Underworld Beginning

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402 A.D.

Alexander Corvinus conquers much of southern Hungary...

410 A.D.

Corvinus and his army, ride to their home village in time to catch the first of his people to contract the plague...

411 A.D.

Corvinus alone survives the plague. He becomes aware that his senses are sharper, and reflexes faster. Something miraculous has transpired...

416 A.D.

Corvinus summons his men to him, and decides to conquer northern Hungary. He invades Buda, and is victorious...

432 A.D.

Corvinus marries, and has his first two of three children. They are twin boys which he names Marcus, and William...

455 A.D.

Marcus, William, and Alexander II are on a hunting trip. William tracks a wolf who is injured to it's den, and is mauled by the wolf. Marcus narrowly kills the wolf, and watches his brother writhe in agony. Marcus sends Alexander to fetch his father, as he will stay with his twin brother. William twitches in pain, and soon comes near death...

19 March 455 A.D.

It is the full moon, Marcus hears howling coming from his brothers room. He races down the hall only to find William in mid transformation into a pure snowy white wolf...

456 A.D.

Corvinus, and his two remaining sons hunt for William who has been on a blood hazed fury. They track him to a dense forest, where Marcus enters a cave full of vampire bats...

18 December 456 A.D.

Marcus attacks many in his village, draining them dry of their blood. He has not been seen in the sun for nearly four months. Marcus eventually learning that he has become a vampire, and that his own strength has increase, he sets out to find William. Corvinus fearing his last and youngest son would become a monster if left to go after his brothers, decides to shelter him from them, and forbids him to leave his side...

582 A.D.

Any attempt by Marcus to entrap his brother William is met with anger, William proves to be beyond his control. While in Moldova, Marcus visits the deathbed of a warlord named Viktor. He offers Viktor a chance at a new life, in exchange Viktor uses his army to help find his brother. Viktor is bitten by Marcus, and instantly turns to Marcus' first vampire creation. both Viktor and Marcus turn Viktors army, these first of all vampires are known to be the strongest...

602 A.D.

All attempts to find William are fruitless, as William has become adept at evading Marcus, Viktor and his army. Viktor suggests that he make another vampire who has resources as he does. Marcus turns Amelia, the daughter of a Romanian lord, and her army. Later in the year, Viktor suggests that the three of them should not be present at the time of Williams capture, for if they died at Williams hands, than who would lead the armies. Viktor has three sarcophagi made in his underground basement in his mansion in Hungary. Viktor has a special drug made that induces a coma, he persuades Marcus and Amelia he shall look for one hundred years for William, and gives his word to Marcus, William will be subdued, and not killed. But his brethren lycans shall not be so lucky. Marcus agrees, and he and Amelia enter hibernation. This is the beginning of the chain.

702 A.D.

Viktor awakens Amelia, and after her reconstitution he himself enters hibernation. Amelia upon receiving Viktors blood memories continues her search for William. She comes upon a village ravaged by William, and comes face to face with a gray lycan. Her power over the beast is shocking, she snaps his neck, and strikes his heart with her silver sword. Her quest for William must end, as her one hundred year reign is closing to a draw.

802 A.D.

Amelia awakens Marcus, and after his reconstitution, he learns of Viktors and Amelia's searching for William. Although angered that he was awaken last and not second, he never the less sets out at once to find William. In his reign, he has a castle built, something more suitable for Himself, and his two companions. Near the end of his reign, he finds a wondering family of fifteen, they ask him for his help, and although it has been many years since he has associated with humans, he gives them aid. When the family enters the now completed Castle Corvinus his sensed become alert to their strange scent. The death dealers are summoned, and take the family to the dungeons, where they are interrogated about why the smell of wolf. They succumb to interrogation and tell Marcus that the transform every full moon into hellish beasts, and that they could help protect them from invaders, if it came to be. Marcus denies them, and has the death dealers kill them.

