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Lovethemtigers is always posting beautiful screencaps in the Sparrabeth thread, so I thought it might be fun to have her post them here, and then we can narrate what we think is happening (outside of what we know is actually happening...) smile

So I'll start with this pic, which we've been discussing...

Originally posted by lovethemtigers

(Just imagine this is what is in the thought bubble over each characters' head)

Jack: They may be small, but they were worth the wait...

Will: What was Geoffrey saying about always being in the left of the shot?

Elizabeth: Jack, normally I wouldn't have a problem with this, but my pissed off fiance is standing right there...

Tia: If I were white and weighed 90 pounds, would you look at me with that smoldering intensity?

Ragetti: Why does Jack always get to feel up the women?

Random Asian Dudes: I'm always amazed at our ability to wear twenty pounds of Asian armor in the Caribbean heat...

lol! How did you find the screencaps? I thought they were taken off.

yeah i can't find them anywhere... but Lovethemtigers always seems to be able to! smile

Minie Mina
I have some screencaps! It's a bit illegal but, I have 'em.

Tramps Lady

Barbossa: Jack, stop pretending to be the Terminator

Jack: I'm not! i just have, dont worry

Liz: Well, Barbossa, tell the monkey to shut up!

(thats was bad:P)

Sao Feng: Beckett, go away, your ruining my spotlight!

Barbossa: I wanted to be on the left side of the screen!!

Jack: worked...i did make you a eunich!!!'s_End/2007_potc_at_worlds_end_026.jpg

Liz: So your telling me...barbossa and the monkey have something goin' on?

Jack: Thats exactly it, luv

Barbossa: What are you talkin' about...i wanna know!!! I'm sooo alone, theres no1 here beside problems have all gone, theres no on to deride meeeebig grin

hahahahaha love it

Tramps Lady
well i just thought id wrote the last one, then looking at the picture, the monkeys looking at barbossa

okie ya go...let's translate this screencap....

Barbossa: Why am I always stuck between these two gorgeous creatures......hey, I could be the meat in the sandwich! Wait, is that Jack's chest showing.
Jack: I am trying to keep me mind on the Pirate Brethren but the fact that the hot Pirate lady is only a few short distance away is making it very hard to concentrate...and why is Barboosa always around! You think leaving one more button open can seduce the lovely Lizzy into my cabin next time we are aboard the Pearl....i sure hope Barbossa isn't around for that!
Liz: I just can't stop looking at Jack, he's just so yummy and gorgeous..I think sending him to his death to be eaten by the Kracken made him even more desirable than before, if that is possible.....damn Why is Barbossa always around when I want to be alone with Jack Sparrow, it's really starting to get tiresome! Is it me or is Jack showing his chest a little more...if only I could reach out and touch his lovely chest!

Tramps Lady
lmaobig grin


HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Love it, tigers!!


Barbossa: How's my stoic profile look? Do you think they will notice how handsome I am despite the fact that I am once again caught between the two damn gorgeous people in this stupid trilogy! At least I will get a big paycheck when this is all over. I wonder If the Monkey is a bonus, because I've got kind of use to the little fellow glued to my shoulder like a permanent ornament.

Jack: Okay, I'm standing her only a few feet away, yet again, from the gorgeous Pirate Lady..make that Pirate King, thanks to me, and I'm trying very hard not to look her way. Mr. Gibbs will never let me hear the end of it. Maybe I could just take a quick glance. Why do I feel on fire, is she looking at me? That woman can't seem to take her eyes off me. I'd like to get a lot more than my eyes on her! Did I just say that out loud? And bloody hell, Barboosa is still around. Will I ever get to have a moment alone with Lizzy without that mutinous goat around?

Liz: How in the world, seriously, how in the world can one man be so gorgeous? I know, I know, I'm looking at him yet again, But can anyone blame me? Look at him. And guess what, just my luck stupid Ted and Terry made me marry that Whelp when I could be with this sexy pirate. Did they honestly think the women of the world would fall for this. What woman in her right mind would choose to spend her life with boring old Will Turner when she could be with Sexy Gorgeous Captain Jack Sparrow. And why in the heck is Barboosa always in my way!

