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I am just starting writing. I recently read a story called "Tell Tale Heart" and another called "Bernice". They gave me an idea. Not a large one, but they did.

This story is called "Tick Tock" Written and thought of by me. I'm proud of it. This is a narrated story, and doesn't really have a point, other than to scare, or send a shiver down your spine. Perhaps more of to see what goes on in my head.

Tick Tock.

Tick... tock... How that clock drives me mad.. Ticking and tocking.. Driving me insane. How I despise that clock, and it's ticks and it's tocks.. I can not take it. I took the clock from the wall, and hurled it at the wall, oh but to the damned misfortune, it struck my lover. Blood splashed from her face, oh how the ticks and the tocks continued. Even as my lover bled, it continued. Driving me more mad. Now my lover, she screams. The screams combined to the ticks and the tocks, I can not take it! I lift the clock, and bash it in to my lover's head, again, and again, and again! They must be silenced! I can not take this!

I lift the still ticking and tocking clock, damn this infernal contraption! Why does it not stop! My lover still breathes! And utters one more scream! They will not silence! Why won't they stop?! I take the clock, and at my lover's expense, bash it in to her face, oh how the cracking sounds of my lover's teeth and skull cracking in to the wood of the clock excited me, knowing they will be silenced soon!

I strike her again, the ticks and tocks and screams seeming to grow louder, I struck her for what seemed like hours before I noticed the ticks and tocks have stopped. How happy day, the clock has stopped! Oh what have I done! I have killed my lover! Her teeth and face, horrible smashed! Her skull is showing, her eye hanging, Oh what have I done?! They will get me! What shall I do?!

I must hide the body.. That's what I shall do. Bury it, burn it, cover it in cement! It matters not, I must get rid of it! I pick up my lover, and drag her through the house, a trail of blood following close behind us, damn the blood.. I can hear it's gurgles.. I can hear it drying.. I must get rid of it! Of course! Burn the house and render it an accident! Oh how smart I am, no one shall ever know! The blood will never be seen, and never be heard! Oh how smart I am..

I grab a keg, and pour it all around the house! I run in to the pantry, and grab oil. Oh how great this is! The ticks, the tocks, the screams, the blood.. All going to be gone forever from my life! But.. what if I am found out?! No.. I am far to clever.. I pour the oil on the body, then on the blood. All over the clock, with it's silenced ticks and tocks. Oh happy day..

I make a trail, from the body to the door with the oil, then light a match, I light it, oh the burning sound.. the smell of the match.. The burning of the soaked tip.. Oh how I love it. I lean down, and light the oil, but oh what a fool I was! I forgot to clean my hands! Damn it all! Damn it all to hell! My hands are burning! Oh my, the ticks and tocks have returned! I'm burning! I fall to the ground, trying to put my hands in something to douse the fire burning my skins, and now my sleeves!

Oh my, I am such a fool! I fell directly in to the fire in my attempt! My body is burning, and my own screams rip from my throat! My god, please help me! Help me douse this fire! Help me stop the screams! I hear them all! The ticks and the tocks! The screams of my lover, oh what a fate!

I awake in my bed, and look around. I am alive? Oh my what a dream.. How could I have thought such things? I look around once more, and see the corpse of my lover, and let a shriek of terror, her face is smashed, her body bloody! The ticking and tocking of my clock no where to be heard. I hastily light the candle, and let another shriek, the clock is next to her body, smashed and bloodied!

How could this be? It was a dream! No.. I remember now.. I fell asleep to the silence.. Oh how I adored the silence.. But what have I done.. Why?! Damn it all! What shall I do.. Alert the police? Alert anyone?! No.. I must do the honorable thing.. I run to my tool shed, and grab a rope. I run back in to my home, and run up the stairs, tripping in my haste. Ow my head... I think I am bleeding.. It matters not! This must be done! I tie the ropes to the rails of the stairs, and tie a noose in the rope.

I put the noose around my neck, and jump over the rails without a second thought! Oh how foolish this was! The rope was too short! It did not break my neck! I can't breathe! Oh what a death this is! Slow.. painful.. What shall I do?! How could I have been so clumsy as to not check the length of the rope!? It matters not.. My vision is fading.. What was that?! Ticking and tocking?! This cannot be! It simply can not be! The clock is smashed!

I am hanging here, yet to pass on. The ticking and tocking flowing through my ears! I can not take it! Please set me free! I beg of you! Let me die quickly! Oh.. yes.. I feel my heart stopping.. the blood in my veins beginning to pause.. sweet.. death has.. come for me.

I open my eyes, standing in front of my clock. Growling at it's ticking and tocking, before ripping it from the wall.

This one isn't as well written, and didn't come out as well as Tick Tock. But I still like it. it might be a bit short.. I might add more later.
I'll call it..


I stand in wake, looking out in to the darkness. How dark it is, just as the clouded minds of the thousands dying every second. Perhaps it is time I run or die, this is my final chance for survival or sweet death! Now I know that I can either direct my attention to the beasts, or the survivors, This is my final hour!

