Buffy/Angel/Underworld Crossover.....

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This is a crossover between two different story franchises.

Story takes place in an alternate time line of Angels fifth season, after Spike is made corporeal. Characters Involved will be The Angel gang at Wolfram and Heart, and the Scooby gang. Along with Selene, Kahn and an assortment of death dealers, also the Elder Viktor.

Midnight, Wolfram and Heart Offices.

Winfred Burkle always worked way past closing time, and it seemed these days; that, she never left the office at all. She wasn't to upset to be here at this hour, because Wesley Windham-Pryce was with her. She thought back at what amazing transformation Wesley had gone through through the years. Once a geekish/slightly masculine man, now fully fledged baddass, but with a flare of geek still inside him. It still amazed her that no matter what had transpired between them, that he would still be there for her, and the current problem with Spike recent capitalization, and the Senior Partners stepping in to maintain the balance, that the un-ghosting of Spike caused. Well Fred just found it down right alarming she hadn't exploded from exhaustion.

"Fred? Do you know if there have been any recent dimension fluctuations?" Wesley asked in his crisp yet raspy British accent.
fred startled by the break in silence, stammered a bit, but regained her voice.
"Um...yeah, Nox has been reading some unusual activity here in L.A., and other parts of the U.S.. And some rather strong activity in Hungary."
"Hungary?" Wesley asks. "Really?"
"Yeah, um near Budapest. Why do you find that odd?" She inquires.
"It's not that Fred, it's just that's were Buffy is currently fighting a horde of vampire nests right now, shes been there for nearly a month, infiltrating."
"Did someone mention Buffy?"

Both Wesley and Fred turn around to see Angel standing right in front of Wesley's office door. Over two and a half centuries old, and he still looks as if he is in his mid to late twenties.

"Um yes, I did. Our last communication with her, which was last Friday, has her fighting vast amounts of vampires in Budapest." Wesley informs his boss.
"Why wasn't i informed?" Angel asks, with a trace of hurt in his voice.
"Well, it was a quick call, she just asked if we could spare some weapons, and special stakes that come from the Crusade era."
"But I'm sure she would have talked to you if she had the time." fred finishes lamely.

Angel looked at both Fred and Wesley, trying to see if one or the other knows anything more than what they've told him, but after a few awkward moments, he decides that they're telling him the truth.

"So, she finally asks for our help?" Says Angel.
"Yes, but she said she would return everything in the same condition it was given to her." adds Wesley.
"When you say vast amounts of vampires, how many do you mean?"
"Well, technically, she didn't give an exact number, but from her order, I'm guessing she has at least twenty slayers with her."
"that's more than what she took into the Hell-mouth to fight the first and those uber-vamps."
"Well, yes, but then again, she hadn't discovered all the potentials yet." Wesley counters.
"Can you contact her, and let her know, that if she needs more help, we could be of assistance."
"Uhhh.... yes, I'll contact Giles immediately."
"Good, I've been to Hungary before, they're always overrun with vampires." Angel remarks.

Next day, Budapest, Hungary....

Giles hangs up with Buffy, uneasy that she has accepted help from Wolfram and heart, after all, they are the world foremost leader in evil doing, and having the legendary vampire Angelus, or Angel these days, running the show, he can't quite believe that Angel hasn't been corrupted. Still, Wolfram and heart did have vast resources, and having another set of warriors wouldn't hurt in this campaign to rid Budapest of a nest of hundreds of vampires. Even though Buffy has twenty two slayers with her, their numbers aren't enough. As Giles makes arrangements for Angel and company, he can't help but feel a little worried how tense things will be once Angel arrives, and no less tense with the now in the flesh Spike. A tiny fact that he neglected to tell Buffy about. But none the less, Buffy will certainly be focused on riding this country of it's overpopulation of vampires.

LAX Airport....

Angel, Gunn, Wesley, Fred, Spike, and Lorne for some odd reason, board the WRH private jet, and with them, Nox, the underling of Fred from the science department. Although Wesley protested against his coming, Angel deemed it necessary for him to come along, especially since he might be smarter than Fred. Angel never liked flying much, especially since if he did, that meant riding in the cargo bay. But this jet was outfitted with necro-tempered glass, so he, nor Spike would burst into flames while in the air during the day. As the planes engines roared to life, and the slow acceleration of departure came, Spike thought to himself I can't wait to see Buffy, to tell her I survived the Hell-mouth, she might even forget captain forehead is with us. As the plane lifted into the air, the Angel gang began to discuss a plan, it was good to have one, since Buffy acted mostly on instinct most of the time. And Having Giles there bossing everyone around wasn't what Angel, nor anyone else has in store.

