Matrix 4-The Super Matrix:Now In True Screenplay Format

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Hi all,

For anyone who's interested, I've just posted a version of Matrix 4- The Super Matrix that is now in "official screenplay format". I made this new version because so many people complained that the screenplay wasn't following the guidelines of the screen writer's industry. Enough of you were put off to the point of not reading it because of the formatting. Couldn't have that!

So here it is. You can download it from The old version is still on my site, too, for those of you who prefer it.

For those who didn't read the earlier thread, Matrix 4- The Super Matrix is a completely new extension of the Matrix Trilogy and a bit of a mind bender, if I do say so myself. The story paints a picture of what might have happened before The Matrix and after The Matrix Revolutions; sort of a prequel/sequel, I guess.

And, as always, please, please come back here and let me know what you think of it. I need the feedback.

Thanks, PD Wood

For interested readers,

I've finally got a high profile Hollywood actor reading this script. Could be a foot in the door. Who knows.

PD Wood

Note: The Hollywood possibility has stalled but a graphic novel is being considered by a publishing company. The next best thing to a movie, I guess. Could be very cool.

Please for the love of the gods please dont let this be true.

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Pig Newtons
Please tell me that the "high profile Hollywood Actor" is NOT Eddie Murphy or Nicolas Cage.

FistOfThe North
the matrix 4 coming staright to dvd. brought to you by gordons fish sticks. trust the gordons fisher man...

Matrix - The musical.

Justin Bieber as Neo.
Lil Wayne as Morpheus.
Rebecca Black as Trinity.
Zac Efron as Smith.
With special guest Vanessa Hutchens as the Oracle.
And Willow Smith as Niobe.

Produced by Joey Silver.
Directed by Barack Obama.

For anyone who's curious: I received a warning from the Sophia Stewart camp that my Matrix Resurrected website and my 4th Matrix script infringes on their Matrix rights. They said that the 4th Matrix is in production and that my site will need to be taken down. No legal action has been taken, but it's an interesting development. Perhaps there is a real fourth Matrix in the works.

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