AWE Bloopers !

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Around 5mn30 of pure happiness ! Enjoy !

yay, blooper, I love it

Tramps Lady
*u cant curse in a disney film mate* then the big grin he gives...

*bugger, thats powerful* lol


Best blooper reel yet!

brilliant!!!! big grin big grinbig grin

AHHHH!!! I LOVE IT!!! smile

lol...woopsie!! I Didnt see this thread before i posted the other one!! Forgive me kiddies!

To Freedom
I like the scenes of their hats flying off. But the bloopers aren't as funny as DMC or COTBP. Where the hell are Sparrabeth bloopers?

I don't know if I've ever seen a sparrabeth blooper. Maybe they're too professional when they're with each other.

hahaha... or they'd like us to think so. wink

lol, I bet Johnny tries to mess her up a lot like she messes up Jack Davenport.

(Brethren court scene)

Keira: Elizabeth Swann

(The actors say their lines)

Johnny: Captain America.

Keira: What? You're supposed to...

Johnny: Script change. They said your acting wasn't up to the task of Pirate King.

Keira: What? Those man-whores! (storms off)

Johnny: (to Geoffrey) This is going to be funny.

Geoffrey: I'll make popcorn.

hahahaha oh gee... you know what? i'll be interested to hear the actors' commentary on AWE. maybe we'll get some clarity of intention of certain actors, ya know what i mean?

I can't wait for the dvd just to watch it with commentary.

T&T: In this scene, we actually wrote a hard core sex scene between Will and Elizabeth to show they had some chemistry. However, Disney said they could reference sex as much as they wanted in the animated movies like Hunchback of Notre Dame, but it was basically forbidden in live action. Bad enough we showed drinking and bare shoulders, they said. So we came up with this knee scene. Orlando and Keira weren't crazy about it. They said it was contrived and anticlimactic, but they're just kids and don't know anything.

hahahaha spot on!!!

JCapt Jaeh_K.S
we have two threads on this?

lol to willo's post!*again*

willo, you have to share your funny genius to the whole world.. is there anyway you could actually share it? maybe blog it somehow? stick out tongue

yes, there is never enough of bloopers, is it? wink

OMG willo! You should be a comic writer. It seems you can make everything funny. LOL to both the Keira/Johnny blooper and the T&T commentary.

I can't wait for the commantaries...I hope we have a T&T commentary as well as some others. Keira and Jack Davenport were awesome...and Johnny perhaps? I can't wait to see!

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