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Tramps Lady
over myspace, -savvychick- (a.k.a. karoline) and i have been working on a secret espionage through comments and bullitens... and we thought ahh, we'll wing it but then we thought we could post our espionage missions here. Mind you, this started when i said "I'm awesome..and your my sidekick" then she wanted names...then it lead to missions.

My name was "Clarkeyfying" due to loving Michael Clarke... and hers was "Deppifying"-im just going to use "C" and "D"...its too much work to a lazy a$$...
Heres our missionbig grin

"Clarkeyfying" and "Deppifying" are planning their first espionage!

C: Okay, Whipped Cream?

D: Check

C: Cherries?

D: Check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, and check

*C looks at D*

D: What!? We have 10 cherries!

C: *sigh* Icing?

D: Check

C: Melted Chocolate?

D: Check

C: Ice-cream?

D: Check

C: Plane To France?

D: Check

C: Hot Fudge?

D: Check

C: Johnny?

D: Ch...Wait...What!? You never said we NEEDED Johnny!

C: Well we...kind of do...

D: But we have the plane to France... I thought we were using them to get to him

C: I know...I'm just messing wit' ya

D: Hurry...keep going

C: PINK fuzzy handcuffs?

D: Hot pink or light pink?

C: Hot pink

D: *sigh* Check

C: Whips

D: Check, check

*C looks at D*

D: We need more fun!

C: Touche

D: Hey, do we need Ted and Terry's address?

C: No... because that would be stalking...

D: Right...

* we are...sitting here..not knowing what the hell to do next*

D: Are you planning on doing something, or telling me to do it?

C: Nah...

D: Are we going to get started?

C: In a second...let me think of a plan!

D: How about we just wing it?

C: I know... After much deep and profound brain things inside my head, I have decided we shall wing it

D: *sigh* What a great plan...

C: Now... I need Mission Impossible music!

Tramps Lady here we are...with the Mission Impossible Music...okay...just pretend you hear it

C: Hey! this sounds kool! *stops and does the robot* I am very clever king... tok tok tok tok... I am super genius... I am robot king of the monkey thing... compute... compute.

D: Are you just quoting Madagascar now!?


D: Yep...whatever

C: No... YOU whatever!

D: Well anyway, who died and made you king?

C: Who said anyone died?

D: ..........lets just get going with our espionage...

C: I'm in charge...dont give orders!

D: I'm just saying...we should really get our espionage started

C: I know! Lets start our espionage!

D: What I put up with...sheesh

*The girlies use their plane tickets to get to France*

D: Time to get us some Johnny!

Mina: NO!!!

C: I thought I told you not to tell her!

D: I thought you meant dont tell her we're humping johnny!

C: I said DONT tell HER we're doing this so she WONT got on a humping frenzy!

Mina: Ah... you guys are no fun...later...

D: Hey! Come back Mina!

C: No...leave her...

D: So... are we still planning on doing things to johnny with the whipped cream etc...for about 24 hours...then using him as bait to get our sparrabeth ending from T&T...then using him for things unknown after that?

C: ...uhm...yea...

D: But what if they choose to steal Johnny!?

C: Thats why he's BAIT!

D: But i thought...

C: What!?

D: That you wanted to keep him after we talk to T&T

C: I did...

D: Well why use him as bait?

C: Because we say if we get our sparrabeth ending we give Johnny back... they'll give us our ending...and we run off with Johnny...


C: Duh...

To Be continued...

I love you.

I would keep going, but I've gotta go =[[

lmao!!! cute!!! lol

Tramps Lady
and as we go along...u guys will be addedbig grin

yay!!!! big grin

it's fun, I love Humping Mina big grin

Tramps Lady
now...its like 12:50am...not in that much of a creative mood..ill try a bit once i wake upbig grin

Tramps Lady its we'll see how creative i am big grin

So we two girlies are in a taxi on our way to Johnnys house

D: Oh my god! im so excited!

C: I know!

Taxi Driver: For what?

