having trouble with star wars best of PC: kotor won't work

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I bought that gane basically just to play kotor for the most part, and it wo'nt work.

all of the other games play just fine except that one and I don't know why.

I do the 'analyze your computer' to see if it meets the requirements, and it says it does.

This is basically whats happening:

1. launch game
2. LA and other logos come up
3. picture of a evil guy and some copyright info comes up
4. then its a black screen of what is SUPPOSE to be the menu, and all i get is the mouse cursor and music playing in the background.

I got the menu once but it lagged harcore

You need to tell us your system specs before we can help you.

Still here are some suggestions:

Assuming that you are trying to play SW:KOTOR (developed by Bioware)

1) Update your game by downloading and installing its latest patch, which is version 1.03b. Here is a link: Click!

2) Download and try new drivers for your video card.

3) Verify that your game is compatible with the OS that you are using. And if your OS is not compatible with this game, then follow the below mentioned additional steps to generate compatibility.

Now assuming that you are using Windows XP!

Although this game should run fine on this OS (after installing the patch) but if it still does not then follow these additional steps:

3.1) Left-Click on SWKotOR.exe icon (with which you play game) and a small menu will appear.

3.2) Now go to properties section and click on "Compatibility" section.

3.3) Now tick on the option which is known as "Run this program in compatibility Mode for" and then select an older OS and then click OK button.

NOTE: Even in the case of Windows Vista, you can follow and perform these 3 additional sub-steps for generating "compatibility."

Follow all the above mentioned steps and then report back.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.