Star Wars: A Rebel Story

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Star Wars: A Rebel Story.


Hutt Space, Somewhere near Ylesia an Imperial class Star Destroyer hurtles through Hyperspace.

It was quiet on the bridge of the Star Destroyer, 'Tyrants Fear'. Crew men rushed about busily relaying orders and carrying out their given tasks. Outside the bridge windows the swirling mass of hyperspace existed.

In the crewpit a console at the sensor station started beeping. "SIR! Sensors reading a Grav' Flux ahead of us!" The officer there shouted.

"Gravitational Flux lieutenant?" Captain Orem asked.

"Yes sir. Sensors were nominal no less than twenty seconds ago. It just appeared!" The lieutenant called.

The captain walked over. "Interdiction field?" He asked.

"Possible sir but with these readings i'd estimate around three hundred Interdiction Cruisers to create such a reading. Not even a star produces this amount of energy sir." He indicates the reading on the console screen.


"Uhh-" Checks reading. "Less than seventy seconds-"

The Captain swings around. "HELM! Cut the hyperdrive."

A yound officer on the other side of the bridge calls out. "We cant sir! It could damage the hyper-matter acceleator!"

"DO IT! DO IT NOW YOU IDIOT!!" The captain yelled angrily. "DO YOU WANT TO DIE?!!"

"N-N-No sir!"

"Then hurry up!"

"YES SIR!" The young officer flips some switches and types some commands at a record speed.

"Time?" Orem asks the sensor lieutenant.

"Seventeen seconds sir, fourteen, thirteen-"

The ships deck began to vibrate violently, the entire ship shuddered.

The swirling pool of hyperspace evaporated into lines then an explsion somewhere aft sent the lines into not stars but blinding light as the entire Star Destroyer shuddered. Crewers were sent flying over chiars and each other and some computers exploded in showers of glass and sparks. The roar of the alarms, overloading engines and explosions defened the entire ships crew. Then it ended.


End of Prelude.

Star Wars: A Rebel Story.


Chapter 1.

Six years later.

Third planet of the Eidolan system. In a service hanger in the capitol city of Eidor. Four years after the Return of the Jedi.

"CHEWIE!!!!" Han burst round the corner of the service hanger's cargo doors. The panicked look on Hans face said it all.

The mighty Chewbacca roared a question.

Han ducked to the right in the open hanger space "GET IN THE SHIP!!!!" Han yelled. "NOW!!!!"

The Wookie turned to run up the ramp into the Falcon but instead hit his shaggy head on the ships hull. He growled menacingly at the closed ramp as blood trickled down his furry face. He forgot it was closed.

Han commented as he hurridly arrived. "You should see a docter about that amesia, you dumb fuzz ball." Han skidded to a hault. "Now open the ramp. And hurry it up!" Han said rapidly as he romoved his blaster pistol and turned to the entrence where a mean looking group of misfits had formed and was heading towards them.

Chewie brought the ramp straight down onto Captain Solos head and grunted with laughter.

"Ow! Chewie!" Han scrambled out from under the ramp just as the approaching group started firing at them, or more precisly, the walls around the hanger leaving blackened scorch marks on the laminated tiles. Han could have sworn these weirdos were taking special care not to hit him or the Falcon. He rubbed the growing, bruised, lump that appeared on his head.

Chewbacca ran into the Milennium Falcon as fast as his tall frame would allow. He was in the cockpit in three seconds flat and was already powering up the engines.

Han stopped at the ramp and returned fire. Suprisingly his shots hit each one square in the head. He didn't stop to contemplate his accuracy as their heads exploded and dashed up the ramp after Chewbacca.

Han reached the cockpit just as another group arrived in the hanger. Han immediatly reconised the leader in the middle of the bunch of mutated arachnids.

The vile, spider like humanoid towered over the rest of the Spindo mutants. This was the only distinguishing feature of the disfigured spider-man that Han could pick out.

The group carefully picked their way over the smoldering, headless bodies of the fallen mutants and stepped up to the ramp. "SOLO!! GET OUT HERE SOLO!!" The leader shouted. He then turned to motion two of the group into the Falcon but instead noticed that half of the arachnid posse had started chowing down on their fallen brevrin. He raised his blaster and aimed at their many arms and fired. The leader jumped in suprise as each shot hit them square in the face. As their heads exploded too, the tall arachno-man checked his blaster, it was on stun. This brought a frown to his eight eyebrows, at least he tried to, but after the tenth try he gave up and ordered the remaining three Spindos to the Falcon.

