left behind

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i stand alone waiting for you but you dont show
i would have never thought that you would have sunken this low
my heart hurts from that point on
i now believe that i wont ever live to see another dawn
i still stand alone when the night enfolds me
i really wish you would come so i can become the happy me
your love is a curse that breaks the heart
its holds it gently then tears it apart
i guess we never had anything in common at all
so when i find you ill leave you dead in a bathroom stall
well my love this is good bye
i just wanna say **** you and i hope you die
evil face

please send some replies...its not really the best ive written but i was in a hurry

well, liked it until the "so when i find you ill leave you dead in a bathroom stall
well my love this is good bye
i just wanna say **** you and i hope you die" part.

otherwise, it was good. smile

yea...sorry im kinda screwed up like that usually i just write story type poems but ever since i won this local contest i just been writing stuff like that...its weird but kool at the same time moodyfox

~Bun Bun~
It was interesting but good big grin
I can see in that you do have some talent.
Post some more happy

thanx bun bun but your alot better than me

this one's a long one

sense fail

i walk the street on a windy, depressing night
as my senses fail i feel othing and lose my sight
i stumble into a street not seeing or hearing the car
it hit me co hard i was thrown threw the wall of a bar
i never felt it but when i was hit my sight came back
as i seen the blood flow over the floor, i tried to find the voice that i lacked
people screamed silent screams for the pain i cant feel
a couple who sat in front of me took a quick glance and both lost their meals
my sight faded away and my hearing began to work
it came in with a pop, kinda like a champaigne' cork
in the corner someone yelled at the bartender to call 911
but his response was just a look as if someone shot him with a gun
the hearing left me so quickly i thought i died
i only realized i was still alive when i began to cry
the pain made me feel like i was being burnt alive
i suddenly knew there was no chance in Hell im going to survive
every bone in my body felt like they were either broken or shattered
i thought to myself 'i have to move and nothing else matters'
i could feel the blood flow heavily from my body
it was slow at first but now its coming out more rapidly
for minutes all i felt was a puddle of warm blood around me
after feeling like the world would never end my thought came to me slowly
all i seen was bright, aching light the seemed like it came from every where
then everything was dark and i started having muscle spasms for the pain i couldnt bare
my eyes opened up to see more bright light but it came from somewhere above
a hand moved form my face, which i saw was covered with waht looked like a spiked glove
then a horrible voice said 'gues what your in hell'
where the voice came from i couldnt tell
i tried to move but i realized i was strapped down
i to say something but i heard this horrible sound
i alos heard a terrible gurgle the gave me chills
my sight gone again i thoguht this was some sick bastards way for cheap thrills
but my hearing was still there and it gave me another story
one that sounded sick, bloody, and really gory
"im going to tear you open, and hang your body from your ****in veins, and eat all your ****in insides!!"
my hearing dying down and my feeling came back right when cut open my sides
the pain raced threw my body before i felt anymore
both my wrist, my wiast , my ankle that were tied down began to feel sore
i thought to my self 'wait one ankle?' as if someone wanted me to see my feeling left and my sight came in
i looked down in horror and seen a nub where my other ankle should have been
i knew i was died and that this was all i could tell
and i guess ill see yous in hell

i hope you like

These are good but they seem more like stories than poems. I don't know I'm kinda bad it just seems like a story rather than a poem.

well there story poems really...for me its a mix of dark poetry and stories

we were the best together
we planned on being with each other for ever
i held your heart and you held mine
there was enough light in your eyes to make a blind man whine
we would hold hands and kiss everyday
'i love you' is what you would always say
but the days together got shorter and we seen each other less
my days without you always made me a drunken mess
the days you were with friends i was alone cutting for us
a mistake i knew that would cost me your trust
i would only talk to you on the phone at night
and for some reason we would always get into a fight
i look back at the early days of our love
and how we thought each other came from the sky above
but now i see your true colors and i hate what i see
i dont know how i ever thought you loved me
i dropped your heart and it heavily hit the floor
you stabbed mine with every sharp object you could find and walked out the door
i cried silent tears ever since then
wondering if we would ever be together again
i know what i said was wrong but i still love you
now that im left behind i dont know what to do
i feel like ending my life so nobody can be with me
but ive changed my thoughts and now i see
we were never meant for each other and im actually glad
even thought the first couple days i was pretty sad
so now ill look for someone to call mine
and i hope your new boyfriend is treating you fine
i cant lie though i still think of you at night
about that look in yours eyes that gives off bright, white light
yes im still depressed that i got left behind
but theres a reason for it that i hope ill never find sad

Hey, interesting stuff. Do you have anymore poetry?

You obviously spoke of cutting. I used to, and I have a couple of poems I wrote about it, while I was in the process of quiting. Shitty poems, but nonetheless, I wrote them during a hard time.

I'm SelphieT, and welcome to KMC. The Poetry forum isn't always busy, but its a nice calm place to go to. smile

hey im justin but ppl kno as benjii...long story during fresh man year...umm yea i have alot of poems...some are nothing like this and i would love to see some of your stuff

~Bun Bun~
Justin, I really like your writing.
I can feel what you are feeling threw your writing.
I'm jamie happy

Keep up the writing!

omg i love it! smile

especially the last two lines. awesome job. thumb up

thanx people i will keep writing for you guys

wow i really like these

Originally posted by XvampbenjiiX666
i feel like ending my life so nobody can be with me

I'm glad you didn't end your life.... I donno what I would have done if I'd never met you. You're so fun! smile

Originally posted by XvampbenjiiX666
so now ill look for someone to call mine

big grin


thank you my love

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