Team Therapy

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The Gryffindor Quidditch Team is having "team therapy"

O : Oliver

K : Katie

A : Angelina

Al : Alicia

F : Fred

G : George

Dr. K : doctor Keish

Also, I didn't add so much description, because when I wrote it I wanted it to be like the reader (you) is eavesdropping on them, hope you like it =)


Dr. K: "ok,Wood you sit there,Bell, you go there, Johnson there, Spinnet you go there,Weasley...oh Frederick here and George Weasley here "

O: "ok"

K: "works for me"

Al: "at least I'm not next to Oliver"

O: "hey!"

Al: "I hate you"

O: "I hate you more"

K: "Oliver, Alicia stop fighting!"

O: "shut up"

K: "don't you shut me up!"

O:"shut up"

K:"no you shut up"

Dr. K: "ok, Oliver, Katie stop fighting!"

O / K :"fine!"

Dr. K: "we'll start with...oh wait, where is Mr. Potter?"

F: "sick"

O: "out"

A: "making out with Ginny probably"

F/G: "what?!"

A: "oh come on like you didn't know!"

F:"I'm going to kill him"

K:"don't worry Voldemort is already planning that for you"

A:"oh! don't say it so loud"

O: "shut up Johnson!"

K:"right, maybe he's out there saving the world again"

G: "I know, it's like he lives of that"

O:"he is the one with the problem, he should be here instead of us"

K:"I think you have a problem"

O:"only you could be my problem"

K:"so because I'm a chaser I'm your property?!"

O:"oh honey I would never want you as my property"


Dr. K:"Alicia!"

Al: "Dr. Keish he deserved it!"

F:"no, you don't want her as your property, you want her as your lover"



O:"ok, Weasley come here right now and repeat that to my face!"

Al.:"oh so you think because you're the captain you're the toughest!"

O:"I'm tougher than you Spinnet! you always bail on practice!"

Al:"that's because you're a nazi!"

Dr. K:"nobody moves from their seats! now all of you shut up!"

A:" could try being nicer"

G:"you could create us some emotional trouble"

A:"stop it Weasley!"


A:"stop trying to touch my leg!"

F:"you're not even that hot!"

A:"you think I'm hot?"

Dr. K:"children already shut up!"

Silence and some moans

Dr. K:"we'll start with Mr. Wood then"


Dr. K:"so, how long have you been suffering of these-"

Al:"need to get laid?"

Dr. K:"Spinnet! I was gonna say insomnia?

O:"for about three weeks now"

Dr. K:"I see, so can you tell me what sort of problems you've faced on your life lately?"


K: "an increasing need for a snog maybe"

G:"haha good one!"

Dr. K:"Weasley, Bell please"


Dr. K:"where were we Mr. Wood?"

O:"well, I've been under a lot of pressure, this year is my last chance of-"

K/A/Al/F/G:"winning the quidditch cup!"

O:"well yeah, but if you don't cooperate with me-"

A:"and your dawn practices?"

Al::"and your whining?"

K:"and your special quidditch diet?"

Dr. K:"a diet? you girls seem pretty fit to me"

K:"tell that to Mr.You-Have-To-Eat-Healthy-So-I'll-Win-The-Cup"

Dr. K:"haven't you girls thought that maybe he's giving you a special diet for your own good?"

O:"maybe I am girls, huh huh!"

Dr. K:"Mr. Wood"


K:"no, he's just trying to keep us fit and healthy so we don't pass out in any of his , I repeat, DAWN practices and we don't have to take some time off"


K:"well, Ollie, it's time you realize practice at four in the morning isn't right!"

A:"or legal!"

O:"Bell, Johnson!"

Dr. K."I call you by your last names here , Mr. Wood"

O: "what? but I'm the captain"


Dr. K:"Mr. Wood"


A:"anyway, he's trying to keep us because he knows nobody is going to enter the team"

F:"all Hogwarts fears him"

G:"they fear him more than Voldemort"

A:"ok, someone really has to listen to me and stop saying it so loud"

F:"stop being so superstitious Angie"



A:"I'm just cautious"


A:"I'm the coward after you left us in that match against Slytherin?"

F:"I was sick"

K:"I can sense a lot of fear in you, Weasley"


K: "the force, my young padawan"

Al.:"stop it, we know Fred had diarrhea that day"

O:"you had diarrhea?!"