In the cockpit of the Falcon, Han was watching the humerous goings on outside, until he remembered something. He lept up from his seat in realisation, hitting his head on the cockpit ceiling, Chewbacca grunted in laughter. "Ouch! CHEWIE!! WE DIDNT CLOSE THE RAMP!!!" He then turned and ran to the ramp, or he would have. Han slammed head first into the cockpits door. "Ou!" He collapsed to the deck of the cockpit. Chewbacca roared with laughter and stood up a little too quickly, banging his own head on the cockpits ceiling plates. He gave a soft growl. The cockpit door slid open and Han piked himself up off the deck... To be continued

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Han made it to the lounge but the Spindo's were inside the ship. He immediately reached for his weapon as he drew to within a meter of them and they were already reaching for their weapons. Han's hand came up from the empty holster; he had left the blaster in the cockpit.

The Spindos aimed their blasters at Han, Han lept at them, or so it seemed. He tripped on the deck plating, launching himself into the three. Punching one in the face with his hand, and elbowing the other in the stomach, while toppling over into the third. To Spindo's; the move seemed brilliant, almost perfect. To Han; he had clumsily tripped at a really bad moment.

The third Spindo fell backwards onto the ramp and both he and Han rolled down it. Han was thrown free from the Spindo and rolled to a stop by the leaders spindly legs.

The leader smiled, humanly. "Stooping so low as to grovel at my feet, Solo?" The leader said, "You have interfered with my plans for the the last time! Either pay for the damage you have caused.. or die."

The sound of Chewbacca roared and suddenly with two simultaneous screams, the Spindo's inside the Falcon were flying out to topple onto the one that Han had tackled on the ramp. The pair landed on the spider-man, knocking him over and pinning him under them as they impacted with force. Knocking all three unconscious.

The leader watched with three eyes on Han, three eyes on the pile of Spindos and two on chewbacca. The laeder leveled his pistol at Hans head. "Decide...!" He spat at Han. Chewbacca approached them stopping at the bottom of the Milennium Falcons ramp.

Han didnt really understand what the leader was saying, he hadnt even done anything to him, all he had done was..., he smiled sarcastically at the Spindo-man. "You mean the droid that was playing holo-chess with my First-mate?" han asked standing. "He seemed to forget his programming. Always; 'let the Wookie win'. Chewbacca lost... so he ripped the robots arms out and pulled his head off."

"Yes. I would like to be compensated for the damage."

"The why did you star shooting at me then?" he glabced at Chewie. "Look." Han removed several credit chips, "This is all I have." he tossed the credits to the Spindo who grabbed them with three arms at the same time. Drooping them. He picked them up and glanced at them. "Its Imperial, it should work here..."

"Ten thousand creds. I could buy my ovn ship for that." The Spider said.

The Spindo walked away leaving his fallen bretherin behind and the Millenium Falcon blasted off from Eidolan leaving bedhing the messy scene and the confusion that went with it. After the YT-1300 cleard the third planets gravity field Han spoke to Chewie.

"Well.. That was interesting," he stretched back into the seat and relaxed watching the stars revolve around them, "where to then. We could check in on Leia on Coruscant," Chewbacca gave Han an 'Leave me out of this one.' look and han could agree, "Your right; too much politics, but it would be good to see the kids." Han sighed. " What about Luke, yea we could meet Luke on Mon Calimari... No the salty air would rust up the Falcons hull." Han said as his furry companion growled his negative thoughts of the planet pointing out just why the Rebellion hadn't been based out of the planet in the first place. "Well what about Lando. Last I heard he was working out some operation in the Bagoda system, wanna check it out..." Han waited for Chewies answer as he input the co-ordinates into the nav' computer. Chewie hooted an agreement. "Lets go then..." Han pulled the hyperdrive leavers and the vista of stars elongated from their points infinately into lines as the vortex of hyperspace engulfed them and the Falcon thundered into swirlpool of light.... TBC

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The story is called 'The Jedi Nexus' read it. I havnt finished it yet.

