Star Wars: Rogue Force.

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This story is set at the beginning of the Empire Strikes Back and follows Wedge Antillies as he escapes off Hoth VI with the Rogues and several transports, but, they are blocaded by the Imperial fleet. This causes them to flee into the asteroid field that surrounds Hoth. A chase ensues and the Rebels eventually enguage the Imperials but something happens. A n....ooops nearly gave away a major plot point there. Well after that Vader shows up and fires on the Rebels and Imperials alike. The story ends with the ending of the same scene as the film only tweaked slightly. As the story progresses it flits between the story and interwinds with famous scenes from TESB. The last chapter has already been fully planned and written (Else where). Thats the general plan anyhoo... Any ideas would be welcome! smile

Here is the character list in no particular order:

The Rebels

1. Captain, Wedge Antillies. (Human) (Rogue 3)
2. Flight Officer, Wes Janson. (Human) (Rogue 4)
3. Lieutenant, Tycho Celchu. (Human) (Rogue 6)
4. Flight Officer, Hobbie Klivan. (Human) (Rogue 8)
(Other Rogues may appear in the story that are not named here)
5. Captian, Unsii Gartel. (Mon Calimari) (Tranport 3: The Dantooine Dusk)
6. General, (TBC) Reeikan. (Human) (Transport 6: The Old Republic)
7. Politican: Mon Mothma. (Human) (Rebel's Medical Frigate)
8. Commander, Luke Skywalker. (Human) (Rogue Leader, Rogue 1, Jedi Knight)
9. Princess, Leia Organa. (Human) (Rebel Medical Frigate)
10. Retired Smuggler, Lando Calrissian. (Human) (Milennium Falcon)
11. Smuggler and Rebel, Chewbacca. (Wookie) (Milennium Falcon)
12. Medical Droid, Too-Onebee. (Rebel Medical Frigate)
13. Protocol Droid, See-Threepio. (Rebel Medical Frigate)
14. Astromech(s): Artoo-Detoo. (Luke) (Rebel Medical Frigate), Mynock. (Wedge), Others...
15. (TBC) Admiral, Akbar. (TBC)
16. (Extras)

The Empire

1. Captain, Reec Loran. (Human) (Imperial Star Destroyer: Allegiance)
2. Captain, Virest Millic. (Human) (I S D: Dementer)
3. Captain, Fardin Vassisk. (Human) (I S D: Corrupter)
4. Admiral, (TBC) Piett. (Human) (Super Star Destroyer: Executer)
5. Captain, Ona Vosk. (Fe-male) (Human) (I S D: Constrainer)
6. Captain, (TBC) Tallon. (Human) (Victory class Star Destroyer, mark II: Obstructor)
7. Darth Vader. (Anakin Skywalker)
8. The Emperor. (Dantius Palpatine)
9. Extras

Changes may be made to the above character list....

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....


Rogue Force

It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although the Rebel's ECHO base on Hoth has fallen, the Rebels have escaped off planet.

Now, with the Rebel Alliance in retreat, WEDGE ANTILLIES and the remaining Rogue Squadron pilots are the last to leave the planet protecting several transports.

During this time of Galactic War the Empire believes it has had a great victory and has caused a huge blow to the Rebellion, only, they havnt had their victory until they have tasted defeat . . . .

Chapter 1: "After the Fire and Ice"

Several X-wings raced across the ice fields of Hoth at a frenzied speed, as they gunned their engines to the max in the frigid conditions. The X-wings blasted over an ice ridge spraying dried snow into air. In the Ion backwash of their drive trails, the disturbed snow immediatly melted, becoming water drops then gas as the water evaporated into vapor. Sparatic laser fire from Imperial troops began to find its way in the star-fighters directions but the fighters were already out of range of the troopers and walkers who began to realise this and the fire stopped.

The X-wings flew over the snow plains till the smoke from the battle that had taken place between the evil forces of the Empire and the Rebel Alliance had disappeared beyond the horison.

Wedge relaxed and settled into his pilots couch. Looks like Echo base is a total loss. He thought as he opened a com channel. "Rogue three, to Rogue eight. Hobbie? You read me?"

It was a few seconds before Hobbie's voice found its way onto the com. "I read you, Wedge. We made it just ahead of the Imperials, I wonder if we left anything behind?" Hobbie wondered aloud.

Wedge smiled as he drew his along side Rogue eight. He waved through the cockpit canopy at Hobbie. Hobbie noticed and waved back. Wedge answered Hobbie's wonder. "If the Imperials do find anything. Their gonna have a hard time piecing it back together. Heh, I bet Vader is real pissed. He thought he had us good, huh?"

Hobbie's voice crackled over the com. "Yeah. I'd love to see that dumb look on his mask when he figures we've completely evacuated the base." Hobbie paused. "Wedge we're coming up on our skyward climb. The transports shouldn't be too far ahead of us. Rogue leader is with them, I'm sure Luke would wait for us."

Just as Hobbie finished speaking Wedge's com unit flashed, his astromech beeped a message to him. "I know Mynock," He double clicked his com, signaling to Hobbie that the conversation had ended. He got a return click. Satisfied, he waved once more then opened the squadron frequency. The three X-wings with him were all recieving his com signal. "Rogue three to squad. Its time to head up. The rest of the squadron is already out of the system. Its just us, Rogue nine, six, four, Rogue leader and the three trasports." Wedge gripped his flight-stick and disabled his repulsors, increasing his engines exponential energy output by about twenty percent. Wedge used the extra energy to carry his fighter craft up into the atmosphere. The two fighters with him carried out similar maneuvers, leaving the barren, frozen wastelands of Hoth behind in their drive trails as they all headed spacewards.

