Texas Chainsaw Massacre(A short story)

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Well I've been watching alot of Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies for the past 2 weeks. They were pretty cool. I like the voilence and gore. Since I saw the movies they inspired me to write a short story about my life or death situation against the chainsaw weilding brute. I hope you like!


Chapter 1

The night was cold sweat rolled down my forehead. My long braids swaying back and forth as I was running. The pain in my lungs bothered me and I had deep intentions to stop and face my fate against the 7ft stranger that towered over me. The grass scraped against my black converse shoes leaving marks on the toe. My Black shirt was almost drenched in sweat as well.

I stopped to get a brief moment of rest. I outran it for now. But that thing isn't giving up.I had my hands resting on my trembling knees. All of a sudden I heard the sound of a engine coming my way. Dammit its back!

Here it comes shaking the chainsaw wildly and carelessly.This guy is gonna make me into mincemeat. I took off. He's only 5 yards away from me. He's like a gay guy trying to chase around Matthew Mcconaugh.
The wind flew past my face drying the drips of sweat that stood still on my brown face.

I looked back and saw smoke come from the guys weapon.I had to get out of a plain area and get ino the nearest woods. So hightailed my a** into the foggy tree covered plain nearby.

I hid behind a tree panting begging to let god get me out of this alive. I needed more rest. As soon as I heard the crackle of twigs I was intent to jump up and run away but I decided to stay still and calm. I glanced around the tree and saw it slowly browsing the woods trying to find me. It was sniffing like a dog.

A scent? I lifted up my arm to smell my armpit.Gross! No deodorant. It appears that it is getting closer. I have to get away. My muscles were pumping my heart was racing. I took off running like a chicken with his head cut off. I heard the man terrifying and disturbing screams echo into the air. He started his cahinsaw up and chased me again.

I looked back seeing how far away he was. He was still on my a**. All of a sudden BAM! I tripped over a branch. I recovered as my hands dug into the leaves and dirt. I glanced back and didn't see anything this time. Although I kept running until WHAM! Straight into a tree.

I fell to the ground as my vision started to get blurry my head began to succumb to pain. I felt the warm blood trickle from my forehead. In a instant I saw the man stand over me. I had the intent to scream and yell but it was like one of those dreams when you can't move and if you yell noone can hear you. If felt broad ugly hands touch and clutch my shoulders.

He dug his fingernails in my shoulderblades and dragged me on the ground. After three minutes he threw me over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I then passed out.

He's gonna cut me like a pig. Am I close to death already?

Chapter 2...Coming Soon!

Honest feedback please.

Chapter 2


I was slammed on a table by this 7ft stranger. It appears that I was taken to some kind dungeon/basement place. I was still in a coma. My eyes closed as blood rested on my eyelids. My senses were still active somehow. I smelt so many nasty things. The air was filtered with this rotten smell. After a while my eyes were ready to open. It slowly opened them only to see a dim light shine over me.

I turned my head sideways to see the guy at a desk twirling a butcher knife around. My heart started pumping. Enough that blood can go throughout my body. I had to leave quickly but I was froze in fear. I cocked my head to see a flight of stairs leading up stairs. That'll be my ticket out but to bad the door up there is closed. Dammit.

As soon as the guy turned his attention on me I closed my eyes pretending like I was sleep. I can hear his startling grunts and moans as he hovers over me with his huge cleaver. I gulped as sweat produced from my forehead. I took control of my legs to stop them from shaking. I felt his huge broad hands swipe against my cheek. He slapped me hard enough to make my head turn sideways. He slapped me again in anger and confusion. I can't take the brutal pain so I fell off the table intentionally and crawled under another desk like a scared mouse that was being chased after by a housecat.

I sat queitly on the cold dirty floor. Right under the desk I was staring at a perserved jar of pig eyes along with another jar of intestines. I tok a deep breath as the stranger came my way. He cautioulsy walked past the desk sniffing. Dammit not a again. He got a whiff of my odor and crouched and glared at me under the table. He quickly shot his arm out at me and grabbed my leg. He kicked him but he still hung on to me. He let out a terrifying scream. It finally pulled me from up under the table. My back scarping agianst the cold conctere floor.

He lifted me up on my feet and punched me in the jaw making me fall stagger to the side. That action made me want to lose all my energy. He picked me up again and threw me back onto the table I was original on. Until a voice yelled.

