Kingdom Hearts: Alternate Story...

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drakken soldier
What I'm going to do is create a character and type part of this RPG than, I'm going to let you continue the story. I ask for intellectiuel writers and hope to make this the best RPG in history. (well, maybe not.)


Name: Aaaks
Age: 16
Personallity: Responsible but humorous. Has aceptable swordsmen skills. Honest but forgetfull.
Beach blonde; spiked in the front.
Dark brown
Body: White Polo Shirt
Pants: Navy Blue Jeans
Right Wrist: White bracelet.
Shoes: Nikes.
Abbilities: Drive

When obtaining a new Key Chain for the Keyblade. Aaaks can throw his secondary Key Chain in the air and shoots a beam from his Original Keyblade to form another Keyblade. Note: Aaaks cannot have two Keyblades unless 'Drive' is activated.

Keychains: Kingdom Key (The single Keyblade he wields) and Jungle King (Key Chain)

Note when the story is going on you can import characters. Just Private message me the character and I'll either accept or deny. If I acept you may add the character too the current story when the current story teller is finished and only than. And when you do add him you must continue the story...

Note the RPG is being told in 3rd Person.

Imported Character Sheet:

Body Features
Reason for Joining Aaaks

Aaaks was in a tent now; his fight with Clayton and his Heartless minions left him winded. Tarzan was their to help him but it was still a difficult battle...
Aaaks was confused. One night he was sleeping in his bed and than he was transported, in a beam of light, to another world... When he reached the world he had a Keyblade in hand with voices in his ear telling him: You are the one... Who will open the door...
Not only did he miss his mother and father and his home. He was fighting for his life against rapaging monkeys who Tarzan called: Heartless. Unfortunately Clayton wasn't killed he was woonded. And instead of blood he found droplets of ink or whatever was coming from Clayton's body.
"...Bad day.." Aaaks said to himself.
Tarzan walked into the tent on all fours.
"We must go- Defeat Clayton..." He spoke in a troubled tone.
"Oh- Come on, I'm so tired..."
"Not Clayton though... Not Clayton..."
"Wha'dya mean." Aaaks asked.
Tarzan gave Aaaks a look that even made Aaaks nervous. His mouth formed the words...
Than Tarzan reached into his tunic and pulled a bottle fulll of liquid.
"Potion- Heal wounds." Tarzan said.
Aaaks took the potion and drank. His strength came back to him. He felt 100 times better than before.
"Also." Tarzan said more.
Again Tarzan reached into his tunic but this time he pulled out a keychain. A keychain with a butterfly on the end.
"Maybe this will help..." He nodded towards the keyblade in Aaaks' hand.
Than Aaaks' Keyblade started to glow at the end, a beam shot from the keyblade and hit the chain. Suddenly it formed into another keyblade. It had a purple handle and bone for a shaft at the end the thing that unlocks a lock was made of bones. The key transformed back into a chain and Aaaks placed it into his pocket and got up.
"Let go find Clayton."
When Aaaks stood he heard rustiling from outside the tent. Tarzan grabed his spear and jolted from the tent. Aaaks followed. Outside they saw Leopard hunched back, ready to pounce...

Whoever wants to pick up the story can...

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.