902 A.D.

Marcus awakens Viktor, after reconstitution, Viktor asks why Marcus did not keep the helpless lycans in servitude. marcus replies that they cannot be trusted, and that ultimately they might turn on them if they were to become unhappy. marcus goes into hibernation, and Viktor sets out to find more of these creatures who can now apparently transform back into their human form. Viktor finds and captures some of these lycans, some refuse to be servants, and others to wild to control. Upon the servants, he comes across a baby, whom he entrusts to the already captured lycans to care for, this child is Lucian.
Viktor falls for a human woman from a nearby village. He is taken with the way in which she has no fear of him, upon his courting of her, he asks if she wants the gift of immortality. Accepting his offer, they wed, and and the night of their consummation, he turns her into a vampire. Later in the year, she would give birth to their daughter Sonja. With lycans now the day time guardians of the vampires, Viktor abandons his search for William, and installs rules to his new coven, and commands all immortals to recognize Himself, Marcus, and Amelia as the ruling Elders.

This is where our story takes place, with Amelia's awakening...

Viktor sits upon his colt charger horse, intent upon leaving Castle Corvinus for his mansion Ordoghaz. The journey will be a two night trip, as he and his vampire warriors, along with his wife and daughter, are unable to travel by day. Sonja sits with her father upon his horse, to others he may be a vampire Lord, but to her, he is daddy. She plays with his silver daggers, slicing the air with accute precision.

"My Lord, the way is clear, the lycan trackers have cleared the path, there are no humans present." said his loyal servant Soren.

Soren, who was rescued by Viktor while a slave to the Vikings, was offered immortality by the vampire Elder, in turn Soren would use his Irish contacts to start another coven in Ireland and Britain.

"Good Soren, now come and escort me and my wife to Ordoghaz." says the stoic demeanored vampire.

Soren nods his head in assent, and he and Viktor, along with his wife Devina(I can't remember her name in the book Blood Enemy) leave together on their journey. The lycans who accompany them ride on ahead, and sniff out any danger. Tonight is the night before the full moon, and the lycan servants are in an unrest. They always become restless this time of month, Viktor thinks to himself.

They ride for hours, Sonja falls asleep in her fathers horse, he admires the child's relaxed comfort. He won't rest untill Amelia's awakening, and at that time, he'll rest for two hundred years. He thinks to himself of how little time he has spent with his wife and daughter, who is only thirteen years old. He'll awaken to a fully grown daughter, and a to a wife he has spent hardly anytime with. These thought plague him, but he casts them aside, turning instead to the task at hand, he must stay alert, for if the humans from the nearby town become aware of them, then they are sure to be ambushed during the day, or maybe before they can ride to the safe house, a midpoint nest, safely disguised in the dense forest.

"My lord, we have come from searching the safe house, all is well, and we have set up defense around the perimeter." says the lycan known as Benjamin with head bowed in respect to Viktor.

"Now, make sure the entrapments in the forest hold, I don't want the humans to break through the defenses." orders Viktor.

"Yes mi-lord." acknowledges Benjamin.

The vampires enter the safe house, it is nearly sun up, and they will rest for the day, while the lycans stand guard around the house. Viktor sleeps with his wife and daughter in the bedroom under the house. Viktor himself suggested they design it this way, in order to keep the reigning Elder safe. Night comes swiftly, Viktor and the rest take flight and ride on to Ordoghaz, where the rest of the coven awaits them.

The lycans transform into their wolf form, and lead Viktor and his party through the forest, occasionally stoping to sniff the air. Near the end of the journey, the lycans sense a disturbance a ways off, Viktor commands them to come with him and his death dealers to see what it causing the commotion. All but two lycan leave with Viktor, only to stand guard for his wife and child.

Viktor and his guards come to a halt to see a dozen or so death dealers in battle with nearly four times as many humans. he sends the lycans into the Frey, and he himself leads the death dealers into the battle One of the humans see's Viktor coming and leaps at him with a broad ax. The ax misses Viktor, but injures his horse; Viktor, who is enraged to have been some what challenged by this human regains his composure, and battles with him. He forces the ax from his hands and picks the lowly human up with one hand, snaps his neck, and tosses him aside. Releasing his broad sword, Viktor rallies his troops, and together they converge on the humans.

