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this is a character i kinda made i hope

Name: tishibi uchia
Age: 17
Gender: male
Village of Origin: Hi no Kuni
Affiliated with: itachi and sasori
Rank (last known): sanin/anbu leader
Status (current): akatsuki
Current Health: alive
Current Team: mystery
Previous Team(s): hikaru (his son) like naruto/jiraya
bjuu: (custom) horosage the ten tailed dragon
Personality: a silent shinobi with the manekyo sharingan known on the most wanted #1
history: he was belived to be killed by itachi but he hid him self to pervent from being found and killed he joined the akatsuki with a deal not to extract horosage. (more to be told)

in this game you can make your own anbu or use any of these :

yondime uzumaki (i know he is hokage but he is awsome XD)

kabuto (why does he have a pokemon name?)

itachi (not akatsuki but you can make him join)

kakashi hatake ( my character!!)

zabuza momochi

haku (kid form)

orochimaru (AAUUGHHH! WHO WOULD LIKE TO BE HIM?!?!?!? what ever..)

ok...thats about it check this pic! Happy Dance

as you can see the first part is a made up character and is my second guy so heres the story:

as the second walked in the anbu team frozed. The second said it is an important mission they had to rescue the snow princess from their uncle. the second made a team of high ranked ninjas named team kakashi has to bring the snow princess...

ummm let me play some role playing XD:

BYAKUGAN said hiashi as 5 snow ninjas attacked 8 trigrams palm rotatian "you are weak..." he said in disgust. "LIGHTNING BLADE!!!" kakashi said killing a snow ninja "we got to rescue the princess!"

embarrasment embarrasment embarrasment embarrasment embarrasment embarrasment sory for the other request...

interesting fact! tishibi is kakashis cousin his scar is a birthmatk tishibi in vented double chidori. heres a pic

hey look what i found XD

manekeyo sharingan.. man im bored come on people its new and awsome...

to join you need to have a name(or another caracter from the show on my list)


hiashi updated as in usable now too

General Kaliero
Did you even get permission?

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.