Top SCI-FI Moment.

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What are your top Sci-Fi moment(s) in film?

A top 5 list would be good to read.


When the docking bay doors open up revealing Ripley has strapped herself into a loader- Aliens

When Gort exits the ship-Day the Earth stood still

Opening sequence- the matrix

When the gas truxk explodes, melting the flesh off the terminator revealing its exoskeleton- Terminator

Opening sequence-A new hope, star wars

Darth Martin
Opening Scene of where Trinity is being chased by Agent Brown, that movie was something different indeed.

First look at the Dinosaurs in Jurrassic Park.

T-1000 coming out of the floor in T2.

Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix.

My top 5 would all be from Star Wars.
I picked the best moment from Star Wars and chose 4 from other movies.

1) Star Wars ep. 6: Luke vs. Vader vs. Sidious
2) Planet of the Apes (68 ver): The finding of the Statue of Liberty
3) Alien/Aliens: Ripleys last fight with the Alien
4) E.T.: E.T. waking up from the dead
5) Terminator: The hunting in the factory (end of the movie).

terminator: police station scene.
pota: statue of liberty scene
alien: chest bursting scene
2001 space oddysey - hals madness

Watch the opening of Hitchcock's Vertigo. There is a similar roof top chase, the way it's filmed, oh and without the leaping...

Shadow Spider
1) Starscream takes down a fleet of jets

2) The failed Robocop scene when one rips its own head off and the other kills the two scientists then himself
-Robocop (Can't remember which, I think it was 2)

3) When the liquid Terminator reformed after getting frozen
-Terminator 2

4) Chestbuster scene

5) General Grievous revealing his four arms
-Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith

There is only one moment that stands out in my mind. The Robocop Nut shot.

The scene in Aliens when the Marines are forced to surrender their ammunition when under the reactor. The Aliens are agitated and begin to slaughter the marines and the bag containing the ammo explodes. Vasquez and drake reveal their hidden clips and open fire, "lets ROCK!!"

I have to agree with dean martin on the T-rex scene in jurassic park, that was and always will be aces

Murphy gets dismembered by shotguns and assualt rifles in the directors cut of Robocop.

exanda kane
The sequence where the camera descends under the canopy of umbrella's and finds Rick Deckard reading his paper.

AvP when Scar comes flying through the air, twists/turns in mid air, sticks his comb stick into the alien queens neck and lands perfectly

One of my top SCI FI moments other than Arnold saying "I'll be back" in the first Terminator movie are the excellent lines during Luke's and Vader's fight in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

1) POTA 1968 - The Hunt
2) 2001 - the last 20 mins
3) as much as i dislike 99% of THE PHANTOM MENACE ill go for the bit where the hangar doors open to reveal Darth Maul and Duel of the Fates theme kicks in...goosbumps time
4) Tom Bakers Doctor Who agonizing over whether to avert the creation of the Daleks
5) The introduction of Darth Vader in STAR WARS IV - A NEW HOPE

big gay kirk
1 Taylor (Charlton Heston) finding out what is at the heart of the Forbidden Zone in Planet of the Apes

2 The first appearance of the Shadow vessels in Babylon 5

3 Charlton Heston (again!) learning from his dying friend what Soylent Green really is

4 The final scene of John Carpenters The Thing

5Asuka Langley Soryu dying to the strains of Beethoven's Ode to Joy in Neon Genesis Evangelion

T-rex scenes in JP big grin

I'm going to include two moments in my number one spot because you can't mention one without the other.

1) When Batty saves Deckard from falling and says "Kinship" in Blade Runner and Batty's death speech.

2) The "Dogtown" scene in John Carpenter's The Thing

3) The opening scene in Star Wars: A New Hope

4) Chestburster scene in Alien

5) Children of Men, the 4 minute trackshot in the woods

For me the secret of Soylent Green. eek!

Roy smashing his head though the wall from BLADE RUNNER

The platform scene in MIMIC

The guy flicking his lighter on in PITCH BLACK

The classic Chestburster scene in ALIEN

Originally posted by Koenig
For me the secret of Soylent Green. eek!

