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Captain REX

Captain REX
Jedi Temple, Coruscant

You suddenly jolt awake, Xavier. You feel very warm, and your ears are still ringing from the explosion. And...wait, huh?

The quarters you have been assigned are absolutely silent; the only noise comes from your ruffling of the bedsheets and your heavy breathing. Other than explosions here.

It must have been a dream. A very vivid...hang on, you had a dream! A prophetic dream! How...bizarre!

Master Cabas has always told you how the Force will speak to those who will listen, or it will force them (no pun intended) to listen by yelling at them. You never really saw the importance in that- something even Master Yoda chastised you for- but it seems that the Force felt you needed to know something.

However, the dream has faded from you. All you can remember is a very hot explosion and...a girl? Hmph.

In any case, it's the middle of the night.

(Rex I assume that was my use of the Dreams Force Power right?)

Xavier sits up in his bed. He goes over the dream he just had about the hot explosion and a girl. He calms his breathing returning to a normal usable manner. He lessens the result of an unwanted reaction from undesirable stimuli.

This is no ordinary dream Xavier thinks to himself. Thinking it best he gets out of bed to go looking for counsel on the matter.

Captain REX
Nope! You may elect to use it again.

Well, who is it you're seeking?

(Then I'll use it again)

Xavier will try and find Master Cabas.

Captain REX
Master Cabas is in his quarters. You have to knock a few times, but he eventually answers the door.

Ko Cabas is still wearing his Jedi robes. You know by now that he always sleeps in them, prepared for anything. He's a little paranoid that way. His face is heavily tanned and his hair is pure white, his chin made pointed by a fine white goatee. He looks like Oliver Reed.

"Xavier? What is it?"

"Master I have had a dream that caused me stress, " Xavier speaks in a monotone voice. "Although I feel this isn't a dream but a revelation of something that is or will be happening."

Captain REX
Ko looks at you curiously.

"You had a vision?" Cabas says. "What of?"

Xavier reflects on the dream. "It was about a large explosion and some girl. I am unsure of its meaning."

Captain REX
"I see. Perhaps this dream will return to you and you will be able to tell me more?" Cabas suggests. "The Force can be persistent if it does not make it's message clear."

"What should I do in the mean time Master?" Xavier asks the Cabas.

Captain REX
"Meditate," Cabas says. "And prepare yourself for your Trials. You must be fully ready for your passage to Knighthood."

"Yes Master, " Xavier slightly bowing his head. He began to walk and prepare to meditate on what the Force had shown him. Along with his his Trials around the corner. This was it he would finally be a Jedi Knight.

He may have already been has it not been for the problem on Xavier's previous mission. He still was confused on what had happen. Logically speaking he had no reason to do what he did, and logic governed his life. He was free from emotion as a living being could be. Yet he did remember the shaking of his. Involuntary of his mind almost like an outside force had taken control of him.

He has made it back to his room. There he sat down and began to ponder events trying to take him from the here and now. Xavier was never comfortable doing this. He felt logically that this put him at a disadvantage because his strength was in his strong arm and skill with a sabre. Now with his eyes shut though he was helpless to the mind.

Captain REX
You never were one for meditation, Xavier. A lightsaber's hum is more soothing to you than emptying your mind of thoughts and all that nonsense. Still, Master Cabas is a magnificent swordsman and always claims meditation as the source of his prowess.

Still, you meditate...and you might be glad to hear that you rolled well on your Premonitions.


Xavier, old friend.

A dull pain echoes throughout your body. You hate them.

How bold this one is! He will learn...

How are they tolerated?


You don't tolerate them. You WON'T tolerate them.

Aren't you a little...?

They think they have nothing to fear from you.


They will fear you. You will teach them thusly.

Think! Focus!

Even if it means the worst.


You will fail! Hahaha...

The laughter seems familiar, but twisted, warped...

Everything goes black.


You awake in the morning, sprawled out on the floor of your room.

There is a knock on your door.

Xavier's eyes snap open as morning and a knocking at the door awake him. His mind seems distant and his body feels close. That is odd for a person who sees the world in logic and reason, not in that muddled water others refer to as emotions.

Still as things begin to even out and Xavier's mind seems to creep back into the forefront the sweat dripping from his pores seems a lingering reminder.

The knocking continues from outside. Xavier puts on His Robes quickly and answers the door.

Captain REX
It is Master Cabas. His white hair is pulled tightly into a knock and he is wearing his usual rustic orange-brown robes.

"Good morning, Xavier," he greets, with a warm smile.

He's got that odd twinkle in his eye which means he's excited about something. You've memorized that look by now.

Xavier recognizing that look in Master Cabas' eyes can tell something is happening.

"Good Morning Master Cabas, " Xavier again nods his head in a sign of respect, " How can I help you this morning?"

Captain REX
"We've been summoned by the Council!" he says, rather proudly. "They have an assignment for us."

Xavier, you were positive that you would be going on no more assignments before your Trials...

Xavier hears the pride in his Master's voice and showcases a smile for his master even if it is a forced one.

"Master I thought I would not be allowed to go one anymore assignments until the Trials were complete?"

