How powers work?

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I wanted to open this thread as a place to discuss how the heroes powers work.

For instance the first one I have in question would be Claude. I was wondering how exactly he is able to turn invisible and still see? I mean do you think he actually turns invisible or just has a similar ability to Candice and can just create the illusion of invisibility to those around him? Personally I guess I side with the illusion theory since he is also able to make those he touches invisible and he seems to see fine while invisible. Now it may not seem like it matters but for instance if he needed to use his ability to break into a secure facility it may be quite a bit less effective. Seeing as technology doesn't perceive illusions.

Also in that same thought how about Candice's power. I mean I like and completely understand her illusion power. Except, how would it be able to work for Sylar in the future while he's portraying Nathan on television as president to the world? The illusions shouldn't be able to carry over through media technology to the entire world of people that have never even been within 10 miles of him. Right?

I know its just a show but my mind wonders allot. confused

The abilities of evolved humans are entirely controlled by the brain, as was explained by Chandra Suresh, and is utilized by Sylar. Sio all you have to do to understand how an ability works is to think of it in terms of neurology.

I can't imagine that a TV camera could penetrate one of Candice's illusions, nor Claude's invisibility.

*waiting for Genndy Tartakovsky to explain that Kit Fisto's lightsaber works underwater because he's got an special crystal in it*

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Originally posted by S_D_J
*waiting for Genndy Tartakovsky to explain that Kit Fisto's lightsaber works underwater because he's got an special crystal in it*

big grin What a pointlessly irrelevant post

Captain REX
Candice's illusion power is a manipulation of light, from what I can tell. She changes the signals that things put off, changing color and appearance and shape and so on, and even creating new signals. All light manipulation.

It's not like a Jedi Mind Trick, where a person sees an illusion or something. That would be hard for tricking more than one person into the illusion.

No, everything that perceives light, such as human eyes, cameras, etc., will see that she (or Sylar) appears as Niki (or the President).

Not sure about Claude. Perhaps he cancels the signals that would put off light, something like that. In any case, he still puts off heat and can be seen that way.

Originally posted by Strangelove
What a pointlessly irrelevant post

you obviously didn't get it

what I meant it's that sometimes, and this happen a lot in SciFi and Fantasy, things don't need, or don't have, an explanation.
Most of the time it's just the imagination of the writers (and yours as well) what makes something real and possible, they are there because the're freaking cool and fun to watch, it doen't need to be real. it just is, it is as you want it, as you wish it.

not everything needs to be explained, not everything has a logical explanation.

I would give a Nobel Prize (there I go fantasizing) to anyone who can scientifically prove how Claude can get invisible , and make things invisible, and still see them... I know its got something to do with light and molecules and so on, but doesn't change the fact that it's almost impossible to accomplish (as realistically) as it's done in the show. But doesn't mean I dont like it, or that I wouldn't love to have that power... and it's so freaking cool to watch.

the same goes for Nathan: How the hell can he fly, if he doesnt have wings flapping behind him, how do hell can he challenge Earth's gravity?, how do hell can he fly at match speed?.
as far as I know he's no Alien, and doesnt get all of his powers (or his power) from the Earth's Sun...

To explain my post:
Genndy Tartakovsky had Kit Fisto's (the green alien with dreadlocks) lightsaber worked underwater,... when everyone knows (us SW geeks) that's impossible since igniting a lightsaber underwater (or a wet lightsaber) will end up frying the saber, rending it useless.

..but he got off the hook by saying that Kit Fisto's lightsaber had an special krystal in it that allowed it to work underwater...

of course he made that up, because, while making the episode, he didn't take that into consideration, he just put in there because it looked so freaking kool... and indeed, it did

so... I'm not saying it's pointless to try to understand how powers work, or how they're even possible... it just fun to do it, and many will try to explained it, I posted that because I knew someone will try to come out with an explanation
it just that it shouldnt be taken to seriously big grin

I think that Claude's powers may be a mixture of light bending and some kind of psionic ability (I feel the same about Candice). Perhaps he bends light around himself and sees with his minds eye. I say that his power may have a psionic component because he or either Peter was invisible to Issac's precognition.

probably he reflects it completly or absorbs it. therefore he is unseeable. thats just my guess

I think Claude and Candice work off the same power: Light manipulation

Claude bends it around him whilst creating copies (Just broke quantum physics) of the photons so he can still see whilst people can't see him.

Candice changes what light reflects ie colour, shadows to suit her needs and can also change peoples perception of their senses.

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