Hungary, Underworld Universe....

With Viktors premature awakening, things couldn't have gone worse for Kraven, and better for Selene, although Viktor wanted Micheal dead. Selene had a plan to get micheal out of harms way in time for him to retreat and start another life somewhere far from the coven.

Viktor looked into the mirror and saw his own stone faced reflection, garbed in a red leather tunic, and red and gold embroidered leather coat. He walked across his own bedroom, which was slightly covered in a thin layer of dust, obviously the coven hadn't cleaned it in a few decades. He stopped at an old wardrobe, opened it, and inside drew out an enormous sliver broadsword, and it's scabered. A knock on the door made the Elder turn his attention away from his sword to the vampire who stood at his door.

"My lord, the death dealers are ready. The caravan is waiting." said Kahn.
:Then let us rid once and for all this earth of these mongrels." Viktor exclaims.

Kahn nods his head in assent. His senses are ripe, and he has been idle too long in killing lycans. As Viktor walks out of the mansion toward an awaiting SUV, he can't help but marvel at how this century has progressed so much, when he was last ruling, he was still used to riding horses, now there were these machines called, automobiles. As the SUV's sped off toward town, death dealers readied themselves for the oncoming battle, and Selene who sat next to her Immortal Sire, found herself uneasy for the first time, around him.

To Be Continued......

Underworld universe.....

The Speeding SUV's raced towards the lycans den, death dealers were ready for for the oncoming slaughter. Kahn was in the front passenger seat, giving orders over the radio. Viktor turns to Selene, and talks in a fatherly voice to her.

"My child, I have doubted you, and for that I beg your forgiveness, I should have trusted in you to know what you were doing. I am sorry for my over confidence in Kravens ability to lead the coven. It should have always been you."
"My lord, how are you to have known kravens deal with Lucian? He was a hero of a war that had finally come to an end, well supposedly." Selene says, with a trace of sympathy for her sire.
"I'm an Elder Selene, I should have sensed something. But trust me, Kraven will be paid in full for his deceits."

As the speeds SUV's were coming to the town limits, and entering Budapest, a strange light was coming from the on ramp of the freeway. It wasn't so much blinding as it was odd, it looked as if light and air had become a solid mass. The SUV's were ordered to stop, but they couldn't brake in time. before they knew it, all four SUV's were pulled into the light mass, and they were propelled through a very strange sight, it looked as if they were flying through the stars. In only a moments passage of time, they were back on the freeway on ramp. Although it looked familiar, the Budapest they knew looked oddly different. Viktor ordered the cars to stop, and they called back to the mansion, and to the awaiting death dealers already outside the lycans hide out. Their cell phones didn't work, and neither did their radios. Viktor demanded a car go and check on the mansion, and a car to check out the awaiting death dealers. After an hour, the two cars met up back on the deserted freeway.

"Well, what news have you?" Viktor inquires.
"The mansion is gone, nothing but Forrest sire." says a death dealer.
"The entrance to the lycans den is there, but nothing is in there, just an abandon sewer." Kahn informs him.

Viktor thinks about what has transpired, and can't help but wonder, what has happened to them. Just when he was about to give the order to start a sweep of the underground, he and the rest of the vampires see an oncoming caravan of vehicles. They stop, and out of the five cars, nothing but young women and young girls come out.

"here I thought i was going to have to look all night for some action." says a rather beautiful, but abrasive young American girl.
"Who are you human?" asks Viktor, to the brown haired beauty.
"The names Faith, vampire. As in Faith, the vampire slayer." she says.

Viktor laughs, and provokes an enraged slayer to run at him full force. Although slayers have the speed and strength of vampires, she is not quick enough for this kind of vampire. Viktor grabs Faith by the throat, holds her eye level to him, and says.

"You think to slay an Elder, human?"