Gibbs: Jack hold steady, keep looking forward, don't look at that woman. I told you women are nothing but trouble. Look what's happen to you. You let yourself get taken in by the Kracken all for the kiss of that woman. Wait, I wonder if we could somehow get her to kiss Barbossa, maybe we could get rid of him for once and for all. Everyone that woman kisses results in death!

Mr. Cotton: Why am I in this scene?

Mr. Cotton's Parrot: I wish just once that the monkey would look my way. And why don't these two just get over themselves and throw the script to the wind and go off and have hot passionate sex on the beach...before she goes off and does something stupid, like have sex on the beach with that whelpy boy that is now Slimy Git, II.

Jack the Monkey: Is it me or is that woman the hottest thing to ever walk the face of this earth. No wonder every man in this movie has at one time or another been in love with her. Do you think she is looking at me? Do you think the world would go crazy for Monkeybeth?

Here someone translate these.....

Lol, these translations are so good!

Last picture with Jack and Gibbs off to the left:

Gibbs: I brought you all these suitors to choose from.

Jack: I'll take the one in front of the guy with the pointy hat.

Gibbs: Sorry, didn't hear that. I think I just passed a kidney stone.

lol, Monkeybeth

lol stick out tongue

The next to last one...

Lizzie: How am I supposed to concentrate and look tough when he's got that long, beautiful finger in his luscious mouth? He just looks so hot....I can't do anything but stare at it....*stares*

Jack: Whew, Lizzie is checking me out...*smirk*...I hope I don't have any of my Sailor Spinach in me teeth...

Tramps Lady
The second one^^^^

Liz: Are you telling me, to go live with that whelp?

Jack: No im telling you to KILL the whelp, or make him run away screaming like a little girl

Liz: Must I?

Jack: Yupbig grin

Liz: Okay, but in 10 minutes, ill be in your cabin with a dress or nothing

Jack: And i shall b in there with no dress at allwink

thats really bad:P

LMAO... you guys, these are hysterical. I loved the bit about the kidney stone. hahahaha.

Jack: I'm sorry, Lizzie. Your personal hygiene has slipped below acceptable standards. Go see Scarlet for some Orbit and then we'll talk.

Jack: I thought I told you not to come without 3 pints of rum and a naked blonde.

Gibbs: Lizzie's outfit is just velcro down the back.

Jack: Ahhh....

That Picture, alternate:

Jack: Is it just me, or did Barbossa come back looking 10 years younger... and 10 times hotter?

Gibbs: I'm afraid he's hopelessly in love with a different Jack.

Another alternate:

Jack: I'm sorry... I thought this was Pirates of the Caribbean. Did it turn into Pirates of the Asian Pacific during my absence?

Gibbs: Well, we had a brief stint where we thought it was going to be "Pirates of the Irish Coast", but then the writers realized everyone looked rot in green.

Another alternate:

Jack: Do you think I have time to build one more sandcastle before we leave?

Originally posted by lovethemtigers
Heres some, tanslate these...

Barbossa: did he just say what I think he just said?

Liz: I'm sorry, i cant answer still in a state of shock...

Jack: What? Can I help it if i actually LIKE this movie???

wink for you, tigers

Originally posted by lovethemtigers
Here someone translate these.....

Jack: Do you know what I know?

Liz: That you know what I know?

Jack: Why? What do you know?

Liz: Well, what do you know?

Jack: I cant tell you what i know until i find out what you know...savvy?

Liz: But i cant tell you what i know because i dont know what you know and therefore if we both know different things then its just gonna make things more complicated.

Jack: Fine. What were we talking about again?

Liz: I'm not sure.

Jack: Have I told you that your hat looks like a tea-cozey?

Liz: Give it a rest.

lol! That's my favorite so far, T. Maria! Tea cozy...I love it!