The Milennium Falcon came out of hyper-space in the outer orbits of the furvest planet in the Bagoda system and scaned the system before jumping back into hyperspace for a short hop in-system. Bagoda was a relatively small system, having only three small planetoids orbiting an equally small, blue dwarf star. The smallest planet, the one closest to the star was less than three hundred kilometers in diameter and as its the closest its surfack is in a constant molten state. The second planetoid was by far the biggest planet within several lightyears. It had a stable, but, hostile atmosphere and rolling plains and a blood red, rusty ocean, its fish were considered to be rare, and therefore expencive. There is no sapient beings on the planet , its wildlife consisting of small animals. The third planet was in a wide ofbit and considered more of an asteroid or even a comet due to the fact that every two thousand years its orbit carries it to within three hundred thousand kilomatarsv of the systems sun. An ice planet that every thousand years boils keeping host to probable life.

Han dropped the Falcon in, short of the most hosptable planet and ran a scan of the planet picking out certain land marks till he found signs of civilisation. a small settlement south of equator on the second largest mass of land. The com fizzled to life. "Han ol' buddy," Came Lando's confident voice. "What are you doing here?"... TBC

"Thought we'd drop in on ya." Han replied through the mic.

Lando was in his office, trying to hear Han through the noise of the mining drill that was wreaking his head. Lando repeated Hans transmission. "You want to put a speeder through me?!" He yelled.

"No, I though we'd d-" A loud clunking sound interupted Lando's hearing. "-in on ya'."

"You want dinner on me?!"

"No! I want to land."

"Oh! You need a hand?! You'd better land! We'll talk then!" He cut the com off and walked out of the office, into a filing room closing the door behind him.

Lando fell back through the dorway along with several filing cabinets. "Ah! Sith-spawn!" He got up from under the mess, stepped over the cabinet and exited through a mirrored door on the right.


The Falcon swiftly flew through the air as it approached the landing pad. As they neared Han Solo spotted the landing aide carrying glow sticks, waving the falcon down. Large pieces of machinery and a laser-drill for mining ore, were scttered across the permacrete flat. Han lowered the landing struts and fired the repulsers and the landing jets, after a few moments the landing aide, directing them down disappered beneath them as they settled over the top of the pad. Chewie growled.

"Yea, can't wait to see what Lando's digging up this time." They felt a soft jolt that told them the craft was down. Han unstrapped as Chewbacca shut down the Falcons systems.

Over to the far right was a domed building. It's power-doors parted and several siloetted figures and few guards approached the Falcon on the pad.

Han lowered the ramp and strolled down, he was about to step off when something caught his eye.

The figures continued forward. Snow had begun to fall in a soft settling swaft and the wind had also picked up.

What had caught Hans eye was the squished, mangled form of what had been a human, under the front-right landing pilot. Blood trailed across the ground and formed a bloody pool at Hans feet. He casually stepped over the pooling liquid and greeted Lando. They embraced.

Lando looked pointedly at the remains of the landing aide. Han looked. "Guess its good you hire 'cheap' labour. Huh Lando?" Han half joked.

"I guess..." Lando replied, with-out much enthusiasm. He continued to look at the corpse as Han steered him away. Chewbacca followed down the ramp and snickered at the sight of the aide. "Mwhrrrl" He growled.

"Yea! I agree with Chewie." Han said as they walked.

Lando looked confused. "What?!" He snapped.

"You think you'd train your 'landing aide' to not stand under a 'landing pilon'."

Lando growled. "I'll tell that to the next guy." He gritted his teeth. He turned to one of his guards. "Get one of the droids to clean this up." He ordered with a little distaste. "And send a nurf joint to his widow."

"He, uh, wasn't married." The guard replied.

"Well then.. SEND IT TO HIS MOTHER!!" Lando shouted, uncharacteristically angry. "Do I 'have' to think of 'everything'." He said rethorically.

"Yes boss." The guard answered Lando's question.

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Lando led Han and Chewbacca into a turbo-lift that zipped them down into he mining facility. When the lift stopped and the group disembarked, Han turned to Lando. "So what you up to this time?" Beside Han, Chewie echoed the question.

"Tibanna gas deposits amoung other things. I found that this planet actually has really high core pressure so diamonds too."

Han nodded. "Must fetch a fair price."

