Fourth Official KMC Poetry Contest

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lil bitchiness
Hello all and welcome to our Fourth Official KMC Poetry Contest.

Here are the few simple rules, we ask you to follow

- The theme for this contest is ''Modern Life''. Anything that might fall under this category you may write a poem about.

- The poem has to be no more than 30 lines long.

- Obviously, please make sure that you follow the basic KMC rules. Please no obscenity, vulgarity or anything else which overrides the general norms of civility.

- Closing date for this competition is 15th of December 2007, which gives you guys 3 weeks to complete and submit the poem.

- The submission of poems will be done via PM to me. I will then post them anonymously into this thread, so that judges will not know who's written which poem till the final decision has been made, to remove the bias.

Remeber guys, the competition will last for 3 weeks, so take your time, as we will be accepting only single entries.

Good luck everyone.

lil bitchiness

lil bitchiness

Labyrinthine circuit boards govern us,
Like some stringless Theseus,
Lost in progress, springing forward
While losing ground to a world unwanted.
Closing with us, the Minotaur of the Modern,
Horned and merciless, deliberately redundant,
Demanding more and more the flesh of the new:
Newer not better,
Wanted, not Loved.

lil bitchiness

Silence fills our conversations.
We no longer exchange words,
Fleeing moments pass unwanted.
Gazes no longer meet thirsty eyes.
Souls no longer yearn for souls.
Barren are our bodies devoid of one another.
Empty is our love without affection.
To look back on history and see ourselves,
Though opposing ends that struggled amongst themselves,
Existed an irrefutable connection; now severed.
To what end do we meet this disconnection?
Why have we exiled ourselves from each other?
What have we to gain from our separation?
What do we accomplish in our parting?
A starless sky holds more light then our cities.
A new moon is fuller then our stomachs.
We love and hate our own,
We are nothing free from each other.
Nature flinches in our division.
Watching us sadly wither away into oblivion,
Hoping for one humble moment,
That we might incline our heads and say hello.

lil bitchiness
I need this
I want that
The newest gadget
The newest gismo
I need this
I want that
A bugger car
A bigger house
I need this
I want that
Name brand clothes
Name brand shoes
I need this
I want that
We are all guilty
Peering out our windows at what others got
No matter what you need
No matter what you want
We always need
And always want more

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