family stood in a line, and Fleur introduced everyone. A short black haired man with a bushy moustache was Mr. Delacour. The tall blonde white haired woman was MRs. Delacour. Everyone knew Gabrielle. The sandy blonde haired veela girl, who liked to talk to Lucas, was Sarah Puddifoot. The other white blonde haired veela girl was Natalie Puddifoot.

Hermione asked, "You wouldn't happen to be related to Madam Puddifoot, who owns a teashop in Hogsmeade, would you?" Sarah looked at her twin then they both looked at Hermione and nodded.

"She's our mother, but--," Sarah started.

"We don't have a father," finished Natalie.

"But we do help our mother--."

"In her teashop somtimes--."

"But that is mostly in the summer--."

"Except this one since it is--."

"Our cousin Fleur's wedding."

"We are bridesmaids," they finished in unison.

They all nodded, then Harry shot Hermione a look and she said, "Well, I'm off to wash up for dinner. Coming Harry? Ron?" Harry followed her dragging Ron away from Leslie. The trio walked towards the room Harry was staying in. "So what did you want to tell us, Harry," Hermione asked, as she sat on his bed. Ron was standing up against a wall.

Harry cast the Muffliato spell before saying, "Well, its about these dreams I am having. Its all repetition. I mean I am dreaming of the night Cedric died, the day Sirius died, and Dumbledore. Also, of how Snape ran away like a coward after he killed Dumbledore. And, of how Voldemort was reborn."

"Ohhhh....Harry," Hermione whined, as she got up and put her arms around his neck, "you have to stop this. Think about the good times you and Dumbledore had. Plus the good times you've had with me and Ron. And, think of what Dumbledore would have wanted."

The look on Harry's face told Hermione that he had no idea what she was talking about. "Harry, Dumbledore would have wanted more love in the world. Remember Voldemort...Ohhh..Ron. Stop wincing at the sound of his name, we've known Harry for seven years now and he has fought him six times. Anyway, where was I...ohhh...yes, Dumbledore said Voldemort can't love. And he said that you can use love to defeat him." Harry kissed Hermione passionately at that moment. Ron watched in disgust.

Harry broke the kiss then looked at Ron. Ron looked back and stuttered, "Okay Harry, I will help you with, V-Vol-Voldem-Voldemort." Hermione gasped, but Harry just smiled.

"HARRY! HERMIONE! RON! GET DOWN HERE IMMEDIATELY, WE ARE DOING A PRE-WEDDING," came the shrill scream of Mrs. Weasley. The trio hurried down the steps to see no one in the living room. Harry headed toward the door. He opened it and saw everyone sitting around a huge table. Harry took a blue chair next to Lupin. Hermione took the white chair next to Harry. And Ron sat in a blue chair next to Leslie, who was sitting next to Lizzie.

The whole family and friends ate for about an hour and a half. Then everyone got up, but Mr. Weasley yelled, "Hold on everyone. I would like to make a toast to my son and my new daughter-in-law. To Bill and Fleur." Everyone chanted 'To Bill and Fleur.' Then they drained their glasses of firewhiskey.

Harry sat on top of a hill near the edge of the Weasley yard. He sat there thinking, "Am I going back to Hogwarts or not? I don'tknow every spell there is to know, but I need to find the Horcruxes. Ron isn't coming. Hermione especially isn't coming, I love her too much."

Just then a light breeze came and his hair waved in the ind, and at that point his decision was final.

Hermione was watching him from the table, where she was helping clean up the table. Ron came over to her and asked, "Hermione, are you okay? You just seem like your somewhere else."

She turned her head away from Harry, and said, "I'm alright." And when she looked back at Harry, he was walking away from the Weasley yard. "Ron we've got to follow Harry." She pointed toward him. Ron nodded, ran off, then was back a few seconds later with three broomsticks. They got on and flew towards Harry.

Hermione spotted him first. She shrieked, "HARRY JAMES POTTER!!" They watched as he stopped and looked around until he finally looked up and saw them. Hermione landed first and ran up to him. She slapped him across the face. Ron stared awestruck. "Harry," Hermione whispered, "why did you leave us? You know that you shouldn't have done that. We want to help you. Do you remember what we said before we came here?

Harry replied, "No," as he rubbed his face where she slapped him. Hermione grabbed Harry and Ron's hands and summarized, "We're in this together. We met each other on the train, first year. Ron and I have been there for you and we always will." She let go of Ron's hand and grabbed Harry's free hand. "At least I will," she finished. Then she leaned in and kissed him. He kissed back, and Ron turned away.