Captain REX
"The Council has decided to grant us one more mission together as Master and Apprentice. I am rather pleased with that, aren't you? My last chance to impart my wisdom to you before your Trials."

Pleased is not a word Xavier could use. He was as emotionless as a person can be. Of course he couldn't stop his physical body from reacting to stimuli. His heart began to beat faster, and his body felt electric current running through it all over. Master Cabas was the only person Xavier had ever been close to.

He may not have been able to be pleased but Xavier knew his response, "It would be my honor to go on one last mission with you, Master Cabas."

Captain REX
"I thought you might be," Cabas says, clapping a hand on your shoulder. "Now get your things. We must go to the Supreme Chancellor's office. Master Windu has summoned us there."

"Yes Master"

Xavier quickly hurries to get everything that will be needed. After he is done he gets everything up in strong arms and awaits to accompany Master Cabas to the Supreme Chancellor's office.

Captain REX
Once you are ready, Cabas leads you through the Jedi Temple, towards the hangars. He holds himself high, his hands folded behind his back, his chin raised, eyes closed.

" you feel prepared for the Trials?"

Xavier pauses for a second, "I know my path lies in being a Jedi. I also know that I have not always learned in the Jedi way as you would have had me. Still I know your knowledge has helped prepare me and I will pass the trials Master."

Captain REX
"I am glad you feel that way."

You two walk through the hallowed halls of the Temple, passing other Knights as they go about their business.

"Is there anything that may keep you from passing the Trials?"

Xavier watches the Knights pass by he more skilled with a lightsabre than many of them.

"Is there anything that may keep you from passing the Trials?" Xavier hears Master Cabas speak.

"I assume you refer to my seemingly lack of control over my combat desires. It is true that I've had some rough spots in dealing with adversity but I know when the time comes I will make the right choice as you have taught me to do Master."

Captain REX
"Spoken like a true warrior," Cabas replies. "For all your prowess and ability, you are able to recognize your flaws and..."

You love your Master as much as the next guy, but honestly, you cannot stand his speeches.

It is one of very few things that you cannot stand, though. Cabas is a highly respected man, and he has definitely earned it, in your eyes. The majority of Jedi Masters his age- 71, you think- are less physically capable to engage in combat, even though they remain revered swordsmen and powerful Force-users.

You've watched Master Cabas take on and defeat a group of Hutt-loving thugs using only his forehead.

This is the man that you've learned how to fight from, after all. Where would you be without a teacher unable to show you himself how to perform incredible combat feats? And he didn't just show you the frilly (yet effective) martial arts of the Jedi. He showed you how to fight rough and fight dirty.

"Where is the honor in fighting dirty?" you had once asked.

"Honor is not a strong force in the Galaxy," he replied. "What is the point of fighting honorably if your opponent will not?"

Many Masters would counter this with something about 'being better than they are,' but Cabas probably wouldn't give two halves of a damn.

"Ah, we're here," Master Cabas says, suddenly ending his speech. He approaches the nearest red-and-white airspeeder available, gesturing for you to enter. "I will pilot, friend. If there is something you have not learned from me, it is how to fly properly. Then again, I am a terrible pilot. It's probably for the best."

Xavier half-heartedly listens to his Master's speech while he gets into the Speeder. Xavier could only seem to pilot crashing craft. Another thing Xavier never really gained knowledge in.

Captain REX
Cabas seats himself in the airspeeder, and you're off. The tiny airspeeder zips up and away from the Jedi Temple, gliding quietly into the bright morning sky. The tall and elegant buildings of Coruscant glint in the rising sun.

The speeder now angles off towards the Senatorial district and makes for the large, dome-like building that houses all the Senatorial offices, including that of the Chancellor.

Xavier looked over the large buildings. He wondered what their mission could be.

Captain REX
The Senatorial office complex has docking platforms lining it on most levels (Obi-Wan, Anakin, and the Chancellor landed at one after the Battle of Coruscant, when Palpatine was returned to safety).

It is to one of these that flight control has directed Cabas to land at, and he does so. The airspeeder comes in low, stops rather abruptly, then eases down onto the platform.

"Here we are. I see we are awaited!"

You see two Jedi Masters waiting for you on the platform. The first- a tall black man in a cream-colored tunic with the traditional brown robes- stands as solidly as a statue. The second- a Cerean in a mix of Jedi robes and Cerean clothing- paces around the first.

They approach your vessel, once it is powered down.

Janthis lets his Master go first and then follows out to great the two Jedi.

Captain REX
"Masters," Cabas says, bowing slightly.

Mace Windu nods in acknowledgement, while Ki-Adi-Mundi smiles slightly.

"Master Cabas," the latter says, then turns to you. "Padawan Kolarn. I trust you are doing well, this day?"

"My body is in working order Master." Xavier replies bowing as well.

Captain REX
"Excellent," Ki-Adi-Mundi says. "I feel you may well need it for the mission ahead."

"What does the mission entail?" Cabas asks.

"You will find out," Windu says, "in the Chancellor's office. We've had a bit of a security issue, thanks to one of our Senators. We need the situation diffused."

