Christmas Classics dvd boxed set

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Hello there all of you. I hope all of you are having a wonderful start of this new holiday season. I can feel it in the air, it feels like Christmas already! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, I love getting in the holiday mood. The only downfall about Christmas is braving all those lines in the mall, I know this year will be hell so I'm trying to get most of my Christmas shopping done online, hopefully I can get away with most of my list with that idea, hehe.

I'm sure many of you all remember those claymation Christmas specials that would always come on during Christmas. The ones with Rudolph, Frosty, and The Little Drummer Boy, I mean how can you not know about those. I love watching them with my family, and introducing my young ones to them for the first time. And now that they've come out with a dvd boxed set of all the original 7 classics, i don't have to wait till Christmas to see if they come on tv. Plus they edit the hell out of them now, so it's not the same as watching the original versions. Do any of you guys out there plan on getting the dvd boxed set? There's only 21 days left till Christmas!

Are they very interesting, if so I will buy them. And I got to know that is offering a buy one get on free sale for the HD-DVD movies, I am going to pick up some dvds there, if you intend to get some dvds you should have a look at there, you can find the sale items page by search in the with " B1G1 free sale ".

The Grey Fox
What? It doesn't have 'Jingle all the way'? oh

at least am not the only one who likes that movie

Hey cloudysky I think you should definitely get them! They are worth it, plus a friend of mine told me you can get them for around $20 bucks at Costco. There's only 11 days left till Xmas!

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