Leave of absence

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JCapt Jaeh_K.S
mates, i feel compelled to let y'all know that I'm leaving for more than two weeks or so because I'm going to Japan in an exchange student program!

feel free to reply or anything... hehe, I dunno.. I definitely feel that y'all must know... smile we're one big family... or a ship crew... or something...

PS: I'm leaving care of my shop to my trusty security system, and my co-capt ibd(zac_depp) if she's on, will be taking care of the stuff, and brit too, if you would like... stick out tongue your voice is already keyed in.... take care of my shop, alrighty?

have fun everyone, and take what you can, give nothing back, and remember that curiosity killed the hottest pirate on earth, then why not us? stick out tongue

PS2: I love you Capt. Jack! (HEHEHE)

you're leaving now? come back soon, we will miss ya, make thousand of photos and then tell us, I'm curious (and still alive stick out tongue ).
Will you understand that japanese?

have a brilliant time jaeh!! big grin
im sure it will be a life changing experience!!!!!!!

Tramps Lady
nooo!!! jaeh!!!!! lol. have a great time


nihongo wa tanoshi desu:P

and for those who dont know wat that means is "Japanese is fun" lol

oh, really? you can speak japanese?

Tramps Lady


i learn it at school, only been learning for a year, but i can speak pretty fluently.

i did one term of german and can speak somewat fluent. my dads amazed...but japanese is better:P

Have fun in Japan!!! Will you have any access to a computer?

Tramps Lady
hai, wat she said:P^^^^

have a tanoshi time:P

I'm so jealous gosh. I want to go so bad. Can I hide in your suitcase?? sad

smile Have a safe trip!

I'm learning Japanese too but I have to do it myself since there are no classes around and I'm out of school. But I've been doing just fine so whatever haha

Okiotsukete haha

Have a great time! We'll miss you!

Hey hunnybunny--JCapt--have a ball, we'll of course miss you if we don't die of jealousy (in my case). Make us proud--won't be hard--can't wait til you find the Japanese piratistas!! That should be a hoot. Take postcards of your hometown--they're easy to transport--and spices of your town--have a ball, are you going to be away from home at Christmas? You're brave and you're Awe, er PotC-some--dig it the most. Take all you can--give nothing back!! Aye matey, as you will, release the lines, let her run free! Life is good indeed. I know you'll do right fine becos you are the only piratista so far to announce--hey it's my birthday let's party--woman after my own heart. You smooth rock!

Have loads of Fun!!! keep a journal and document everything!! lol!! we'll miss ya!

Tramps Lady
and i cant be stuffed making a new thread, which will probably be moved for sweeny todd, but heres the official site ...i thinkbig grin

and offical site is the clickable linkbig grin



I'm going to miss you so much while you're gone, chica - who will I talk to when I wake up in the morning? stick out tongue

I know you are going to have an AWEsome time, love, and I'm so excited for you. Remember to layer and stay nice and toasty - hot chocolate is great wink

I'll miss you!!!!! weep

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