Xavier stands next to Master Cabas as they walk the hallways to the Chancellor's office. He remains quite unless spoken to. Xavier is honored to be standing next to all these Masters.

Captain REX
You arrive at the Chancellor's shortly. The Masters walk in silence, as Windu feels that they should discuss the mission only in the privacy of the Chancellor's office.

"The Jedi don't want to be responsible for ending political careers," Windu says. "That is not our intent, nor our business..."

The Chancellor's office has an overall red theme. The walls and carpet are a deep red. Any additional furniture pieces, such as the Chancellor's desk that he is currently seated at, are a gunmetal gray. An assortment of exotic statues dot the office.

"Welcome, Master Jedi!" Palpatine greets, rising from his seat.

A man, standing beside the Chancellor, nods in greeting, though he doesn't talk. His hair is red and wavy, and he sports a short beard. He looks an awful lot like Simon Callow and is wearing highly regal attire.

Xavier takes in the color scheme of the office and the statues. Then he turned his attention to the man and what Master Windu had been talking about with political careers.

Captain REX
Actually, Windu and Ki-Adi-Mundi step off to the side.

The Chancellor seems to be approaching Cabas, but then turns to you.

"This is the one, Master Windu?" Palpatine asks.

Master Windu nods.

"I have heard much about you, Xavier," Palpatine says.

He smiles brightly. You've only met him a few times, but he still has that grandfatherly disposition and aura of wisdom.

"You have sir?" Xavier knew he met him before but not that he knew who he was.

Captain REX
"Yes! Master Windu here was just telling me about you. You're quite the swordsman for someone your age, or so I'm told!"

Master Windu gives him a strange look, but Palpatine just smiles back.

"Tell me, Xavier, what do you think of slavery?"

"Thank You sir although I lack in other areas of a Jedi." Xavier says.

"Slavery goes against the Jedi Code. It takes free will from people then uses them for labor and jobs they do not desire or do not know how to do. This of course is illogical because the person becomes less productive when they could provide much more to the Galaxy." Xavier answers in his monotone voice.

Captain REX
"Precisely! Not to mention it is outlawed in the Republic," Palpatine says, giving a meaningful look at the man standing by the window. "Isn't that right, Senator?"

"Yes..." he replies, looking up at the ceiling with an audible sigh.

"Senator Wojaine of Almania," Palpatine continues, "seems to have forgotten that part of the law."

"I had no choice!" Senator Wojaine barks, turning to the Chancellor. "My sector does not have a military force strong enough to contest these pirates!"

"And no other sector in the Republic does?"

Senator Wojaine falls quiet, turning back to the window.

Xavier stands back taking in everything. He looks to the Jedi Masters wondering what will happen next.

Captain REX
"Do you want me to tell them why they are here, Senator?"

Wojaine remains silent, then drops his head and turns to face you.

"I am Wuja Wojaine, Senator of the Almania Sector. The space of my jurisdiction reeks of pirates and slavers, infecting those worlds with strife and loss. Up until recently, I...I supported these slavers, as I was able to turn a profit. It was wrong of me...but I need your help."

This is directed at you, Xavier. You seem to be the current guest of honor, for some reason...

Xavier stands his face is a blank but his mind is confused. This makes no sense for him. Senator Wojaine asked Xavier Kolarn for help yet three Jedi Masters, two of whom are on the counsel, are present. They are much more capable yet he was asked. This was suspicious yet Xavier did not possess enough information to put puzzle together. So he makes a mental note to research into matter.

Present though demands action. The Senator asked for help time demands response.

Xavier looks over the Masters and back to the Senator, "Why do you need my help?"

Captain REX
"My daughter..."

Wojaine produces a small hologram of his daughter. She is pretty and blonde and...

Wait a moment. She's very familiar. She's...the girl from your vision?

"...she was taken by the slavers that I had been working with. I tried to break off connections with them, but they took the gesture the wrong way. I just wanted out, I didn't want to expose them. Now they've given me no choice."

"Senator Wojaine has agreed to assist the Republic in ending slave trade in Almania," Palpatine pipes up, cheerfully. "In return, the charges of treason will be dropped."

"Can you return my Loola?" the Senator asks.

Xavier recognizes the girl from her dreams. Yet he remembers something dark about all of this. Yet he was always taught that the Force gives you these visions for reasons. Now was his time to trust in the Force like a Jedi should.

"I will return your daughter Senator, I just need to know where to find her and the pirates," Xavier peers into the Senator's eyes.

Captain REX
"They are a group known as the Sklaborean pirates," Master Windu speaks, gathering your attention. He paces around the Chancellor and the Senator and yourself. "They have been active in the Almania Sector for a little over a decade. Very brutal tactics are employed by these pirates; they capture men and women and children by the hundreds, killing those they deem useless. Most are sold to the Hutts, beyond our jurisdiction."

Master Windu pauses.

"Have you heard of the pirate Svidrigailov?"

Xavier thinks and realizes he hasn't.

"No Master Windu I have not."

Captain REX
"Svidrigailov is a notorious pirate leader and crimelord, originally employed by the Hutts to make these raids for more slaves. He's grown too confident in his raids, however. Almania is in Republic space; his past year of raids have all been targeted there, no thanks to Senator Wojaine. It is the second time he's attacked a world inside the Republic."

