Watching AWE like Rocky Horror

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Not quite satisfied with AWE? Find certain parts of it out of place, intriguing, scary, confusing, or just plain fun? Here is a way to watch the film without needing to pay attention: Rocky Horror style!

1. Every time Sao Feng is on screen, you must clap chopsticks together.
2. Whenever Beckett says Jack's name, shout out, "Enough chitchat. Let's kiss!"
3. Hurl bits of calamari at the screen whenever Davy Jones says, "Calypso."
4. Whenever someone dies, take out your tissues and bawl for them.
5. When Elizabeth gives her "Hoist the Colors" speech, take your plastic sword and thrust it into the air screaming, "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!"
6. Drink a sip of tea every time someone in the tea scene (Will, Beckett, and Davy) looks annoyed with someone else in the tea scene.
7. Clap your hands once for every Jack you see in the multiple Jacks scenes.
8. "Fake kiss" your neighbor whenever Elizabeth kisses someone
9. Come up with a name for every child you see in the film and say it out loud before they go offscreen.
10. Wave your toothbrush at the screen whenever Tia is onscreen.

Anybody have any other ideas?

HAHAHAHAHA i love this. I completely forgot about the TEA SCENE~~!!!!!! it was like MY FAVORITE!!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!! smile

Oh Fun....i wanna try!

11. Faint everytime Jack smiles, grins or smirks.
12. Pinch someone ( everytime you see a crab in the movie.
13. Yell "Sparrabeth for life" everytime Will and Liz are in a scene alone together, especially when they kiss sick
14. Yell "Pansy" everytime they show a close up of Will.
15. Yell "murderer" everytime they show a close of Elizabeth.
16. Take a bite of a Green Apple everytime you see Barbossa.
17. Stand up and do a Victory Dance everytime the pirates cheer.

lol...I tried!

18. Chuck a peanut at the screen everytime Jack says something "Jack-like" (may be determined by individual peanut-throwers).

willo omg, if it was even possible to love you more....

it is now!!! Squee this is brilliant!!! big grin

19. Whenever there's a major fight actors reanact it onstage

20. At the end of the pirate wedding people throw goldfish and take a swig of 'the rum'

21. Every time someone drinks the rum shout: Why's the rum gone!

Tramps Lady
that's alotta claps willo:P

22. Drink wat ever drink u have when someone dies? lol

23. Eat a whole packet of M&Ms when Teague breaks his Guitar String

24. Eat a bushel of apple just randomly:P

25. Whisper "those two little guys are hot...but scare the crap outta me" to the closest person to you whenever Jacks two consciences arrive:P

26. When Jack says "Unmadingly unhelpful" you scream "WHAT THE!?!?!?!" and make everyone look at u and u say "Wat? I was sayin wat he was thinkin....duh"

not very good, i know:P

27. During the honeymoon knee orgasm scene, cover your neighbor's eyes with your hand and pretend to be shocked.

Okay--when Ragetti's eyeball is out of socket--yell My eye oh my eye!

Jack the monkey--We named the monkey Jack.

Y'all all are sooooo muuuchhhh fuuuuuunnnnnnn to play with--love it love it love it. Yo ho yo ho, a pirate's life for me--hey wait we gotta get that one in there somewhere?

And, one of my personal favorites, (and one of my only really truly impression of a character in a movie) arms in the air whenever Jack runs, right arm front to back only in a circular motion,think butterfly swim motion and left arm straight out pumping up and down. I swear to pete, I don't ever think anybody in all the history of movies, oh, wait, Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow was channeling Forrest Gump when he was running.

Oh, and whoever came up with enough chitchat, let's kiss!! We need a special over (way over) the top Award--good god almighty! That is funny!!

Whenever Bootstrap Bill says the words "son" or "Will" in a sentence, say really loudly, "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

That's neato--can I hear a thump-thump on that?

thanks, tex. It can transfer to Rocky Horror DMC too.

Whenever Beckett is on screen and mentions Jack's name, say out loud, "I'll have my way with you soon enough."

COTBP Rocky Horror: whenever Jack is onscreen have him say, "I'm so glad that Beckett chick stopped chasing after me."

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