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My poetry got better.
Well thats what i been told.
Camille lynn

Roses are red
Vilets are blue
And i soon feel in love with you.
I love you so
Do you love me.
This love proble can't be.
From sunrise to sunset i will oways love you.
Through the rain and the heat, youll be with me.
In the fights and the words.
Well still be in love.
This was proble neaver ment to be.
We messed up gods plans.
And we made are own.
Where going to show god every thing we can be
Because i love you and you love me.
Forever we will be .
And you and me.
Are going to last babe.
Just give it a chance.
Because you mean so much to me.

My heart.
By camille lynn

My heart is brakeing.
I gess it is done.
These words are hard to say ,when they fill my lungs.
The thoughts of you.
Make me sad.
The days with you,will not last.
I might not make sence.
But i got a reson why.
My heart is brakeing.
And soon i will die.
Heaven is is the goal.
And my life is just something that will be gone.
My past is the past.
And im waiting for a inventcher.
My love for you seems to go.
Like the sesons of spring,summer,winter and fall.
My life is falling into pecies.
And i know thats not all.
My friends are far away.
And they soon wount call.
They days are going.
My life is moveing.
And my thoughts of you are going away.
And soon my heart will heal
And one day i can be the same.
But until then.
You seem ok .
That you left me to bleed.
You left me to cry.
But soon im going to be strong.
Im going to move on.
I might not make sence.
My heart is brakeing,
And your playing games.
Games i know that arnt fair to us.
They way you who you are.
That made my heart brake.
But it will soon be stiched.
And it will be done.

This one is kind of my old one,i was slightly depressed and thought of my emo friend so i wrote this.

Behind the crimson door
Camille lynn

She lays on the floor.
Behind this crimson door
To hide this pain she locks the door.
She cuts deeper and deeper.
Her fears are comeing undone.
No one will help her.
So she is left in fear,
To cry and weep.
With out any ones help.
She learns to live with her suiced thoughts.

Will some one help her.
Shes laying on the floor.
cold and aloun .
And her heart is brakeing.
With ever passing momment.
Why wount this crimson door help?
It shuts the world away.
And it hides her pain.

Her eyes gone black.
Her bloods on the floor.
Her lungs filled in with lies.
And her skin gone white.

The shadows in the room keep her alive.
But there eating away at her.
A glance of light makes her hide away.
She is scared to move.
Thinking it will cause more pain.
When the fact is shes the one causeing the pain

Days grow by and her heart slowly dies.
She gasps for air.
But soon she slowly dies.

Here lay a beutiful dead girl,
Who lost all hope at the age of 9.

By camille lynn

Takeing back my life.
You once stolen.
Im taking back my heart.
That you have broken.
Im taking back my love.
You stolen.
You made me cry.
You made me bleed.
You made me into something i cant stand to see.
I loved you once.
But you just used me.
You hurt me once.
And you hurt me twise.
I should of learned not to beleave your lies.
You left me once.
For me to carry on by my own.
Then one day you came back.
Trying to fix what you destroyed.
you played you little game.
Trying to hurt me.
Congradulations you won.

i love it Camille ^-^

Gloomy Ninja
Ocean waves.

Listening to the waves,they speak the truth.
Biting my lips that that once was sealed.
Hiding my heart thats wants to heal.
Trying to move on but im stuck here.
Left on the shore,where we crashed.
You probable don't understand this,
You probably don't care,thats why you left.
With out any tears.
The summer nights,the midnight drives.
The smokey air,filled are lungs.
Holding close,like i was stuck.
We took the waves we meet up on the shore,together agen,got me sprung.
But we took a turn some where it shouldn't.
Are love crashed.
And now since where gone.
I learn how to grow.
Im stronger now,i beet you are too.
No more tears,and all my fears are gone.
The ocean waves crash at my feet and the sunsets comes.
Now since the day is gone,this seems like a new yer.
New life goals,and your not the one.

post them in the poetry forum stick out tongue

Gloomy Ninja
Sorry must of hit the wrong form and posted this thread,sorry.

Originally posted by Gloomy Ninja
Sorry must of hit the wrong form and posted this thread,sorry.

It's all goodwink

your stuff is great anyways smile

Gloomy Ninja
Thank you =]

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