"So he is an extremely dangerous man if he is willing to take such risks. Still if he attack Republic Space he must be stopped," Xavier breathes in, "...Master Windu is there anything else you think I should know?"

Captain REX
"Yes, very much so."

Ki-Adi-Mundi produces a hologram of his own at this point, revealing the image of a sturdy young man in Jedi robes.

"His name is Friste Tem. He was a Jedi Knight, much like you will be soon. He was sent to handle Svidrigailov's first incursion into Republic space. We have not seen him since..."

Friste Tem? THAT Friste Tem? No way...

(So Xavier does know something about Friste Tem then?)

Xavier looks over the Hologram.

"Is he assumed dead?"

Captain REX
Do you? He was a personal acquiantance of yours, one of the many students that you challenged to duels, but one of the few that was able to contest you. Not just with the lightsaber, either. He broke your arm, once. He also more adept at tapping into the Force to aid his athletic abilities, and became a Knight last year, before you.

He was a very promising Jedi Knight. But he vanished, last year.

"Yes," Master Windu replies. "We sent him in high hopes that he would be able to end Svidrigailov's terrifying conquests and bring the Sklaborean slave trade to an end. We were wrong. We sent the young man to his death, as far as we know."

"However, Svidrigailov still must be dealt with," Ki-Adi-Mundi says. "After Friste's attempted mission, Svidrigailov was not heard from. His return is terrible news. This time, he must be stopped."

"We are sending you both on this," Master Windu says, to both you and Master Cabas.

Xavier goes over his past encounters with Friste Tem. One of the few people that could match him. If these pirates could attest to him then if Xavier succeeded where Tem failed he could prove he was better.

Xavier listened to Mace address both him and Master Cabas. He awaited his Master's reply.

Captain REX
"If you don't mind, Master Jedi," Palpatine interrupts, "I would not like the discussions of the mission to be within Senator Wojaine's hearing."

"What do you think I'm going to do?" Wojaine asks, outraged. "Call up my good friend the Slaver Svidrigailov and tell him that two Jedi are coming to kill him?"

"We can't take risks on this one," Palpatine says, giving one of his classic smiles. "I insist."

"As you wish, Chancellor," Master Windu says, gesturing to the hallway. The four of you walk through, and the red-cloaked Senatorial guards close the doors behind you.

Xavier follows the others into the hallway.

Captain REX
You move down the corridor someways, moving towards the ship again.

"We have devised a plan," Master Windu resumes, once out of hearing, "that will ensure that you come into contact with Svidrigailov. Our plan for Friste was to infiltrate the pirate slavers, becoming one of them."

"Such an approach was very dangerous but most likely to come into contact with the Slave Leader," Ki-Adi-Mundi says.

"Too dangerous," Cabas says. "I hope you will not attempt to put Xavier through that. Either Friste died when he was discovered or he...succumbed to..."

"Not at all, Master Cabas," Windu assures him. "Xavier will be posing as a slave."

What?! You, a slave?

Xavier does not agree with this. Him be a slave, how could he pretend to be a slave. Still these are Master Jedi surely they know what they are doing.

As Master Cabas spoke of succumbing though a thought entered Xavier's mind.

"I agree Master Windu this plan will work, "Xavier said. "How will I become a slave though?"

Captain REX
"Svidrigailov primarily captures and sells men and women who are young, strong, physically capable of hard labor," Ki-Adi-Mundi says. "As far as I'm concerned, you fit the bill."

"You will go to Almania and be captured in Svidrigailov's next raid," Master Windu says.

"Hold on," Cabas says. "When you say young men...I'm not quite as limber as I used to be, Master."

"You will be going in separately," Master Windu states. "You have long since proven that the Dark Side offers you no temptation. You will take Friste's route."

"We will be separated, then?" Cabas asks.


Xavier expression unwavering, did expreince a mental jolt at this statement.

This would eb the first time Xavier was not at his Master's side on a mission. Was this the Jedi Masters' way of telling Xavier that he was ready? Xavier logically believed himself to be ready. He possessed all the tools needed for a Jedi Knight to carry out missions by himself.

Still Xavier knew this would be difficult both mentally and physically. He also knew he would have to fight off the rational belief to resist being captured.

He turned to see Master Cabas' reaction.

Captain REX
Cabas simply nods. He doesn't seem phased by it.

"I am sure Xavier will do fine," Cabas says. "I will be able to watch over him, yes?"

"Of course. Assuming you are successful. I have no reason to think that you will not be."

Xavier nods, "Then is it time for me to leave?"

Captain REX
"We wish to talk to your Master, first," Ki-Adi-Mundi says. "If you don't mind waiting by the airspeeder, Padawan?"

"Yes Master Mundi." Xavier bows and moves the airspeeder. He wonders what they could be talking about. If it is relevant to the mission then it should be told to him so that he is aware of any possible surprise.

Captain REX
Whatever it is, they obviously don't want you to hear it.

Is the goody goody Xavier going to go wait by the airspeeder like a good little boy?