F:"at least I don't have hemorrhoids"


A:"now that's the seed of all our problems"

F/G:"Ollie, feels weird down there!"

Giggles, giggles and more giggles

O:"shut up! I don't have hemorrhoids!"

G:"must be because of the broom!"

O:"you don't even know what hemorrhoids are do you?"

G:"not really, it just sounds so funny!"

K:"you're so dumb"

G:"oh somebody is having her PMS"

K:"shut up George!"

G:"or is it just your deep love for our captain?"

K:"shut up!"

O:"what? who loves me?"

Al:"just your mother Oliver"

O:"oh yeah? well maybe if you talked to my fans-"

A:"what fans? oh you mean the group of first years that follow you to the bathroom!"

K:"they followed you to the bathroom?"

F:"so they met Ollie Jr. huh"

A:"Ollie Jr. Jr."


A:"it's so small"

Dr. K:"Johnson!"


Dr. K:"Weasley, Bell, Weasley number two, Spinnet, stop laughing!"

G:"Weasley number two?! now that will create me a personality issue"

F:"you're the second George"

O:"you already have a personality issue, with all your pranks!"

G:"oh Ollie is sensitive!"

O:"why is it always me?!"

Dr. K:"Wood, stop crying"

O:"I'm -hiccup- not crying -sob-"

A:"don't worry Oliver, they once filled my robe with gummy bears, you're not only one"

F:"oh Angelina you loved it! you even licked it!"


Al:"how can you tell Fred?"


Al:"that she licked it"

Smirk, smirk

Dr. K:"kids will you listen to me?"

K:"sure, when Ollie stops checking me out"

O:"what?! I wasn't checking you out Bell!"

Dr. K:"Mr. Wood"

O:"sorry, Katie!"

K:"you so were!"

A:"yeah, I saw your perverted eyes!"

F/G (singing ):"Ollie and Katie sitting in a tree!"

O:"Fred, George you can't sing!"

F/G:"you're jealous of our natural talent"

O:"whatever! I have a girlfriend"

Al:"who? Madeline, the 78 year old woman who sells the quidditch kits?"

O:"haha, actually it's Ashley James"

K:"the ****?"

Dr. K:"Bell, please language!"

F:"someone is jealous"

K:"you wish, I'm fine with Ceddy"


A:"Cedric Diggory"


Dr. K:"Wood please have some composure, it's ok, you can go back to your natural skin color...ughh they don't pay me enough for this"

O:"you're going out with Diggory?"

G:"Ceddy, Ollie, don't forget it, Ceddy"

O:"shut up!"

F:"Ollie is mad because Katie is dating the golden boy!"

K:"don't call him that"

O:"oh yeah you're defending your boyfriend, what is it Bell? I mean Katie, can't he defend himself?"

K:"oh he can defend himself very well, especially since he's better than you!"

O:"he's not!"

K:"Hufflepuff always wins thanks to him!"

O:"they cheat!"

K:"they're Hufflepuff's they can't cheat!"

O:"oh they're not perfect! I cannot believe you Bell, you're actually defending the Hufflepuffs!"

K:"at least I'm not dating a ****!"

O:"she's not a ****!"

Al:"Oliver, that girl would do anything that moves!"

F:"I hope you're not expecting to get her 'gift'!"

G:"but don't worry she already gave it to half Hogwarts why wouldn't she give it to Oliver?"

K:"she hasn't given it to any Hufflepuff I'm sure"

F:"oh come on Katie! they have needs too!"

A:"Fred don't talk like that!"

Dr. K:"Weasley, there are girls in here!"

F:"well they should know, for their safety, that even though the Hufflepuffs look like perfect, beautiful, respectful, golden boys, in the inside they're animals like us!"

K:"you're the animal, Ceddy would never-"

G:"hey I once saw Cedric with Ashley"



K:"I'm going to kill that ****!"

O:"I'm going to kill Cedric!"

Dr. K:"I'm going to kill you all if you don't shut up!"

O:Wide eyed

K:Wide eyed

A:Wide eyed

Al:Wide eyed

F:Wide eyed

G:Wide eyed

A:"hey you just had to ask"

Al:"I told you the psychiatrist wasn't going to work"

O:"you did not"

K:"oh yes we did Oliver, we told you, but you never listen to us!"