Luke Skywalker was first to notice Wedge and his squad appear on the scopes. He immediatly opened a channel to the rapidly approaching fighters. "Rogue leader to Rogue three, welcome to the party boys." Luke said.

"Glad we could join." Wedge replied to Lukes comment as their three X-wing's caught up with the other four fighters led by Luke.

"Welcome. Transports three and six, fall back. Rogues: three, four, six and eight are your escorts." Luke said into his com.

General Reeikan's voice crackled over Wedges headset speakers. "Roger Rogue leader. Rogue three this is transport six 'The Old Republic'; we're yours Wedge." After the general finished talking the rear transport side-slipped around to Rogue eights right before sliding in between the gap Rogues four and six made. The other transport: 'Dantooine's Dusk', slowed its forward thrust and Wedge and Hobbie; Rogues three and eight respectfully, positioned their fighters on either side of the transport. Luke and Rogue nine and ten, who had arrived with Wedge, continued forward and were flanking the last transport 'Rebel's Tears'.

After the sparatic line of transpors and their fighter protection cleared the atmoshere of the frozen planet Luke spoke up. "Wedge. We got an Imperial Star Destroyer comming in on our position-"

Wedge suddenly heard general Reeikan voice in a warning. "Rogues. Our sensors read TIEs." Wedge checked his scope. Nothing.

Hobbie's voice chimed in over the static. "I dont read anything. Where did you say those TIEs were general-" He stoped speaking as TIE fighters shrieked in. "Never mind. Rogue eight out."

Wedge ran through some of the defencive patterns two fighters could used when facing off against a squadron of TIEs but Luke cut in before he could do anything. "Rogues keep going. I'll fall behind and keep 'em busy."

Wedge was puzzled. "Lead? Thats suicide odds. Your going against a whole squadron of TIEs," Wedge watched Lukes X-wing break off from the front, do a barrel roll and come up facing the oppisite direction. "You wont live long enough to even destroy half a squad."

Wedge was going to feel sorry for doubting Luke as Luke's fighter blurred past Wedge's acompaning the sound of thunder. "Dont worry I got a few tricks to pull, besides, I'm only going to keep them busy." Wedge went to reply but Luke continued. "Dont you dare try and back me up Rogue three. You have lead, keep the transports together." There was a pause as Luke activated his strike-foils. "May the force be with you."

Wedge finally spoke, he didnt say what he thought, instead Wedge replied. "You too, see you at the redezvous point." Wedge heard the com click off as soon as he finished. What in the hells of Sith does Luke think he's doing? He thought, asking himself as his astromech began to beep at him. After listening for a second he replied to the small little trash-can shaped astromech droid in the socket behind his cockpit. "What mass, what do you mean? theres nothing but-" Wedge stopped when the Super Star Destroyer 'Executor' materialised out of the blackness of space directly ahead. His mouth dropped open.

Chapter 2 "An Adventure Begins"

Lukes X-wing banked and, wingtip cannons blazing, passed through the chaff from an exploding TIE then spined his fighter to his starboard narrowly avoiding several bursts of green lasers from the persuing TIE's. Luke let the force fill his body, like a calming waterfall he relaxed his every muscle. A second TIE blew and Luke unknowingly banked left, coming head on with a TIE, its pilot hesitated then fired, too late, Luke suddenly threw his flight stick right sending the X-wing into a wild spin. Artoo yelled in his cute way as the X-wing corkscrewed around the persuing fighter, which recieved the lasers. The fighters solar wing sheared off and several lasers pierced the TIE's ball cockpit.

The TIE didnt explode and began a slow spin that ended on his wing-man. Both fighters blew as their fuel cells ruptured. The explosion caught the side of another TIE trying evade the explosion but had cut it too close. Passing through the brilliant dissipating flames, the ball fighter did not emerge on the other side.

Luke brought himself back to reality. Artoo whistled 'five kills' onto his moniter, by Alliance fighter terms, this made him an ace.

The remaining seven TIE fighters swept back towards their reinforcements to regroup. Luke felt that was enough killing and closed his strike foils. He hoped Wedge would be alright, then inputted the coordinates for Dagobah, pulled the hyperdrive leavers.


Wedge quickly closed his open mouth as his com beeped. "Rogue flight. Protect the transports. Thats your priority." Came the voice of General Reeiken.

Wedge shook off his awe and spoke up, faking confidence, to himself as much as the squadron. "Okay Rogue flight you heard the man. Strike-Foils to attack position."

(Its a cliff hanger right? I need ideas.)

The transports scattered and headed for the asteroid field and the X-wings all took up flanking positions. Wedge gulped. He flipped the switches that opened the wings into their familier 'X' shape. He heard the whine of the servo-motors and his HUD targeting system lit up his sensor display.


"Admiral Piett! Lord Vader wants us to persue a YT-1300 freighter that entered the asteroid field on the otherside of the planet. He has prioritized it as our main objective."

Piett turned from the tactical station where he was about to issue the fire command. "WHAT!"

Vader walked back onto the bridge. "Do YOU have a problem with that... 'Admiral'?"

Piett spun again, much more remorseful. "My, my- my lord. No of course not my lord. Helm: Carry out the new instructions."

Someone may continue this story... PM me big grin

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