Yeah he is stick out tongue

For all intents in purposes he hasn't quite fallen down yet. He thinks he should know but if they didn't tell him then as a Jedi he must respect the Jedi Masters' wishes.

Although that is for now.

Captain REX
Fair enough!

Cabas returns to you shortly, seeming a little flustered as the other Masters move to return to the Chancellor's office.

"Come along, then, my young Padawan," Cabas says, smiling at you. "We make for Almania tomorrow as Senator Wojaine's escorts. Since the pirates made a personal raid on his home, our presence will be expected, to defend the Senator and his remaining kin."

"Yes Master Cabas, " Xavier begins to get into the speeder before turning back to him. "Master what had you looking flustered?"

Captain REX
"Nothing, Xavier," Cabas says. "I was just expressing my worry for you. This is a dangerous assignment, after all."

"Thank you Master but I will be fine, "Xavier reassures Cabas. Xavier knew that Cabas was just looking out for him. Perhaps that is the reason why Xavier would jump through hoops for the man.

Captain REX
"Of course."

Senator Wojaine leaves for Almania tomorrow. Plans or requisitions you would like to make before you go?

Xavier would like to spend the time looking up any other Data he can find on Friste and the Pirate Leader guy. also he would like to speak with Master Yoda if he can.

Captain REX
Master Yoda, as Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, is obviously very difficult to obtain an audience with. You can submit the request for a meeting with him, if you like.

As for the data, Master Cabas has Ties to the Jedi Archives, if you wish to go there.

Yeah I would like to talk to Master Yoda about Xavier's second vision.

And sure Xavier will go to the Archives.

Captain REX
The Jedi Disciple in representing the Council, Trorn, reminds you of Yoda's high status and the possibility that you might not obtain a opportunity to meet with him, but puts in your request.

Trorn annoys you a great deal, most likely; he hasn't left the Temple since his training ended, and he comes off as rather smug.

Now for that data in the Archives...


Friste Tem was found by Master Ko Cabas and Master Gostner Falk at the age of two on the planet of Gilgoss, a gray world victimized by a horrible plague. Friste, an orphan, was taken to Coruscant by the Jedi and deemed ready for training in the ways of the Force.

At the age of 13, Friste was chosen as the Jedi Padawan of Master Gostner Falk. Falk, a pacifist and politically-minded Jedi, attempted to pass on his philosophy to Friste, but to no avail. Friste instead focused in private on his combat abilities, training to become a well-rounded fighter. Friste is also noted for his high athletic ability.

Despite his misgivings on how his Padawan turned out, Master Falk and the Jedi Council granted the title of Jedi Knight to Friste Tem. This was a little over a year ago.

Friste became a very active Jedi Knight and became somewhat of a vigilante, participating in justified revolutions and activities that Falk did not agree with at all. When Master Falk was killed during an assassination attempt on a Senator, Friste ended his vigilante ways and only took missions deemed necessary by the Council.

However, he went Missing In Action during his mission against Svidrigailov.


The Archives have very little on Svidrigailov, though obviously Friste Tem's disappearance is noted in his profile.

His criminal activities surfaced nearly a year ago, during his first slavery incursion into Republic space. Prior to that, he was not a concern of the Republic, and therefore not a concern of the Order.

Xavier sits back in his chair while reviewing the data. Master Cabas helped find him. Xavier will look up some more info on Master Falk. He will also look up info on Almania.

Captain REX
Master Gostner Falk was found for training ninety years ago. Much as he was pacifistic and political, so was his Master. Though trained to use the lightsaber, he never resorted to using it against another lifeform; his style was solely defensive. He rarely used the Force for more than divining future events.

A great number of diplomatic missions are attributed to his name, most of them successful. He also trained many Padawans in his life time.

At the age of 90, he was shot and killed by a sniper at a political rally on a Republic world. The shot had been meant for the Senator speaking, but the sniper apparently missed and hit Master Falk in the forehead. Some theorize that he foresaw his death and allowed it to happen.


Almania is the war-torn namesake of the Almania sector. It has always been ruled by an upper caste known as the Je'har. In the past, the Je'har have done horrible things to the lower castes, but in the past one hundred years the Senate (as it is a Republic world) has reasoned with the upper caste and ended its tyrannical ways (at least for now). Senator Wojaine is a member of the Je'har.

The world has also faced several wars, mostly civil wars. The capitol, Stonia (where you are headed) is an oasis in the gray, burnt deserts around, just north of the Sea of Holes (infamous site of an orbital bombardment). The Je'har control the capitol, where many are impoverished.

The planet has three moons- Pydyr, Auyebesh, and Drewwa.

Pydyr is a tropical moon, inhabited by the lazy and wealthy Pydyrians. The natives use the tropical beaches and larger cities as tourist traps, drawing in the Galaxy. However, outside of the big cities, the Pydyrians live primitive lives in muddy homes, using droids for mundane work so that they may live lives of leisure. They don't care about the rest of the Galaxy besides the tourists, and so allow Senator Wojaine to represent them.

Auyebesh has no notable landmarks or history; mostly grassy plains and a few settlers.