"Spare none, and drink deep if you will, for tonight, I lift the ban on drinking human blood." cries Viktor.

Viktor and his army defeat the humans easily, allowing his men to drink from these wretched mortals, he satisfies himself with three of these human pests. Even the lycans are allowed to partake in the festivities. They eat the entrails, and drink the marrow from the bone.

After the defeat of the human annoyance, Viktor gathers his men, and sends for his wife and daughter, along with the rest of the party, to come to him. His wife and child join him in moments, and he spares his daughter the site of the bodies by telling her to turn away and walk around to the back of the outer rim of the gates to his mansion.

He and his family walk through the gate entrance and come face to face with his self appointed regent Kroi. He welcomes Viktor to his own house, saying all the things that he is supposed to say to an Elder. Viktor tells him that he will sleep tonight and prepare for Amelia's awakening tomorrow night.

to be continued...

Viktor summons his servants, has them prepare the boiling of the blood to reconstitute Amelia. Viktor himself is not ready to leave and slumber for two hundred years, but he himself devised this law, and he must obey. He thinks of the wife and child left behind, and how when he re-awakens she would be a woman. He would miss the opportunity to see her grow, but the thought of staying alive for eternity and being with his family will sustain him for his long sleep.

"My lord, the blood pool is ready, and the others gather in the main chambers for you." These words come to Viktor as if from afar.

"Good, I have a duty to ask of you Soren, while I'm in hibernation." Replies Viktor.

"Anything you ask, it will be done my lord!" Says the crafty vampire Soren.

"I'm putting you in charge of the safety of my wife and daughter, any harm come to them, I will hold you responsible." Viktors tone was if possible, more sad than angry, but Soren looks forward to serving his lord, and possibly gain favor with the vampire Elder.

"I will give my life for them my lord." Exclaims Soren.

Viktor is not entirely sure he believes Soren, but he would forfeit his life if anything happens to them.

Viktor leaves for the main chambers where the vampire delegation is convening, and begins to make the customary speech before each awakening.

"It has been two hundred years since Amelia has ruled the coven, now at the twilight hour, I will awaken her from her long sleep, and she will take her place as rightful ruling Elder for a century." Viktor finishes.

Viktor leads the vampire delegation to the basement, where they line up against the walls, and watch as Viktor stoops down, and puts his fingers into the three nooks in the A that is for Amelia. He turns the letter, and a clinking of metal and a system of machinery begin to unfold. The plate that was in place is now separated in four, and turns outward toward the inside of the hole. Up comes the coffin with Amelia resting inside, although she is quit beautiful, her appearance now if that of an emaciated corpse.

Viktor lowers the coffin onto its back. He pushes a lever near the middle of the coffin, and another chink of metal and machine pulleys is heard. Over where Amelia's mouth is settles a mouth guard, with two holes big enough to drop splashes of blood into her mouth. Viktor withdraws a pristine looking blade from his waist, and cuts his wrist. The others in the chamber immediately become aroused by the smell of an Elders blood. It is very intoxicating, and only the fear of Viktor keeps them in place. he places the slit wrist over an opening and the blood trails into the crevice and begins to fill the capsule over the mouth of Amelia. Viktor closes his eyes in concentration, to give a detailed record of his reign to Amelia. He allows his wrist to heal, and waits for Amelia to awaken. A few moments pass and then her eyes flutter open, he sees those green eyes, the only one of the Elders who has them. He has two vampire servants carry her coffin to the end of the chambers and wait for his instructions.

"And Amelia has been awakened. I will now convey a few words to her, and prepare for my entombment." Viktor says.