Dr. K"Bell! All of you stay quiet as I examine Oliver!"



more on the next postt =)

Dr. K:"so you were telling me you've been under a lot of pressure to win the quidditch cup"


Dr. K:"why is this cup so important for you Oliver?"

O:"well, not just for me, but the team too"


Dr. K:"Spinnet! now continue Oliver"

O:"um... I just, Gryffindor hasn't won in a long time and..."

K:"and he enjoys torturing us"

Dr. K"Katie please"

K:"I still won't believe that about Ceddy"

G:"come on Katie, we saw them"


O:"see? total lack of focus!"

Al:"lack of focus Oliver?! you're kidding right?"

K:"well, how am I supposed to focus when our dear captain is flirting with the girls in the audience"

O:"Katie, I was not flirting!"

F:"and not just girls"

Dr. K:"Weasley, Spinnet, stop laughing!"

K:"oh yes you were Oliver, I saw you flirting with that Ravenclaw!"

A:"and you accused Katie of treason because she went out with Flint"

F/G:"Katie what?!"


Al:"Katie , you never told me of that one!"

K:"I didn't"

F:"don't lie"

A:"oh dear Oliver is turning purple now!"

G:"you think he's breathing?"

O:"Flint?!you dated Flint?!"

G:"and with those teeth?"

K:"stop! I was young and his teeth weren't like that!"

F:"so Katie what it is like to kiss a vampire?"

Laughing and more laughing

K:"Fred, shut up"

Al:"so you told Angelina but you didn't tell me?"

K:"Alicia I'm so sorry but you were away and I just forgot"

A:"or she just blocked it from her mind"

Al:"I cannot believe you never told me"

Dr. K:"Oliver please breath"


A:"ok, well, at least he's back to his color"

F:"I hate it when he does that"

A/K:"what? the Ollie-Rainbow?"


A:"me too"

Al:"Oliver, if it helps I don't really hate you"


O:"I don't hate you either Alicia"

Al:"I do hate all your quidditch lectures"

A:"lets face it Ollie, you can be quite annoying"

K:"yeah, can you imagine having breakfast with Oliver's voice next to your ear whispering quidditch moves?"

F:"his yelling still haunts me in my sleep"

O:"how am I not to yell at you if you're telling jokes the whole practice!"

F:"well, dear captain, that should keep the girls awake at four in the morning"

O:"oh come on! four in the morning is a great time to practice! plus we can't lose anymore time"

G:"we wouldn't lose it if you weren't so busy looking at Katie!"

K:"so you look at me, Ollie?"

O:"I do not"

A:"and that's why you're blushing"

Dr. K:"silence!"


Dr. K:"so, Angelina, Alicia, Frederick and George, how do you handle practice with all the sexual tension between Oliver and Katie?"


F:"well, it's been pretty hard actually"

Al:"I once broke my toe and Oliver didn't care because he was flirting with Katie"

O:"you didn't break your toe! you were lying, I knew you were lying so I didn't listen to you!"

Al:"because you were flirting with Katie"


O:"no! because I was helping Katie with a move, and stop laughing"


Dr. K:"for Merlin's sake, you have more problems than I thought, I can't do this!"

K:"wait is she leaving?"

A:"but she can't leave"

Al:"yet, she is"

F:"does that mean we get to leave?"

O:"can we go to practice now?"



F:"I saw we go to Honeyducks"

K/A/Al:"yay! Honeyducks!"

K:"oh Alicia I'm sorry I never told you about Flint"

Al:"don't worry, I never listen when you ramble about Oliver anyway"

G:"I don't know what I'd do without any of you guys"


G:"team hug!"


F:"brother, are you feeling all right?"

O:"lets go before George gets more sentimental"


AN:sigh: well, that was therapy with the team.

By the way, the "Wide eyed" deal was like a sound effect, you know like in movies. I hope that's clear, if not I still hope you enjoyed it, please Review if you can smile

love nemore

gh_hr _for_eva
WOW LIKE YOUR OTHER STORRY OUTA THIS WORLD big grin laughing out loud rolling on floor laughing rolling on floor laughing laughing out loud laughing Happy Dance

Thank you smile

Lmao, I loved it!!!

gh_hr _for_eva
please write more

I wrote a DeathEater therapy...problem is, it's in spanish, I'd have to translate it.

Glad you enjoyed it =)

gh_hr _for_eva
sounds like an awsome story but yes the spannish is a problem

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