The GLA vs Darth Vader

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The Great Lakes Avengers (Marvel) vs Darth Vader (Star Wars comics version)

"Aw, does the baby hurt?" Deadpool said pulling out his gun. " Here, let me make it go away." He said shooting the Predator in the head."That was cool!" Seeing the Predator's head Blowing up and blood flying everywhere, covering the team in blood. " How is that cool?' Big Bertha said wiping off the blood off herself. OK,I just called the Mounties,they are on there way. Said Mr.I. " So Deadpool, you should go hide in the Quinjetta seeing how they have a warrant for your crimes here." He said. " Why did you tell him to hide, we could have kicked him out of the team." Said Flatman. " The goverment said we have to keep him safe." Said Mr.I " Get going Deadpool, before the Mounties get here!" Said Mr.I Pushing Deadpool torwards the Quinjetta. "Ok, Im going, gosh, I feel like you guy want to kick me out of the team or something." He said lowering his head and walking to the car.

" I can't believe we spent to hour talking to the Mounties." Said Hawkeye. " I, know it was long but we did the right thing," Said Mr.I. "Lets just go home, I'm ready for a long nap." Said Doorman stretching out his legs. " Deadpool, you can go to the plain now, we are leaving." Said Mr.I. " Hold on, I'm on my 10th game of solitaire.Deadpool said. Get off my lab top!" Sceamed Big Bertha, pulling the computer from him. Well well, somebody has a temper!" Deadpool said. " Chill you too." Said Hawkeye Holding Bertha back. " Hold on, he raido says that a space ship crashed in Madison." Said Mr.I. Ok then, what are we waiting for?" Asked Hawkeye." Lets get going!" He said.

" Did they say there was any aliens in the ship?" Asked Squirrel Girl from the raido on the Squirrle- A-Gig. " No but we have to come in thing that there could be." Said Mr.I" Hopefully it another Predator." Hawkeye said. Yeah, But I don't think so, take a look." Said Doorman. "

"Tell me...were are the Rebels!" Vader said force choking a random man. "I Don't know what you are talking about" The Man said. " Lair!" Vader Said throwing the Man into a wall." That's not very nice,rob freak!" Said Hawkeye."Fools!"Do you now who you are messing with?"I am Vader!" He Said. " Well, I guess you don't know who we are." We are the Great Lake Avengers and You are going down!" Said Mr.I


Vader has His light saber.

The GLA Has The Squirrel-A-Gig, The Quinjetta, and the tie fighter's weponds only.

Vader. Easy. no expression

Squirrel Girl?

Doom is what Vader wishes he could be. Getting beaten by Squirrel Girl would be Vader's highest feat to date.

laughing Brilliant opening. Though, knowing Deadpool, he'd make a Star Wars joke. GLA take this due to Squirrel Girl.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.