Thats a great one. It reminds me of the twilight zone episode, to serve man. "Dont get on the ship, it's a cook book!"

yeh that was a great twlight zone episode.

Devil King
My top sci-fi/fantasty moments:

Vader, in silhouette, ignites his lightsabre in the Carbon Freezing Chamber on Bespin

When Burgess Meredith breaks his glasses in Time Enought at Last.

The pan-shot/montage of Neo-Tokyo in Akira. The soundtrack really makes that scene. (The whole movie really. Despite it being dreadfully confusing unless you've read the comics)

Richard Dryfus looking back one last time before he boards the ship, in Close Encounters

When the Skeksis and Mystics recombine in The Dark Crystal

Kirk/Picard's opening monolouge in any episode of Star Trek

Ya Krunk'd Floo
One of the best scenes from any movie is at the end of Blade Runner when Roy Batty gives his last words: "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe..."


1. Look on John Conners face when terminator pulls the shotgun from the rose box and Arnold says, 'get down.'
2. When the pentagon computer asks Matthew Broderick, 'Want to play a game?'
3. New 'war of the worlds', near the beginning, when the road starts to crack and rotate under the lightning bolts.
4. Time machine, when the machine is fired up and doesn't go anywhere, but everything around the professor changes.
5. Primer. When Abe hands Aron the binoculars outside the storage unit and says 'look.' Aron sees a copy of Abe leaving the storage unit. (It's a time travel thing.)

1. The entire Star Wars original trilogy
2. When the beams destroy the Empire State Building - Independance Day
3. The opening moon set - (same as above)
4. The autopsy, when the alien springs open - (same movie)
5. The monkey in the vent - DOOM

1) Star Wars Return of The Jedi, Final Light saber fight between Luke and Darth Vader.
2) The Time machine (remake), after he goes back in time and saves the girl and then she dies in a different manner (implying that it's impossible for a time traveler to create a temporal paradox)
3)Planet of the Apes, Final scene when Taylor finds the statue of liberty. CLASSIC REVEAL!!
4)The Matrix, When Neo wakes up in his pod after waking out of the matrix.
5) Irobot, The 3 laws of robot behavior going across the screen,written by Isaac Asimov.

Good thread:

Blade Runner - japanese woman electric billboard and city scape pan.
Matrix 1 - Neo first bullet dodge
T1 - Entrance of Kyle and Terminator
SW:ROTJ - Princess L, the belle dancer outfit wink
SW:TPM - Final Battle - duel of the fates, most edge of the seat star wars battle ever filmed don't lie!!

Originally posted by Ya Krunk'd Floo
One of the best scenes from any movie is at the end of Blade Runner when Roy Batty gives his last words: "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe..."



you have it! thumb up

1. Going through the stargate in 2001: a space odyssey.
2. Seeing the Monster from the Id in Forbidden Planet.
3. The Agent leaping from car to car on the freeway in The Matrix: Reloaded.
4. The original King Kong fighting the T-rex.
5. Hulk fighting the military in The Hulk (first film).

These aren't necessary my top 5, per se. More like the first 5 great moments which popped into my head. I could fill up 5 great moments just from (eg) the Matrix or Terminator films alone.

Greatest scenes for me:

1. Opening scene from A New Hope.
2. Asteroid scene from The Empire Strikes Back.
3. The blood test scene from John Carpenter's The Thing. (Love the Psychology there)
4. The big shoot out in Top Dollar's meeting room.
5. The realization that the nuclear weapons had no affect on the aliens in the original War of the Worlds.

1) Activating of the Stargate. ( Original Stargate film. ).
2) End of Blade Runner.
3) Bespin Duel from Empire Strikes Back.
4) The Autobots Landing and reveal. From Transformers.
5) The reveal of the Predator in the first movie.

The part in Totall Recall when Arnie is dressed as the fat lady and the face opens up and it say "get ready for a surprise" then blows up.