Tramps Lady
!!!!!thats sooooo bloody funny!


Barbossa: Now, this puts us in the position of having to accept Gore's terms, or he'll put the scene with the parachute back in.

Will: Where did we land on the wedding in the rain?

Jack: This isn't the notebook, you twerp.

Tia: If the chia-pet Tia scene isn't cut, I will streak at the premier.

Pintel: Tis the season to be jolly...

Ragetti: Fa-la-la-la....

Sao: Your shoulders are incredibly tense. You want I should massage them?

Bootstrap: Proactive! It's the only acne treatment out there Guaranteed to clear up your skin, or your money back!

Tia: If I stare into the sun for 15 more minutes, I will finally go blind and never have to blink again...

Will: Um... I don't know how to tell you this... but you have a dead bird in your hair.

Jack: So then I says to Gore, those aren't fur coats, those are the writers!!

Scarlett: Do you think this hair color is too subtle for a disney-fied whore?

Giselle: New Orbit Oceanbreeze! For all your pirate-kissing needs!

Sao: I'll give you ten dollars if you can prove to me you are actually a girl.

Elizabeth: I'll give you ten dollars if you just keep Will in that bathtub for the rest of the film...


James: Now we're both wearing tablecloths... it's like we're meant to be!

Elizabeth: I know my kisses bring death, but how can I resist a man wearing that much white fluff?

Jerry: I know we had to go with the other ending, but I snuck an extra $10,000 into the budget to film the ending Keira wanted on the side. We can sell it in five years to fans... it'll make a killing.

Jack: I don't know how I feel about full-frontal nudity...

Gore: This is all wrong!!! I said I wanted POSEIDON to magically come out of the sea and grow... not Naomie!!!

Barbossa: She does look a tad frightening...

Jack: (snore) wake me up when Gore takes off that disgusting wind breaker...

Jack: I don't know how to put this, but Barbossa's fly is unzipped.

Elizabeth: Jack, this is the third time you've tried to get me to look down there. I'm not going to.

Jack: What if I told you my fly was unzipped?

Barbossa: Should I tell Lizzie she forgot to put on her bra?

Tramps Lady
oh, dammit, im at my mums, and her comps blocked all pictures, dammit, i cant laugh todaysad

its ok tramps...i cant see them either sad

Originally posted by lovethemtigers
Here someone translate these.....

JacK: Lizzie! For the love of god! What have I told you about flashing me in public?!

Lizzie: It never bothered you when we were trapped on that island...

Jack: Yes, well ... desperate times usually call for desperate measures...

Tramps Lady
lmao:P that one i could see:P

LMAO! More! I demand it be so!

i'm sorry you guys can't see the pics I was using... here is the website, lots of good ones...

not from awe, but still a classic:

Elizabeth: So many men, so little time...

Tramps Lady

I love this promo, but why is Jack so back?


Elizabeth: You tell it like it is, Cueball.

Sao: *snaps fingers* Oh no you didn't!

Elizabeth: Pirate!

Sao: Transvestite!

Elizabeth: Bubble bath taker!

Sao: *grumble*

Background Pirate: Heh, she's hot.

Sao: You were right all along, Jack old friend. I *am* special. *happy grin*

Will: Jack! Wait up!

Jack: Wha?

Will: I finally recognized all the signs, the feelings I could pick up. *Waves hands about*

Jack: *looks confused*

Will: I broke my engagement with Elizabeth.

Jack: *brightens* Oh, so you've finally seen the light then. I suppose she's ripe for me picking so to speak, eh?

Will: I think I love you.

Jack: WTH?

Sao: Welcome to Big Poppa Sao's Pimpin' House. We've got Strumpets, Green Tea and even Sprinkles the Clown! For shizzle that izzle, word!

Strumpets: Uh...

Sao: You want summa this? Huh? Don't make me come over there, woman, I get ta whooping on botha ya'll. Mmmmmhmmm.

