starship troopers(hosted)

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okay everyone im new to these here forums but i want to host something so i made this up first make a bio. example

name: colonal fenix

Appearance: tan skin, thick armor




equipment(only 4 things,you are given rations and a cam radio): automatic lancer,two frags,one revolver pistol and a disk nade(sticks to things)
quick bio:
(this is my character btw)
also we are obviously fighting the bug creatures from the movie if someone can name them id like that and i want at least 5 people to be with me you can join at anytime you want but try to work yourself in
so someone sign on b4 this dies. Happy Dance

Before you are allowed to make a thread for the RP, you have to post your idea in this thread:

Once Ushgarak says you have permission to make this, then you can make a thread about this.

oh okay thanks i dont want to get in trouble already

Dan Westfall
If this does get accepted im interested.

This will be my bio.
Name: Dan Westfall

Rank: Sgt. Major

Age: 29

Appearance: Scruffy looking young man with an brisk shave, pink colored american skin, brown hair, green eyes

Field: Tac. Ops.

Personality: Goof most of the time

Equipment: I would like to trade my lancer for a shotgun or a High Cal. Sniper if thats ok.

BTW, they didn't go into to much detail about the bugs but here they are and here is a basic outline of what they do. (I have a nik name for most.)

Arachnid-The soldier and core part of the bug forces. Uses its powerful jaw and pointy mandibles to literally tear apart enemies.

Wasp(Nik)-A horrifying flying tyrant that uses its wings and legs as lethal wpns.

Beetle(Nik)-Brain Bugs personal support bug(also valuable fodder on the field)

Fire Giant(Nik)-A gigantic bug that shoots a liquid fire/plasma substance from its head. Small arms fire is very ineffective.

Brain Bug-A fat nasty looking creature that sucks the life and information out of somebody from their brain.

If you haven't seen Starship Troopers 2, there is a new bug in that
resembles an ant, and produces larvae that basically assimilate/take control of a human host and use it to steathely deceive and kill other non-infested humans.

Sorry if this was unnecessary.

This thread's been dead for over 5 months.

Dan Westfall
I didnt notice

Dan Westfall
I seem to be a failure at noticing things lol

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.