"Leatherface get your slack jaw ass up here now!!!"

This guy is named Leatherface? He glanced at the flight of stairs. You can tell he was displeased becuase he knocked over some knives on his table. Like a operation bed he starpped me to the table. Damn I can't get loose. Im screwed. He looked at me and hurried up stairs. All I can do is except death at this moment. If I had a gun I'd probably blow my brains out.


I heard the door shut with force. He's definately coming back to cut me up and there is nothing I can do. I slowly turned my head and stared at a cleaver hanging on the wall. Im just lying there examining the blade predicting how far it'll gash into my brown skin. Why me?

Chapter 3.....Coming Soon!

Chapter 3

There I laid on my death bed still as a brick. Finally the door opened at the top flight of the stairs. He's back. Leatherface makes his way down the stairs eager to get over to me. A desperate cry for help has no use in this time moment. He stood over me looking directly into my eyes. I saw hate in his eyes. He turned around and retrieved the butcher knife from off the table.

He then turned on a small portable radio. I heard Johnny Cash "Ring of fire" blast to max volume. Leatherface started to play around with the cleaver with the rhythm of the music. He got to buisness. A tear ran down the side of my face as a gang of rats and mice huddled on the floor looking up at me like a audience. The sharp blade rested on my wrist. It dug in.

*Slit!*. He cut my wrist. I bled profusely. Now I know how gothic kids feel. It started to sting a little. He repeatedly did this to whole right arm. Cutting lines on it. One of my wounds had potential to be pulled open as if somebody were to dissect a frog.I couldn't move. The song was sticking in my brain and made me go crazy. Not long he went and cut up my other arm. My injured limbs were shaking while blood ratteld and the surface of my bruised skin.

He loosened the starps on the table and picked me up. A hook hung on the ceiling. I didn't noticed sense I was too busy gritting my teeth in pain. He slammed my back onto the sharp hook. Luckily my shirt material was durable not to tear apart but the consequence was the sharp hook left a scar on my upper back.

Sweat trickled down my face as the dim light seemed to increasing in radiation. The Johnny Cash song was still playing. I let my head hang low so I'll stare at the dirty floor. In a instant a hand pushed my head up. Leatherface did it and he wasn't done yet. He had two slabs of salt on some sandpaper. He slapped the slab on each of my arms. The burning increased. I felt the small rocky solid enter my wound and cut whats left of my flesh and tissue inside.

I yelled and shouted in agony. I liffted my head back and looked up to the ceiling taking deep breaths. I heard a engine start up in front of me. My heart started racing. When the pumped I felt blood ozze out of my cuts. I started kicking and shouting wildly until......

I fell to the floor. Leatherface raised the chainsaw up and brought it down with force. I rolled out the way and crawled a 2 yards away then rose to my feet and took off upstairs. I put my hand on the handle and opened it. It was a price to pay though. My wrist tore open a little more making blood rip from it. I ran through the living room of the house and almost tripped over a stool on my way outside.

I vaulted of the steps. I quickly ran into the street. I was lucky a sheriff car was coming. The guy stopped. The cold breeze of the still night cooled down my wounds. The sheriff rolled down his tinted window.

"Can I help you sir?"

"Some guy is chasing me around with a chainsaw! I swear to god im not f*cking around!"

"You've been smoking pot son?"

"Whats with the questions,huh? Im in a f*cking crisis and you have sense enough to ask me that damn question! Help me out!" I shouted.

"Ok I'll help you out!"

The policeman goes through his dashboard searching for something. I turned my back and stared at the house. Im finally leaving. My pray has been answered.


Smoke filtered the air. The sound of a gun went off. The bullet struck me in the back of my head. Down on my knees I cam crashing into the dirt. My life now came to a end. My life was taken by a stupid police officer.

Leatherface ran outside and saw his father holding the magnum.

"Leatherface you piece of sh*t you can't even kill him!!"

Leatherface hunched his shoulders and looked down at my body.

"C'mon lets take this mbody back downstairs!"

Leatherface nodded his head and helped his father carry my body back into the house. Like a fallen soldier in WW2. I died but remebered by these two freaks of nature. Too bad my name won't be in the obituaries.

The End!

Hope you like it. Honest feedback plz!!

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