Elizabeth: That was just plain disgusting.

Barbossa: Don't go all high and mighty on me, missy. There is a thing called "knocking" you know.

Elizabeth: On the galley door?

Barbossa: Why not? Give a man a bit of privacy it does.

Elizabeth: *shrieks* You have a cabin! there!

Barbossa: *mumbles* Jack said that would work....

Err...probably horrible, but I tried. Great job on all the translations, girls! I was ROFL stick out tongue

Tramps Lady

"Will: I think I love you."

"Sao: You want summa this? Huh? Don't make me come over there, woman, I get ta whooping on botha ya'll. Mmmmmhmmm."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh gee LOVE IT!!!! smile THose were fantastic.


Will: I don't know why Barbossa thinks this is gross. I'd watch Jack and Beckett kiss any day.

Tia: I want you to draw me like one of your French girls wearing this (indicates her locket)

Will: Ok.

Tia: Wearing ONLY this.

(Will looks pleased and shocked)

And the last one...

Elizabeth: Are you going to make me just stand here and wait?

Norrington: Wait for what?

(Elizabeth gives him a knowing look)

Norrington: Ohhhhh.

my computer won't let me see the link, says it's Forbidden? I must have some kind of blockage on my computer...we just switched internet service, maybe I need to check into that....

I have same problem as LTT

me too... but i like the translations! smile

Yeah, I can't see the images either sad

Aw, Kate, what's up with it? It's Kate's link and I clicked on individual pictures. Don't know any more than that.

Sorry... no one could see my pictures when I posted them off that link either. Weird. And a shame, since that site has such great pictures.

maybe pull the images onto your desktop and load them on


Will: Anybody else think we should have packed some food or some water?

Gibbs: Ooh, yeah. That would have been a good idea.

Jack: Done thinking about Will?

Elizabeth: Will? Will who?

Elizabeth: So...seeing anyone?

James: Well, I was briefly engaged to this girl, but she decided at a hanging of all places she'd publicly dump me for a skinnier, poorer kid with buckled shoes!

James: It's, it's...

Elizabeth: Covered in dog crap!

Jack: Okay, well, one of you can deal with that. Captains never touch dog crap.

lol love that last one!

HAHA!! Hilarious you guys....I love it.


Elizabeth: Okay, guys. All we have to do know is hose this b*tch off and get her to Sea World.

Great thread love the pictures

Lmao!!!!! laughing out loud

J.P Jaeh_Poole
ROFL! laughing


Will: Jeez, talk about making a scene.

Tia: What'd I miss?

Jack: Did somebody say the monkey would die?

Elizabeth: (snort) Did he just say "cuddlefish?"

Teague: And you're going to stand in that corner until you learn your lesson!

Jack: (does angry kid stomp) All I said is that the Code is stupid.

Giselle: "Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End" rated G? Is that what that says?

Jack: That can't be right.

Scarlet: I guess this is a bad time to mention the herpes.

Junior: Stardom here I come!!!

ROTFLMAO!!! laughing

They are all hilarious but the 2nd one killed me....lmao!!!

J.P Jaeh_Poole
ROFLROFL to them all!

I love the 1st, the 2nd and the 5th- too funny! ROFL!

Bwa Ha Ha
We need more!

I have some! I'm not really good at this sort of thing, so I'm sorry if they're stupid. embarrasment

Barbossa: I HAS A CHICKEN!!

Jack: Mr. Goat.....I want your ears.

Jack: If I pull one nostril up just so, and I squint my left eye at just the right angle, then maybe I can tell which way the wind is blowing......Nope. I'm getting nothin'.

Lizzy: * jumps at the opportunity and stabs Will*

Ha ha ha! That last one was perfect! You guys apologize too much. Just go with what you write, no regrets. Everyone here has such a great sense of humor. It kicks ass and takes names.

dis sux

Remember go to edit options and choose edit ignore list if you aren't pleased by the post--that way you can skip the unfortunate

Bwa Ha Ha
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