They each got on a broom, and flew back to the Burrow. Ron was in front, with Harry and Hermione side-by-side, right behind him. Hermione whispered in Harry's ear a few minutes later, "I bet you can't wait til' tomorrow." Harry's facial expression was blank. "Harry tomorrow is your birthday. You're coming of age, you get to do magic." Harry kissed Hermione's cheek and she screamed and fell off her broom.

Harry rushed towards the ground and caught her, and her broom. She sat infront of him, while he ascended. When he was at a good height, he called, "Hey Ron, hold this." Ron looked behind him and saw the Comet Two-Sixty gliding towards him.

When they got back to the Burrow, they put the brooms up, and went to go and talk to Mrs. Weasley about sleeping arrangements.

After a little arguement between Ron, Ginny and Mrs. Weasley, she finally gave in. Dean was sleeping in Ginny's room, Leslie was sleeping in Ron's room, and Hermione was sleeping in Percy's old room, with Harry.

All six went to bed peacefully that night. The next morning Lizzie was one of the first ones up. Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley were already up. They talked until Harry and Ron came downstairs. Mrs. Weasley started cooking and Lizzie beckoned Harry to come outside with her for a talk.

When they walked outside Lupin was there Lizzie hugged Lupin and then she asked, "Harry, would you like to start Occulemency next week or at the start of the term? Lupin said he would help anyway he could."

Harry stated as Hermione walked outside, ""I'd rather do it at the start of the term." Lupin and Lizzie nodded then walked back to the house.

"Guess who," Hermione whispered as she covered Harry's eyes.

"Hmmmm....let's see Cho...no it couldn't be, she's not here....ummmmm.... Ginny... no, no couldn't be, she's going out with Dean. Ohhh.... I know, Hermione." Harry laughed. Hermione slapped his head. He smiled and slid his hands around her waist and kissed her. He broke the kiss and grabbed her hand then walked toward the house. He stopped just at the door and kissed her again. When they were done Harry opened the door, let Hermione in then walked in the Burrow to a BIG surprise.


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Chapter Five, Part One: A BIG Birthday Surprise

Harry's mouth hung open as he saw Cho sitting in the Weasley living room. Cho smiled at Harry. She practically ran out of the chair and hugged him, with a kiss on the cheek. Hermione blew steam, she ran from the room up to her and Harry's room. Cho was about to ask Harry how his summer was going so far, but he ran away from her, towards his room.

He burst in the room and asked, "Are you jealous?" Hermione glanced at him and shook her head, then turned away from Harry. He reached for her hand, but she fold her arms and sat on the bed. Harry sat next to her and grabbed both her hands and whispered, "I don't like her or love her anymore. I thought I did, but it was just a crush. I have the love of my life right here, in front of me." She smiled and kissed him, he kissed back. He broke the kiss by saying, "I gotta find Ron, I need to tell you two something important." She nodded, and he jumped off the bed and ran to Ron's room.

Once Harry was at Ron's door he listened to what was going on. He could hear giggling. He knocked then the room went quiet. Ron's voice rang, "Hold on." Harry could hear rustling and even more giggling. Ron opened the door and said, "Hey Harry, what do you want?"

Speechless, Harry noticed that Leslie was in Ron's room. "Ummm.....I need to talk to you and Hermione," Harry replied. Ron nodded and turned to Leslie and held out his hand, she grabbed his hand and the three walked down the steps. They walked in silence, til' Harry broke it by asking, "Who invited Cho?"

Ron thought and thought, and then replied, "I think Luna did. Her and Neville just got here." When the three got downstairs, they saw Hermione and Cho dueling.

Harry and Ron pulled the two apart and Harry questioned, "Who started this?" They both pointed at each other. Harry had a disappointed look on his face. He fell in the nearest chair and shook his head. Ginny came over and pointed to Cho. Harry thanked her and stared from Hermione to Cho. He stood up and said, "Hermione, Ron, meet me outside in 10 minutes. Ron watch those two." Harry pointed to Hermione and Cho. Ron nodded and Harry walked outside.

Harry strode over to a tall oak tree and started thinking about the Horcruxes when he heard a rustling above him. He looked up and saw something rather someone standing above him. And this someone would be surprising to be seen by everyone.


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i have a different story on another site! its actually helped me with my writing a bit more lately! so if you want to read it (its a lily and james fic) so here's the link to my profile on the other site: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1656810/future-vampire-lawyer

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