Drewwa was colonized by a few minor corporations to test various battle droid prototypes and firearms on the hostile wild life. Devoid of sentient life, otherwise.

All three moons, in addition to Almania, have a long history of issues with slavers. Pydyrians are rarely taken for labor (too lazy), but human and Twi'lek settlers on the moons are often captured. Almania also suffers from slavery raids, worsened by Wojaine's dealings with Svidrigailov.

Xavier will search to see if the sniper was ever found.

He also wants to get a layout of where the most raids have taken place so that he can better get himself in position to be captured.

Captain REX
The sniper was shot by a vengeful Friste Tem, caught while trying to flee the area. It is noted that Friste committed overkill; the sniper was shot multiple times after being fatally wounded.

The raids on the Almania sector do not have any noticeable pattern about them. The most recent raid was in the capitol, when Wojaine's daughter was seized. However, most take place at random settlements where the raiders will face the least amount of resistance.

You would need to talk to someone with connections to Svidrigailov before you could suss where his next strike would be.

Ok then Xavier no longer needs to use the Records he thinks he has enough information.

Captain REX
Very well.

If there's nothing else, we'll be moving on.

Alright then if I can not speak to Yoda lets go see Xavier kill some people eek!

Captain REX
Moving on, then.

The day closes out uneventfully. Master Cabas sees you before the night comes, but only to tell you that he is planning for the mission ahead and that he will share more on the matter tomorrow. Tonight, he wants you to remember your training.

When you wake the next morning, you are unsure, but you think you saw a glimmer of Wojaine's daughter in your dreams. But nothing else, and only a glimmer.

The next day, you are to meet Wojaine's vessel at the Senate building.

Master Windu and Chancellor Palpatine are there to see you off, as is Wojaine and his people.

The Senatorial starship of Almania is not exactly as regal as Wojaine's clothes or position. Unlike many of the sleek and shiny vessels that the Senators use (for example, the Senator of Naboo's chromium-plated ship), the starship is a little larger than a Large Freighter, plated with heavy armor, and has at least six turrets, not to mention front-facing guns. You doubt it is very maneuverable, though...

"Senator," Cabas greets Wojaine.

"Jedi," Wojaine greets Cabas. He seems less than cheerful about having you both on his ship.

Senator Wojaine and Master Cabas board, followed by Wojaine's advisors and entourage.

Xavier will follow them on board.

Captain REX
Before you start heading up the ramp, a familiar voice pulls you away.

"Wanted to see me, you did?"

Master Yoda stands at the bottom of the ramp, looking at up at you.

"Master Yoda I appreciate you seeing me, "Xavier looks at the little green man. He looks around to see if anyone is in ear shot, "Master Yoda I have been having dream and I could use your wisdom."

Captain REX
"Trouble you, it does?" Yoda asks. His wrinkled face is passive as he leans on his walking stick.

"Master Yoda it does." Xavier then tells Master Yoda about his dream.

Captain REX
Yoda says nothing as you inform him of your vision.

"Shared it not with your Master, Padawan?"

"No Master Yoda I have not. I didn't want to give him any reason to for disappointment." Xavier says.

Captain REX
"Full of anger, your vision was," Yoda remarks. "A warning, it may be. A possible path tempting you. Know the risks, you now do, so avoid it you can. The Dark Side, anger is. Do not use it for power."

"So you think this dream is about me having to deal with temptation, " Xavier looks at the great master. "I shall do as you have told me Master Yoda."

Captain REX
"May the Force be with you, Xavier Kolarn."

Yoda gives you a nod, then turns to join the Chancellor and Master Windu.

"And may the Force be with you Master Yoda, "Xavier bows and walks off to join Master Cabas and the others.

I can not fail, Xavier thinks to himself. I have too much ability to fail.

Captain REX
As the Senator's vessel takes off, you look down on Coruscant as it begins to shrink away below...


Yoda, Mace Windu, and Palpatine watch as the Senator's vessel takes flight.

"Hopefully we shall hear good news from Almania within the month," Palpatine says, cheerfully. "Now, if you'll excuse me, Masters, I am a busy man and must attend to matters..."

"Of course, Chancellor," Mace Windu replies, not taking his eyes off the sky as the craft disappears.

Palpatine takes his leave.

"Confused, the boy is," Yoda says, looking down at his cane.

Mace looks down to his dimunitive superior. "How so?"

"A dream, he has had. A vision of temptation, of suffering."

"Do you think he will pass his trials?"

Yoda lifts his tired eyes to Windu. "Strong and loyal, Xavier is. Faith do I have in him. Tempted, he will be, but the right path he will choose."

Windu returns his gaze to the sky, saying nothing.


The Senator's vessel, the Spearhead, is a large craft. Senator Wojaine's head of security, Jan, informs you of procedures on the craft while Master Cabas speaks with the Senator.

"The turrets are new emplacements," Jan tells you, Xavier. "The Senator had them installed shortly after...well, you're here about them pirates, eh? Old Sviddy made some threats, so it's best to be prepared."

"Yes better to be safe then sorry, and I will be prepared." Xavier looks over the man, "So are also head of security for his home where his girl was taken?"

Captain REX
"No," Jan says, uneasily. "Why?"

