What was Dambledore's big plan?

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Sam Z
Ok, i've finished reading the book today. Don't be surprised that I'm so out of date, the book was only published 2 days ago in Russia. And there are still few things about it I don't understand.
Like what was Dambelodre's big plan when he wanted Harry to let Voldemort kill him? Did he expect that they both would die and so the Dark Lord would be completely destroyed? Or did he know that Harry will survive? Also, how the hell did Harry survive anyway? I know that Voldemort used his blood to recreate his body and I know that part of Voldemort's soul was in Harry since Voldemort tried to kill him the first time, also I know that Harry was the master of the wand at the time. Still, Voldemort hit him with "avada kedavra". So how did Harry come back? Or was it about the deathly hallows? The fact that he wanted to find them but not to use them for his own benefit?

So I'd appreciate if somebody helped me to understand these things... sad

We learned through the scene at King's Cross, and The Prince's Tale chapter, that Dumbledore thought, and was prepared for, Harry's death. He was surprised at the King's Cross because, while he knew that Voldemort and Harry had a connection that was very unusual, he thought that Voldemort would kill Harry, but then would die himself because of the bit of Harry's blood running through Voldemort's veins.

It was actually kind of the opposite. Harry couldn't die because part of his blood was still alive - in Voldemort. What Voldemort ended up killing was the bit of soul that he accidentally put in Harry on the night of Harry's parents' deaths, accidentally making Harry a Horcrux. Harry was able to survive the Avada Kedavra because it ended up killing the bit of Voldemort soul, and not Harry himself. Although, Dumbledore does give Harry a chance to "go on," which we can interpret as going on into the afterlife.

After Harry "came back," all the Crucios couldn't affect him, because he was the master of the Elder Wand, and Voldemort was using the Elder Wand to try and perform those curses on him. The Elder Wand recognized that it was being made to hurt its master, and so the spells did not work.

Also, Harry went into death willingly, he sacrificed himself for the fighters of Hogwarts, so after he "came back," none of them could be killed. It was similar to Lily's sacrifice for Harry - Harry sacrificed for all those people fighting against Voldemort.

This was my interpretation anyway, I think there are a few ways you can interpret those chapters. Hope I helped. smile

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