1) When Thee terminator turns the corner and sarah conner sees it and drops and runs in T2
2)When the Terminator destroys enery police car without a single person injured or killed
3) When Dutch sees what the Predator actully looks like without its mask
4)The Predalien burts from AVP
5)Finding out Darth Vader is the Father

Luke I am your Father,
Darth Maul being revielled at the end of episode 1 when the doors open (it would of been much better had you not known he had a double bladed saber)
Alien chest burster scene
senturey gun scene in aliens directors cut (this added a more supense to the movie)
the revalation of Khan

Sadako of Girth
Hard question. But these have been my long term favs.

Galactica's in-atmosphere freefall drop to launch fighters to free New Caprica, jumping/warping out only a few hundred feet from hitting the floor.

All of Empire Strikes Back.

Blade Runner: The final battle and subsequent Batty monologue/death.

The Reliant attacking Enterprise in Wrath of Khan and the subsequent retaliation by Enterprise..

The afformentioned Ripley "Get away from her, you b*tch" moment.
(Runner up scene being Ripley going in to rescue the marines in the APC...)

The 'Chestburster' scene- Alien
The hangar door rising, revealing Ripley in the power-lifter- Aliens
"I'll be back"- Terminator
The Vader/ Luke lightsabre duel in Bespin, right up to 'No, I am your father!'- The Empire Strikes Back
And basically the whole of Serenity...

Serious Impact
#1: The Opening Nightcrawler scene from X-2. Simply Awesome!
#2: The opening rooftop scene in the Matrix. Rocks!
#3: When Wash dies in Serenity. Absolute silence on my part. Words escaped me.
#4: "Luke, I AM your father!" Jaw hit the floor!
#5: Chest busting scene in Alien. "WTF is that!?!?"
#6: Spider-man's fight with Dr. Oct. on the subway train. WOW, simply Wow!
and so, so many more

Daft Ada
The introduction of Darth Vader in STAR WARS IV - A NEW HOPE
The White House Scene in Independence Day
Bespin duel in Empire Strikes Back.
The arrival and reveal of the Autobots Landing in Transformers
The opening scene of X2.

When Darth Vader Shock for the first time the admiral in the empire strike back

Arnold in Terminator 2 when he reveal himself to Sara o Connors

When Ironman kick the terrorist butt

Joda vs the emperor

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The woman with 3 **** in total recall FTW

Sunshine: The viewing room.
Serenity: The space battle between the government and the reavers.
Event horizon: when they finally decode the video.
The 5th element: Evil v the starships.

Another list,
Revelation that arnie is the good guy in T2
Autobots land in transformers
soccent attack in transformers
neo bullet dodge in matrix
final duel between anakin and Obiwan

Fantastic 4: Super natural power from space

Independence day: Introduction of Aliens

Ghost Buster: Ghost capturing

Terminator 2 Judgment day: The Climax

Star wars Episode VI (Return of the Jedi): Princess Leia uses a thermal detonator to help free Han Solo from his carbonite prison inside Jabba the Hutt's palace

This are the 5 movies comes in my mind with their power and how it should be used.

Just off the top of my head...

1. 2001: a space odyssey
...through the stargate
...hotel room sequence
...astronauts approaching moon monolith

2. Terminator 2
...anytime the two fought.

3. Terminator
...police station massacre

4. Alien...chestburster scene

5. Aliens
...Ripley in loader fighting Queen
...Vasquez checking her gear

6. Superman Returns...the whole plane scene

7. 2012...Prez Glover rising from the ashes to see a mountian of water (carrying the carrier) silently approaching.

8. Forbidden Planet...the battle as the monster becomes visible by the force fence.

9. The Fly. "Helllllp meeee...."

10. The Time Machine...Rod Taylor traveling into the future.

There are so many more.

Serious Impact
Originally posted by Mindship

5. Aliens
...Ripley in loader fighting Queen

6. Superman Returns...the whole plane scene

I had forgotten about When Ripley first confronts the Alien Queen. Definitely ranks up there with the rest of my list as one of my favorite Sci-Fi movie moments. Thanks for the reminder!

The Plane scene in Superman Returns was also awesome, as was him lifting the entire kryptonite island into space!?!? Not something you see Superman do everyday.

Another moment came to mind as I was watching Spielberg's spin on "War of the Worlds"...

The 1953 version: where the priest (reciting Psalm 23) gets it, then the army opens fire.

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