I know one of three things for sure, I have no bullets for my gun, Only an axe. I laugh to myself, slowly losing sanity. I rush out the door, only to see a knife fly by my head, I gasp in terror; That almost hit me! What should I do.. I see the beast, throwing the knives and running at me! I grip the axe in my hands, and swing with all my might, bashing the skull of my enemy. Blood splashed on to my face and torn clothing.. Disgusting! It stinks like death!

They are already dead, by die once more! My ace is pulled from the beast's skull, and I press forward. Oh my, there are more! I can not go on! I must find my way back to the safety of the wooden house. I turn and run, only to let out a scream. Gah! A throwing axe is in my leg! I must keep going, I will pull it out later! I can't move my leg, the blade is in the bone! My blood is pouring like water from a faucet! I must keep going!

I limp, dragging my leg as fast as I can, I limp and limp, all the way to the house. Slamming the metal door shut and bolting it locked. I lean against it, safety at last.. I can't leave, they will kill me! I turn, and to my expense, I see many small insects seeping from the wall, what the hell are they?! They're like leeches, only covered in blood! They're jumping at me, I throw myself to the floor to dodge my small attackers.. Gah! My leg! The axe slammed through when I hit the floor! My leg is gone! The blood.. Oh the blood.

I can't take this, I must die! I look around, seeing many people, where did they come from! I see my family, huddled together for safety, before bursting in to flame! I see my friends, getting slashed! My blood must be almost gone, for I am losing my sight and pigment.. This is it, I can not take it.. I scream in pain as a leech latches on to my chest, It has teeth! It hurts like hell! Please get it off!

It's ripped through my chest, I can see my own heart and lungs! This is not good.. I am for dead.. Good bye to the damned.. Good bye to the righteous.. Wait.. Where are they going?! The leeches are leaving! I'm being left to suffer! I can not take this.. I slowly reach in to the hole in my chest, before gripping my heart, and ripping it from my chest. That was that, I instantly died... how can I still think?! How do I feel the pain.. I'm dead.. Yet I'm alive.. This isn't right.. It can't be; I should be dead!

By the way, I don't mind Criticism and/or praise! ^.^

0o0..... that.... was.... fricken.... AWESOME! *kisses your head* I LOVE THAT LITTLE BRAIN OF YOURS! YOUR INSANITY IS AMAZING! nayahahahahaha....*ahem*... i mean.. i'd give it 5/5 stars.

Nice! Great insanity! Argh! *Bashes your head* oops? Still good anyway: 8/10

Oh, Thank you, you two.

I've written many stories just like that.. but I can't post the other 17 stories. They involve too many curse words that would be blocked out, and would ruin the story. If I get 50+ votes yes on the stories I have posted, I am going to pay for my stories to be published in a book.

Forever Beauty

It's been so long... Hahaha... I've wandered the earth through the night and through the day.., I've killed many, and I've saved many. Life isn't worth killing or saving anyone.. I wish to die, not kill.. I want to be the death of myself.. The death of the one who is called God.. The death to all the false hopes of mankind.. I can not stand those who follows nothing! What is wrong with them?! They follow all but the truth!

Well.. This is the end of my travels.. I stand here on this ledge, overlooking the dark sea.. To me, it is a sea of blood and death.., To others, it is but water.. Hahaha.. Death will come for me soon.. Listen to the water hitting the sharp rocks below.. listen to the birds chirp from behind me.. The ledge I am standing on.. It rumbles and cracks from my weight.. Hahaha.. I don't weigh that much.. Maybe a hundred and fifty.. It doesn't matter.. Look at the water.. Waves maybe two feet high.. The sharp rocks below as visible as the storm clouds overhead.. Haha..

The thunder is a wonderful sound, and the lightning is a beautiful sight.. If only I could paint you the sight before me.. The rocks below.. the waves smashing in to them.. the rain that is but a half mile off coast.. Haha.. That is my life.. See the rain and lightning? See the water ripple below it with every of the millions of drops? Yeah.. every drop falls and adds to the ocean.. Every drop adding on to my sorrow..

The ledge is so fragile.. The ledge is so close to my feet.. Small rocks are falling every time I adjust my weight... Only to fall and hit the water.. Should I jump..? Should I let myself fall on to the sharp rocks, impaling my body in to my end? Should I let myself be dragged to the gates of the darkness? Haha.. I do not mind.. the darkness of death will forever be there.. But the beauty of the forest behind me will not.. The beauty of the rain that falls in to the ocean.., Will not.

I have decided! It is my fate to die here! I lift a foot, and bring it down on to the ledge, and a loud crack is her, the ledge breaks, and I am falling.. The sharp, jagged rocks below me come closer.. Nngh! They.. pierced my chest, my skull, my stomach.. The darkness draws close, oh thank you, oh peace may you come closer..

More to come whenever I get more reviews, critique, and praise or whatever.... Sorry, I have been a bit down, I guess.

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