the "friend"

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as i feel you slide across my wrist i notice how i feel no pain
the blood spills in amounts to make anybody insane
i feel your effect immediately and fall to the floor
the feeling is so great my body craves you more
i hold up my arm to show you what you've done to me
i look over and say "my little razor blade why cant people let us be?"
the blood runs over my hand and i love feeling its warmth down my arm
i think of how people say that all you do is just bring us harm
i start getting light headed and feel a bit bad about what i've done
i feel more blood flow and thougth i bled so much that i have none
i look over at you agian but seen that your not there
now i have the feeling that you dont even care
i dont know what i did to deserve you leaving
the pain inside makes me feel like im just teething
i look around to see if i can find you
but your not here and i dont know what else to do
i climb weakly to my feet in anger and pain
"im your friend and i would never leave you" is what you used to claim
but your not here, not with me
your some new person across town probably
i curse your name and fall heavily to the floor
i look to the ceiling and call you a whore
i feel my life's blood being completely dried out
before i go this is what i shout
"please if you here this im sorry for what i thought was right
and that i love you all and didnt mean to give you a firght
so please dont make that same mistake that i just made
and please bury me under the tree in the shade
i love you all and i wish you good night
im sorry for what i thought was right"

kinda new for me but i hope you's like...leave some comments to tell me how you feel about it sad

~Bun Bun~
Wow pretty deep!

I like it yes

it was good. smile

a few times the rhyming felt a bit forced, but other than that. big grin

good work.

yea i guess they some were lol but thanx alot

wow hun

depressing i know

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.