He turns to his wife and daughter, and tells them to wait for him in his quarters. He turns now to the back of the chambers, where the two vampire servants are waiting with Amelia. He unlocks the coffins sides and lifts Amelia out of the coffin, and places her into the boiling blood. Her body is like a sponge, absorbing nearly all the blood. After a few moments, she is able to speak.

"You have enslaved the beasts we seek to destroy?" She asks Viktor.

"Yes Amelia, I have. It is prudent that we make them our servants, for they can protect us during the day. And they can ensure that because they can fight when we can't." Viktor tells her, with a trace of impatience.

"Fine, but I do not trust the beasts, and I do not think they will ever fully trust us." Amelia exclaims.

Viktor nods, and leaves her to reconstitute. He walks through his house, and sorrow fills him, he doesn't know why, but he feels as if he won't see his darling wife and daughter again. He enters his room, and hugs his daughter, who has just run up to him. Words cannot express his sadness at this last meeting. He tells his family he loves them, and then leaves them to enter hibernation. He still hears Sonja crying as he allows himself to be drugged, and put into a coma.

Amelia comes to sit on the throne in the Elders chamber, and watches as Soren and Janus put Viktor into his own tomb. There is something oddly pleasurable in watching this. She doesn't know why, but she knows that as long as Viktor is ruling, her and Marcus are always second. She has another blood boil prepared, she now almost resembles her former beauty, maybe only a day is left before she fully reconstitutes.

To Be Continued.

Amelia walks to her own bed chambers. Now fully revived from her awakening, she sets out a marvelous dress to wear on her ride back to Castle Corvinus. Although she is unafraid of the mortal pests that hinder her and the coven, she know that there numbers more than make up for their lack of strength against the vampires.

Amelia makes it her first priority once back at the castle, is to set out a watch, and keep a close eye upon Viktors wife. She knows that if anything were to happen to her, that Viktor would be most displeased. The journey back to the castle goes on without a hitch. As Amelia herself settles in, she wonders why the attempt to find William has been stopped, as she sifts through the memories of both Marcus and Viktor, she knows that there are some ares of memory that have been hidden, especially in Viktors memories.

As she contemplates her 100 year reign, she can't help but think that her love, her paramour, Koranus, is still out on a mission set forth by Viktor, over 2 years ago, surely he should have found evidence of these new breed of lycans that can transform back into there human form. The nights go by, and finally her vampire lover returns with news and a small company of fresh lycan servants. Although she is the ruling Elder, she doesn't lose her composer, she gives him a loving look, and then welcomes him back to the coven.

"You've been gone along time Koranus, where have you been to?" asks Amelia.
"Forgive me my lady. But we have searched nearly all of southern Europe in finding these lycans, and on tracking any whereabouts of William." Koranus replies.
"I thought William was an abandon cause for now?"
"It is, but Viktor said that if we were to come upon any lycan that is transformed out of the moon cycle, than track any leads if we can."

She dismisses him and the rest of the death dealers to find rest, and has the lycans brought to the dungeons for assortment. She sends for Koranus to meet her in her quarters, she thinks of the first time she met him, he was one of Viktors warriors turned immortal when Viktor was turned in the late 500's. Although he is older, she has the power of an Elder, and he does not. This somehow has always troubled her, but in her experience, those turned by Marcus, the first of all vampires, usually turn out stronger, as is the case with Viktor, and her. Koranus meets Amelia, and after a brief summarizing of his journey, the embrace. She gives him her vampiric kiss, and as she bites down into his flesh, cold vampiric blood rushes into her mouth, and down her throat. A stream of memories flood through her, and although some are familiar, others are new. She pulls out of the embrace, and gives him a questioning look.

"What is it my lady?"
"You married, and had kids while I was asleep."
"They were killed while attacking lycans surrounded our village."
"Yes, I know, but why have you come here tonight, if you were married?"
"I have sorely missed you, and our time together my lady, my family died last century, I've had time to grieve for them."

Koranus leaves the room, and Amelia is left wondering if immortality is suitable for Koranus.

to be continued.....

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