Xavier will use Sense to get a feel for his comfort level.

"Well I was just wondering if you would happen to know the defenses that were in place to protect the senator's daughter?"

Captain REX
You're thinking of Scan, the next step up. You have it, of course, so it's a non-issue.

Jan seems uncomfortable talking about the subject, specifically. You suss that he feels somewhat responsible.

"Well, her bodyguard was present... Aye, poor Zeph. Good man, quite a shot... but..." He sighs. "He was found in the wreckage of the house. I didn't think they'd need the extra security, you know? The Senator is...was in more danger off of Almania, outside of the capital. But times change, I guess. Sviddy got bold."

"I understand sometimes people are forced to make decisions and they make the wrong ones, " Xavier says coldly. "Still you'd think you would have put some of the army stationed close to the house just in case, unless you don't have any. Either way what do you know about the Pirate Leader Sviddy?"

Captain REX
"Army's got nothin' to do with it. They've got their own business, and the capital ain't part of it. Too busy following the Je'har around..."

He takes out a small plastic tube, taps it a few times, then sucks on one end for a brief second, as if smoking a cigarette.

"Relaxant, keeps me keen. Anyways, Sviddy's a bastard. I never liked that Wojaine worked with 'im, but I got no say in the matter. Wojaine wanted his profits and he got 'em. Not like our Navy could catch up or blast 'em, anyways. The Trade is a death ship."

"Yes the Je'Har, "Xavier allows him a moment to keep relaxing. "Now what about this The Trade is a death ship? Also do you know why the Senator broke off connections with the Pirates?"

Captain REX
"Morally wrong, gumf like that. Only took him...oh, but I shouldn't mention that. We'll leave that up to the courts, eh?

"The Trade is Svidrigailov's flagship. It's a behemoth, full-on capital class! Nobody knows where it came from. Rumor has it that it's a haunted thing. Never shows up on the scanners, even when we're lookin' straight at it. Heavily armed, could probably grind Almania's moons into dust.

"Nothing Almania has could stop it. I'm sure other systems do, but not Almania."

Xavier will use Intimidation on Jan. Nothing to big but simply staring in his eyes trying to unnerve him a little bit. Maybe flexing his muscles some.

"Why wait for the courts. Loola's life is danger now. I feel this should be something I'd very much need to know if I'm going to help." Xavier looks over at the man his face cold emotionless. He crosses his arms and looks as menacing as possible.

"I'd also like to know why such a menace would be allowed to continue surely he could have asked for help long ago."

Captain REX
Jan is not an easily intimidated man; as head of security for the Senator of a world like Almania, he has seen a great deal and probably killed quite a few people. Still, your Intimidation check says he at least knows you're probably a great deal like him.

"As I said, Wojaine's a man of money, the extra profits tempted him. I say, six months at least, I ain't sayin' more about that. As for getting help...well, look where it got him! His daughter is in the hands of a murderous bastard. Anyways, Sviddy made a few threats when Senator Wojaine asked the Sklabs to skidaddle. We didn't think orbital bombardment of Stonia was the right route, there..."

"Alright then so let me ask you what you would ahve done if the Senator had listened to you?, "Xavier ask him. "Also did you know Loola?"

The vision of the girl was running through Xavier's mind with the explosion.

Captain REX
"I would have probably taken Wojaine's route, unfortunately," Jan admits. "Without the Republic lookin', Sviddy had a great deal of power over us. But that's changed. We've got you, right?

"And of course I knew Loola! Didn't need your powers to figure that, didya?"

"I will end the save Slave trade and rescue the Senator's daughter, "Xavier says in a passing manner like there couldn't be anything else but what he said.

"Just asking. I wanted to get some information on her, and right now I would rather get it from you then her father. Can you tell me anything about her?"

Captain REX
"Exactly! It needs some Jedi influence to set things straight."

He takes another 'puff' on the blue plastic stick.

"Hmm, Loola. Bright girl, her. I'm surprised she was still inside during the raid. Normally she woulda gotten to the shelter. Maybe didn't think they was comin' for her. Kinda snappy, sometimes, a bit o' the teen angst thing goin' on. But hey, to be expected. Zeph and I trained her to fire pistols and such, too. Quick learner, quite the shot."

"I see and what is this shelter," Xavier asks.

Captain REX
"A safe room underground, behind the Senator's home."

"Hmm alright then. IS there anything useful you can give me. I wonder if you could tell me about any people that deal with the Pirates regularly?"

Captain REX
"Sviddy doesn't like dealing with anyone outside the Sklabs, unless it's to his advantage. He didn't want to waste manpower by having his men killed by troops in raids on Almania. So, friendship with Wojaine was good for 'im.

"I think you'd probably have to talk to Wojaine himself to get anything good, though. I can tell you this, though; Svidrigailov always has at least two major thugs with him, his right and left fists. He can fend for himself, but why bother when you've got thugs?"

"Thank you for the information I'm sure it will prove most valuable, " Xavier nods.

Captain REX
"Let's hope so. Now, if you'll excuse me, gotta make sure everyone knows the drill..."

