Rogue, Respect Thread

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Rogue Respect Thread

Pretty much a thread dedicated to Rogue. The superheroine, member of the X-Men. Always struggling with her power, which is best known for absorbing/siphoning others powers. I'll be posting scans soon (and I know I should post them in this first post in the thread, but it's late, sorry stick out tongue ...I'm not too worried about chronicling her appearances, maybe i'll choose to do an updated one w/ all of it. Not sure. I have a lot of showings, btw. So if anyone feels free to post something I don't have, go for it!!

Rogue Respect Thread


Speed Blitzing/picking up Radius.

Catching Vindicator.

More lots soon...err, going out of town.

Note: I'm including fights when utilizing her powers.

Yes, Rogue can even borrow the strength of the JUGGERNAUT!

Rogue in her early days, battling and getting the better of the Avengers. She possesses Ms. Marvel's powers.

Rogue thrashing around Captain America.. poor Cap.

Sneak attacks Thor/Dr. Blake.. Spider woman interrupts and Thor gets time to hold Rogue, but he gets absorbed as well.

Having the combined powers siphoned from Ms. Marvel, Cap and Thor. Rogue ONE-SHOT'S Vision.

Wonder-Man (who confirms Rogue dropping Vision in one blow) speed blitzes Rogue at full force. She tried to absorb Simon, but his makeup of ionic energy makes him immune.

Handles Beast and Vision, once again.

Spider woman's blasts have no effect. Rogue fights Iron Man, even with her temporary borrowed powers wearing off, she knocks down Iron Man.

Speed blitzing Vision, fighting Thor. (in a later series)

Rogue vs Power Man and Iron Fist.

Later on, rogue is fighting Dazzler. (same comic)

Absorbing Dazzler's powers.

Rogue thrashes Warren. More power absorbing.

Rogue flying faster than their jet. Saves Gambit.

separates a "green entity" thats inhabiting Gambit.

Rogue absorbing Proffesor Charles Xavier's powers.

Here's something interesting, most people think Rogue can only absorb "given" powers. Well here Rogue is clearly shown absorbing years of training to diffuse a bomb. Which is a learned ability.

A boy who cant control his fire induced powers is desperately needing help. Rogue siphons the kids power and stabilizes him.

rogue's skill w/firearms.

Absorbs a lifetime of ninjitsu training.

Absorbed Sunfire's abilities.

Outmaneuvering some fighter pilots.

Absorbs the Temptress' powers. Smacks Wolverine, LOL.

Punches some metal bars.

Absorbs Silver Samurai.

Strength Test

Here's Rogue officially lifting 47.05 Tons. The reps average 50 tons, and she does this for atleast 10-15 minutes before she feels/hurts from it.

Absorbing memories.

showing some martial arts training.

Fighting an assasin, Rogue's powers are off at this point. She manages to pull a knife out of her shoulder. Again, a non-power feat showing resilience.

Rogue fighting some more.

Keep going! Nice to see Rogue get some respect!

Speed and Durability
Uncanny X-Men #171 (July 1983)

Rogue takes a punch from a vengeful Binary that knocks her all the way to the Moon. Rogue then flies back to the Earth in a very short period of time and takes a second punch from the angry white hole powered being and recovers a second time.

Speed and Durability
Uncanny X-Men #218 (June 1987)

Is whacked away by Classic Juggernaut.
Recovers and returns to save Longshot.

Halts a moving train to stop it from derailing.

Reaction and Movement Speed
X-Men v2 #102 & 104 (July & Sept 2000)

Catches bullets from a gatling gun and throws them back as fast at her opponents.

Flight Speed

Magneto Rex #1
(1st April 1999)
(Writer: Joe Pruett, Artist: Brandon Peterson)

Rogue manages to fly past and loose a United Nations Fighter Jet

Rogue vs. Zealots Minions

Magneto Rex #2
(1st June 1999)
(Writer: Joe Pruett, Artist: Brandon Peterson)

Rogue smashes a bunch of low levelled mutates before they can react. To save Quicksilver she grabs a giant mutate by the back of his neck and throws him which incapacitates him. She then smashes out of the Genoshian Cell which is apparently designed to hold super powered beings. Kind of sucks because it looks like all she did was smash through a wall.

Uncanny X-men 194

When attacked by Nimrod, the Super Sentinel from the future, the X-Men were almost defeated. Buried under the rubble of a construction site, Rogue saw no other chance than to absorb the powers of her unconscious teammates Shadowcat, Collossus, and Nightcrawler all at once.Nimrod confused by the multiple physical identities and abilities and unable to formulate and attack retreated.

The curse of Rogue. Poor girl

X-Treme X-Men #013

Rogue convinces sage to use her Jump Start ability to give her the ability access to all the powers she has ever absorbed on command.These range from She-hulk to Cyclops to Magneto.

Uncanny X-men Annual #09
Absorbs Nightcrawlers ability to teleport and because he was touching Cyclops at the time also absorbs his optic blast.

Uncanny X-men 195
Rogue and leech cancel each other out, Leech is knocked unconscious and Rogue is rendered powerless by his power negation effect. Still she manages to hold her own in a fight without her powers.

Uncanny X-men 216
Even with her powers amped by Cerebro Pyslocke is unable to reads Rogue's mind.

Uncanny X-Men 224

Rogue exercising using some equipment purchased from the Fantastic Four designed for the thing and set for an average of 50tons each rep.She is able to use it for 10 minutes straight before she begins to break a sweat.

Rogue vs Avalanche

guy, can you post that rogue vs holocaust fight that was in age of apocalypse.


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