He throws Faith across two cars, and she slams head first into the windshield. She goes limp, and moves no more. At once the death dealers begin a fight with these strange mortals, as Viktor slams his fist into another on of these girls, she hits him across the cheek with her elbow, and he realizes, that these are no ordinary mortals. The strike to his face doesn't hurt that much, but it is enough to register on his senses. He makes short work of this girl, and disposes of her. A tall black girl starts on Selene, her strength is great, but Selene has century's of combat experience, and easily takes down the black mortal girl. As the rest of the death dealers fight hand to hand, the young woman Viktor threw into the windshield starts to stir, and comes to. She digs into her coat, and produces a wooden stake, the nearest vampire feel the sting of the stake deep in his chest, but he doesn't die in exploding ash. Faith finds this odd, and slides out her spring loaded sword, with one stroke, she beheads the death dealer. Still no exploding ash, but the vampire is dead. She fights her way to the bastard that so unceremoniously threw her through her into her own car. She was bleeding from her temple, and she wasn't sure she could stay conscious long enough to kill him. She finally had him in sights, he was fighting three slayers at once, and was over powering them, at last he was alone with her in front of him.

"Why don't you try throwing me again grandpa." Faith mocks.
"You're going to die by mu hand human, and there is nothing you can do to stop me." Viktor mocks back.

She swings her spring loaded sword at him, but he is too fast, he already withdrew a large broad sword, and cut through the air with accurate precision. Viktor cut through Faiths sword, and lunged toward her, meaning to impale his foe. Just as he was about to strike her down, he found a cold pair of hands clasp around his wrist. The man who had stopped his killing blow was tall and pale, had a rather brooding demeanor, and smelled of death. He was a vampire, Viktor was sure of it, but unlike any vampire he had ever seen. His face turned into that of a ridged countenance. Glowing yellow eyes, and fanged teeth, he growled at Viktor, and said.

"You're messing with the wrong people, old man."
"And you will learn your place." Viktor demands.

Angel kicks the sword free from this strangers grasp, but in doing so made himself vulnerable to the other mans free hand, which slammed into Angel so hard, it took him off his feet and threw him nearly twenty feet away.

"How the hell did you do that?' Angel demands of the man.
"I'm an Elder fledgling, and I'm the strongest of my kind.
"Everyone, stop, Faith, stop. These people, they're vampires, thats for sure, but not the ones we're used to." Angel pronounces.

Everyone stops fighting, both parties separate to neutral ground, and Angel walks to Viktor, and asks, how has he come to be here. Although Viktor is unaccustomed to answering people, he retells the story of the anomaly light, and of how there transport was brought here. Angel is unsure if he believes this vampire Elder, he has never heard of such a thing, and besides, the only elder of sorts he knew, was now the dead Master.

"So there was a flash of smokey solid light, and you came here, from wherever you come from?" Angel asks.
"That is what i have said, is it not?" Viktor intones icily.
Well, you might not believe this, but we were reading some anomalies here, in this world, something happened a few weeks ago, that through off a balance in our world, and doorways started cropping up all over the world, in-particular, here, were a large concentration of vampires are. Now, these aren't the same vampires that you are, in this reality, vampire are demons, in human hosts. But it seems in your world, vampires are different, at least different to us."
"We are not demons, we were made by a genetic virus, and only those that can survive the bite, will become vampires. What you speak of is a ridiculous legend." Viktor spits out.
"You do realize you've come through a dimensional doorway into our world don't you?" Angel asks.
"There is no such thing, magic does not exist, at least not the magic you perceive to be real."
"Well whether you believe me or not, it's the truth."

Viktor takes in his surroundings again. Although he recognises several infrastructures, he notices that this Budapest, is rather different. He unwillingly sets aside there differences, and takes this mans word that he can help them go back to there own dimension. Angel calls for everyone to follow him back to base, and has the new vampires escorted to a more safe location, so he can keep an eye on them.

"My lord, are we to trust them?" asks Selene.
"I have no explanation for what has transpired, but no mortal has ever been that strong, and no vampire has ever reshaped their face into what we saw. We will trust them only so much, but if they make one move out of line, they will pay for it with their lives."

As the cars and SUV's speed toward downtown Budapest, Angel can't help but think, just how powerful this vampire was, he was easily four to five times as strong as he was, and if they were to help with the coming battle, then he and the rest of these new vampires would be a huge help.

to be continued.....

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