The Spearhead is rather expansive, Xavier. You even have your own quarters on board the ship, as the journey may take the better part of two days. Almania's pretty far out.

The Spearhead is split into three levels.

C Deck: The entrance ramp into the belly of the ship, the landing gear, the engine room.

B Deck: The walk-about spacious rooms, crew and passenger quarters, the Senator's quarters, the Armory, and the Gunnery (one bow turret, four side turrets).

A Deck: Bridge, Expanded Gunnery (one fin turret, linked cannons)

There are no escape pods. The Almanians believe them to be devices of cowardice.

And because of my nifty new scanner, here is an exterior sketch.

Xavier will go to his Quarters for now.

Bespin Bart

Captain REX
Even for a guest room, your quarters are lavishly decorated with paintings and you even have your own entertainment holoprojector with uplink to the HoloNet. Woohoo!

Your room is directly across the way from the Senator's. To the right of the Senator's room is Jan's security office. To the right of your room is Master Cabas's.

Xavier examines his room casually. Flicking through information images on the Holonet and some other various forms of entertainment. He glances over the paintings completely unmoved by them.

Then sits and waits for Master Cabas and the Senator to get done with their talk.

Captain REX
Cabas actually finishes his conversation shortly afterwards.

"Keep your senses open," Cabas says. "I don't expect trouble while we're in hyperspace, but once we're near the planet...who knows.

"Did you talk with the Senator's security manager?"

"Yes Master I did talk with him, "Xavier responds to his master.

Captain REX
Cabas gives a curt nod.

"As I said, keep your senses open, young apprentice."

He takes his leave of you.

Here you have time to do any other talking with people onboard the ship, if you wish. The Senator himself is, of course, on board, as well as his advisors, Jan's security team, etcetera.

"I will Master."

Well I guess Xavier will hit the top dog himself and go talk to the Senator.

Captain REX
Where are we checking? I can tell you that he's on the B deck.

I was going to go to his room first.

Captain REX
You knock and a holographic image appears. It is of the Senator.

"I apologize, but I am busy. Please try again later."

It flickers out. Automated message.

Then Xavier will go his advisers.

Captain REX
His advisors can be found on the main deck, discussing something from heavily-cushioned chairs at a long, gray table. There are about six of them.

Xavier approaches the six gentlemen.

"Excuse me sirs but may I have a word with you?"

Captain REX
"What is it, Jedi?" one of them asks politely. The other five simply watch you.

"I would like to ask some questions if you do not mind," Xavier answers just as politely.

Captain REX
The apparent leader of the Advisors is a woman, her blonde hair pulled back into a tight bun. She does not smile, nor do any of the others.

"Certainly. Be seated and ask your questions. I am Kirsten."

Xavier takes a seat.

"Thank you Kirsten, " Xavier replies. "As you know I am here to retrieve the Senator's daughter but in order to do that I have need information."

Captain REX
"What information would that be?"

"Well as his Advisers what exactly do you advise him on?"

Captain REX
"Political matters," answers one of the other Advisors, a short man with a bristly toothbrush mustache beneath his nose. "Nothing that concerns you, really. Nor does it pertain to saving the Senator's daughter."

Kirsten shoots him a look, then returns her eyes to you. "Political matters indeed. Senator Wojaine represents Almania and her sister worlds in the Senate, after all. We can't have him sullying our appearance."

Xavier shoots the man a look.

"So exactly what political advice have you given him recently?"

Captain REX
"As he was recently on Coruscant, our advice pertained to matters in the Senate and with the Chancellor."

"Very well let me change the subject what have you recently advised him about the pirates."

Captain REX
"We advised him not to tell the Chancellor," says the stout man. "And not to..."

"It was against the best interests of Almania to involve the Republic in our affairs," Kirsten says, firmly. "His reelection is within the year, and revealing deals in the slave trade has greatly decreased his popularity..."

They're being unhelpful, Xavier. Deliberately so, you can tell that much. They're not going to tell you anything useful.

But that's no longer a concern. You suddenly have a very bad feeling...

Xavier gets bad feeling.

Realizing the advisers aren't being helpful Xavier tells them, "Please excuse me."

With that Jamie gets up to try and find his Master who will probably know what is going on.

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Captain REX
The moment you stand up, the ship drops out of hyperspace.

You are thrown against the Advisor's table, knocking over just as the lights go out. The whine of the engine and the wrenching of metal drown out the startled cries of passengers in the main social hall.

Xavier quickly gets to his feet.

"Everyone stay down!"

He has his hand on his lightsabre just in case.

Captain REX
And then...

"Red alert!" comes Jan's voice, over the intercom. "I repeat, red alert! We have been intercepted! Gunners, get to your stations! All passengers, return to your rooms and stay there!"

The emergency lights flicker on, a dim red barely illuminating the mess before you. Everyone is scurrying for their rooms, including the Advisors.

Xavier goes to find his Master or Jan.

Captain REX
Jan is at the side of the room, having opened a panel on the wall and accessed the intercom. He repeats his orders a few times before moving past you.

"Hey!" he shouts as he passes. "Get to the Senator in case they breach!"

He keeps running, barking orders to members of his security staff and the gunners as the moves.