Lando smirked. "Yea! When the traders are fair." He led them to his office door. Lando opened the door and walked through and tripped over the fallen cabinet. Han, followed by Chewbacca were next, toppling over the completely visible cabinet. "Oops!"

Han picked himself up from the floor. "That was fun." He said as he brushed himself down.

Chewie picked Lando up by the throat. "Mrrrralhrrl."

"What?" Lando tried to break free.

Han turned to the pair. "Let him go, Chewie."

Chewbacca gave a big squeeze then let Lando drop. The dark skinned man gasped for breath.

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"C'mon Chewie, let give ourselves the tour." Han exited the room. Chewbacca growled one last time then followed the smuggler.

Lando managed his breathing and looked after the retreating hair bag. "Hey wait." He got up and ran after them, then slammed into the door as the wookie closed it in his face. He fell back, blood streaming from his upper face. He hit the ground unconscious.

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Han and Chewie gave themselves the tour and were just about to go down into the mining complex via freight lift when Lando finally fell upon them. "Hey! Furball are you crazy? Do you even know how much this suit cost me?!" As he ran at the decending lift, he forgot that there was no floor to stand on above Han and the wookie. Thus he fell down and toppled onto the decend-ees knocking both over.

Han grinned lopsidedly as he picked himself up. "Sure, you bought it for a discount at the Happy Imperial Snitch business-wear Outlet, for betraying us to Vader."

Lando winced. "Y;know I never really liked the color.., but thats besides the point, Vader got to me first, if I had known the full story I wouldn't have loaned him my Drink Cooler." He dusted himself down and looked at Chewie for a moment. "You're never going to let that slide are y-"

The wookie punched Lando in the face, with an enraged bark, sending the man sprawling into the lifts' gate. He said something to Han and then showed some teeth in what looked like a predatory smile. Han smiled too, in admiration at the wookie.

"I take it thats a no then," Lando pulled himself up and turned to face the two conspirators. The Wookie started grunting with laughter, and Han struggled to keep his face straight. "What?"

Han looked away.

"What, you two nerf-heads. Whats soo funny?!!" Lando demanded.

the guard from earlier fell down the lift shaft to land on Lando- see its a typo. After soughting out their bloodie noses and other injuries. the boss looked at the guard. "What the hell do you wanrt Nurfed?! No more Holo-Net access for you, you nearly killed me!"

Han and Chewie both burst out laughing uncontrollably.

Lando turned on them, rage clawing in his eyes. "Whats so FUNNY!!!!"

Han choked and cleared his throat, tears from laughing in his eyes. "Nurth-Head, the guards name is Nurf-head, hahahahahahaaa!!"

Another guard fell down the lift shaft.

"Do I not pay you enough for training?! What the hell is your problem!"

"I'm Sofuni, sir. You called for me!" The guard replied.

Han and Chewie had started rolling on the floor at this point and Lando flipped. He whipped out his blaster and shot the first guard. He crumpled down to the ground. "Am I surrounded by idiots!!!!"

Another person fell down the shaft.

"And who are you?"

"Byidiat. Sir."

Lando's eye twitched. And then he let loose a scream and began banging his head against the nearest solid object.

The guards watched Lando's head banging action with total oblivion. "So," Sofuni began, "why did you shoot our brother, sir?"

"He shot Nerfed?" Byidiat asked Sofuni.

Lando, his face a bloody mess paused. He wiped away the copper smelling liquid from his, uh, face and turned to the two as Han and Chewie stood up from their fits of laughter. Han snickered. "You sure picked a great family to buy into."

Lando glanced in Han's direstion. "Shut up. Before I take the Falcon back as quickly as I-wait. You three were brothers? Whats your family name."

Sofuni glanced at the body of Nerfed and gulped, "Assole, sir."

Han elbowed Chewie and whispered something to him when the tall hairy co-pilot leaned over.

Lando shot them a look of pure hatred. "I'm what?!"

Han grinned. "You're surrounded by ass'oles!" Chewie rumbled a question as the turbo-lift came to a halt.

"Uh, Chewie, I think Lando's in enough grief without you adding to his pain..." Han said to his flying partner. "I... oh. Lando he wants to use your face to try out his new fighting techinque."

Lando almost shouted. "NO!"

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