Sol Valentine's 'Love of The Sun' Poems, Quotes, and Talk

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Sol Valentine
Instead of making constant threads and cluttering the forums, I've decided to use this one as my center. Hope you enjoy it!

My first one from the previous thread:

Head in the Clouds
I've been noticing that you are a daydreamer
Dreaming of the higher order
Dreaming of things no one can comprehend
I'll share the laugh with you
For I have also dreampt of this
But in all seriousness, you must learn your roots
For those who have made it
Has forgotten us
Stay true to your Mind
Stay true to your Body
Stay true to your Soul
Stay true to your Heart
For an everlasting kingdom awaits you
Now remember what you have been taught
And fly to your clouds.
Do not thank me, thank yourself
For you have reached heights farther than the Heavens....

I'll have more soon!


i love the sun too, unless it burns me...

Sol Valentine
Here's another one I found:

Wounds Like The World...
I never knew pain
Until you showed me this world
This world we call home
This place called Earth

The scars I bear have no meaning like the scars of this world
And maybe even the next
So for all you may, make me bear more wounds
It wouldn't matter

Death is like life
Blinded from the truth
Deafened from the will
Parylyzed from freedom
Muted from speech

So kill me, you may find entertainment in it
But you will have your time
Because one death dosen't change the fact
That we're all gonna leave this world

So these scars I bear
The world has outdone me
So please go to the world
And help it instead of me.

I never knew pain
Until you made the fact matter to me
So now I will bear these scars
For the world.....

Sol Valentine
Bump. I have another poems.

I Am A Sin...

I am a sin
My heart is inverted
What you think good of this place
I think as reched
I am a sin
For now I have killed you.

Little child, let me tell you a story
Of how I sinned.
I have distaste for you, and wish for you to die.
And for your mother, sister, father, cousins, all of them.
Now go on and tell them of what I told you.
For you all will be on my blacklist.

I had a grandfather, who was crippled at birth
And I had the job to care him
But I left his abode
And him for dead
I returned, he was but a skeleton
And I spat on him and laughed.
Then burned his home.
I am a sin.

I have killed, maimed, and broken
Broke the souls of all, young and old.
Killed the bodies of those who oppose me.
Maimed the hearts of the sensitive.
So terefore I am a sin, and goodnight to your grave...

Neo Darkhalen
Very good Mr. Valentine, very good.

Sol Valentine
Another one:

Hmm, A Sad Case of the Sags?

They sag, don't they?
Shouldn't have done that.
You should've kept the natural balance.
But now they don't jiggle like jelly,
But sag like pudding.
Now when you grow old.
Die cold, and so very full of mold.
They'll wrinkle like your dead grandmother.
You're 23, and was so full of sex
But when guys look at you fter 'that'
They might have a better time with a 2-cent prostitute with yeast infection.
So sad, so sad.
Well, sucks to be you!

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