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Anyone else seen this movie? I watched when I was a kid and loved it...the sequal sucked so I never bothered with the third and I doubt I will with the fourth but the 1st one was really good IMO

yeah the sequel totally sucked, this is probably one of the first horror movies I ever saw.

I saw the movie poster and i was like "whooah...almost boobies" so I watched it when I got home and it was quite an interesting story.

Actually watched it about a year ago as well,

Which sequel? Anyhoo.. I 've liked the first two Species movies. I'll buy the current on DVD soon.

The 3rd species was rubbish, I aint seen the 4th one but I think its got a different name instead of "Species 4"

All due credit to the casting person, they always chose hotties as the specie.

Yeah she was hot until she turned into her alien self...which I guess is her real form

Neo Darkhalen
Real form yes.

the first two Species movie are kinda ok.

Species was an okay film, in my opinion. It wasn't anything special, though. I thought that it was very generic in places, but not terrible, altogether.

The sequel was horrible.

I'm not gonna say it's my favorite horror movie of all time....and it's not in my top 5 but it is in my top 10

^^ o....k

haha me and my friends were having a right laugh over this film on a car journey last week.

"the chick is so hot but can turn at anytime....i was having a w*nk and I didnt know whether to scream or go "yeah".....ARRRGHHH...oooo...ARGGH"

Discos - trust me, way funnier if you hear the story in person

She doesn't want him w*nk...she wants his little army to march into her so she can lay a whole lotta kids

I also remembered this flim. I loved the 1st flim but the rest of them were crap.

General G
ha, I came into this movie probably about a quarter through it, but from that it wasn't too bad, I would watch it again, but still nothing AMAZING.

I need to watch it again

I like the first species. It is good B-movie fun. I thought the sequel was just awful

They shoulda just stuck with one...I wonder if we'll ever see the mouse at the end though

I remember seeing the first one at a sleepover, didn't think much of it. Same for the sequel, will not be bothering with the others in the series.

If they'll make another species movie it must be have a nice special effects.

I've watched long time ago., and I almost forget its story..,

I like the first one. It doesn't really warrant any sequels but it was interesting. I got the barebones edition just 'cause it was cheap. I wouldn't spring for the SE though.

I tried watching Species II but I couldn't get past the first 15 minutes. I should've figured they'd just make it a pseudo-porno.

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