C: It's a secret...

D: Espionage!

C: We weren't supposed to tell her!

Taxi Driver: Hang on! This is Johnny Depps address! Are you guys stalking him?

C: Even better...

Taxi Driver: I WANT IN!

D: What's your name?

Taxi Driver: It's a secret...but you can call me by my forum name Pirate Diva

C: We have a friend on a forum called Pirate Diva... what Forum?

Pirate Diva: KMC...

C & D: *look at each other* Oh my god!

Pirate Diva: What? is that the forum you guys go on?

D: YES!!

C: Whoo!!! Wanna join our espionage

Pirate Diva: Of course!

D: Wheeeeeee....espionage!..

*both look at her*

D: Dont do that again?

*both nod*

PDiva: So...what are you guys planning on doing?

*C and D tell PDiva about their espionage*

PDiva: I can't wait! Oh, i forgot...what are your names on the forum?

C: Tramps Lady...formerly know as CJL/CaptainJacksLuv

D: hyphen savvychick hyphen...formerly know as...hyhpen savvychick hyphen

C: You actually SAID hyphen!?

D: Yeah...duh...

PDiva: Geez you two are hilarious...

C: Not really...

D: Uhm...sorry to say this..but while you've been looking at us...a girl stepped out onto the road...

*all look-breaks screech*

???: What the ****(leave this word up to your imagination) do you think your doing...hang on...Pirate Diva!?

PDiva: ...MINA!!??

Mina: Yes! What the... hey! its Tramps and Savvy!

C & D: MINA!!!!

Mina: So...who's big idea was it to nearly run over me?

*all look at one another*


Now...all of in..every RP i made up on the this next ones going to take a bit...because i wanna plan this one..and we'll see if it works better having planned it lmao

So....what'd ya think...

And i'm thinking in the next bit im adding alot more of you guys...if i can find the right plotbig grin...just thought seeing as PD mentioned being in first..that i had to add her in...


Tramps Lady gonna have to start writing again..but just woke up..soo tired

lol this is awesome guys!!

Tramps Lady
Thankyoubig grin

i'll write some more in a matter of time, very hot and cant be botheredbig grin


Tramps Lady
okay, i'll try this, im listening to my ipod atm, so i might get sidetracked lmao.
Im gunna use our names on the forums now, because all know about our espionaging:P


Mina: SO!?!?!

PDiva: It wasnt any of us..we were too busy...uhm...

Mina: Espionaging?

PDiva: She knows!?!?

Mina: Ofcourse i do!!!

Tramps: Yeah, we told her, she was at the airport

???: I told you we'd get there before them!

???: Well, uhm...whos that over there?

Savvychick: Hello?

???: Who are you guys?

Tramps: Right back at ya

???: Well, im Sifzensinril

*all look at one another*

Savvychick: Sif from KMC!?!?

???: Yeah she is, and I'm Jaeh

Tramps: O....My....GOSH!!!!

???: Whats so...o my gosh about that? oh, and I'm Savvysparrowluv

Mina: This is incredibly freaky...

Sif: What? Who? Where? When? Why!? How!!!!??

Tramps: What is; we know you

Savvychick: Who is Savvychick *points to herself* Mina *points* PirateDiva *points* and TrampsLady *ponts*

Tramps: Oi! only monkeys point!

Mina: and Where is..Wait...we're at johnnys house!!! omg!!!

SavvyChick: When is...uhm..i cant answer that...

PDiva: Why is our espionage

*Tramps looks at PDiva angrily*

PDiva: What!? oh, and How guys should answer that...

Jaeh: Uhm...We cant...

???: No, But i can...

*all look*

???: They found out about your espionage and planned to get here before all of you.

SSL: Who ARE you?

???: The girl that got here before you all!!!

Jaeh: Zac_Depp?


okay, so like i promised..this one didnt turn out to be planned, as i thought i should just write one now:P ill try and plan the next one lmao

lol it was so good!! I'm looking forward to next one :P

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