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Okay, ladies. It's the holidays and we have a lot to be happy about, and as much as I've enjoyed the occasional AWE bashing...this is a thread to list reasons why we're getting/watching the dvd in the first place.

1. Elizabeth: she's not only a pirate in this one, but a pirate leader! Talk about cool. It's very rare that a woman, much less a young person, gets to give the motivational speech right before war, so we can celebrate her leadership.

2. The music. You won't believe this, but I was walking around on base the other day, and a formation was marching and they were singing "Hoist the Colors." How about that? The music is just so dramatic and fitting and really compliments the music from the first two movies.

3. Barbossa! If Barbossa was in DMC, it would have been just about perfect.

4. Will: Honestly, he's the most likable in this movie. He's embracing piracy, outpirating all of them. I think he comes into his own in this one and it's nice to see him grow up from the kid with the buckled shoes to the captain of the Flying Dutchman.

5. Comedy: Although this is the darkest POTC movie, it's actually the funniest also. Gibbs with a teddy bear? Everyone shooting at each other only to see their guns are water-logged? Pintel telling Jack and Barbossa to shut up? Egregious? Fun stuff.

6. The Unintentional Comedy: Come on. AWE has some definite cheesiness. There are things to laugh about that I'm sure T&T never wanted us to laugh at.

7. Swords! It's POTC. The action is astounding and beautiful and our trio never looked better fighting.

8. Hidden sparrabeth: It's so fun to see these two think they've put their feelings behind them, but watch for the stolen glances, the little bouts of respect and attraction.

9. James and Elizabeth kiss! It's almost, almost as seductive and forbidden as her and Jack kissing. It's a beautiful scene that stays with you.

10. Simple continuity: You just can't end POTC with DMC. There's too much at stake. At least AWE closes it up. We have closure and there is a bunch of fun after AWE we can have making up whatever we want.

Why will you guys watch AWE?

Ah, fun! smile So true. I will undoubtedly be watching and enjoying AWE during the break at some point... some of these may be overlaps of yours:

1. Will: yes, indeed. Really, mostly in the Tea Scene when he is dangling the compass and trying to be like Jack. I love that he can keep his nerve around Beckett AND Jones. And I love to see Orlando smile once in a while. Now, if I could only convince him to wash his hair...

2. The computer animation. FABULOUS. I becoming more and more impressed by the scenes they put together--- the cold icy place, the ship sailing through the stars, the whirlpool. Talk about soundstage magic.

3. The dead kraken scene. a masterful scene, in every way.

4. music, also. though there were parts i definitely DIDNT like, the over-arching intense epic Asian-esque bits really grew on me and i love hearing them now.

5. plot holes--- actually provide a fun way to try and figure stuff out and let your imagination wander in various directions.

6. Jack's ending: it has also really grown on me. I am understanding it differently, as he sails out of this adventure and into a new one. I think I appreciate his character more for being able to remain multi-dimensional without a tradition film arc.

7. Pirate Brethren. Love it. I could watch it over and over--- for the costumes, the little mannerisms, etc. Every one of those pirate lords put serious work into their characters, and it shows. the whole of shipwreck cove is just brilliant.

8. Beckett. I LOVE HIM. smile

1. Captain Jack Sparrow returns from the dead. I was just glad he was all well and back in action

2. Sparrbosa is the best rivalry around and it was great to see more scenes with them trying to one up each other even if they were a tad silly.

3. Will and Elizabeth consumate their marriage on the beach. I was happy that Will was happy anyway. He had really grown on me this installment to where he is one of my faves.

4. Captain Jack Maintains His Freedom. I was so happy with the way things ended for him...except I wish Barbosa hadn't escaped with the Black Pearl

1. It's Pirates!

2. Music is awesome.

3. I love the effects. It's just so beautiful. *tear*

4. I love the part after they go over the waterfall and they play audio from the ride.

5. I love all the Chinese stuff.

Really, the only things that made me unhappy about it was the Giant Tia scene and the ending. But the ending grew on me, too All that's left that I don't like is Calypso...

6. I love jack!

7. Elizabeth is so kick butt! haha But yeah she is so cool and the fact that a skinny little girl like her can be a tough pirate is great.

The Norrington: He was all hot and sexy, and AWESOME! ....*till he kinda, went...all....dead....* sad

The Action: That's one thing T&T know how to do *seems about it as of late*

Well...I don't know when I will buy it.....

anyways...the only reason I want to see it again....

1. To see Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow one last time.
2. To see the Brethren Court Scene.
3. To see the Parlay scene between the Pirates and the EITC
4. To see Jack sword fight with Davy up on the mast.
5. To see Jack and Lizzy soar above the Dutchman in the Parachute Scene.
6. To see jack Sparrow.

haha, here's some more...

1. to get inspired to watch the first two again, which i enjoy more anyways.

2. to get inspired to seriously twist up the plot in a fanfic

3. to search out those hidden Ah-ha! moments

4. to thank my stars Johnny Depp isn't actually as pale as he appears to be in sweeney todd.

5. to watch Elizabeth's character progression

1. To see Multiple Jacks

2. To see Jack Shirtless and imagine dirrty thoughts.

3. To see the stolen glances between Jack and Lizzie

4. To torture myself over and over with the "It would have never worked out between us," "Keep tellin' yourself that darling" scene.

5. To watch Jack's reaction when Will gets stabbed!

6. To watch the anticipation grow in the moment where Jack is waiting for the Dutchman and it's new Captain to come and help them save the Pirates.

7. To torture myself with the Parachute scene over and over again.

8. To watch parley scene.

9. To watch the Bloopers.

10. To watch Jack and Borbossa deleted scene.

11. To watch the scene where they all see Jack in the Locker for the first time!!

12. TO watch JACK, JACK and more JACK!!!

13. to watch Jack tell off Giselle and Scarlett.

14. To watch the Malestorm scene (love rain)

15. To watch Keith Richards.

i know some have been said already! lol

Good thread! All happy.

1. To see Jack being Jack
2. Humor!
3. To see Elizabeth's character progress
4.To torture myself with Sparrabeth scenes
5. To pick out the great quotes
6. The great music!
7.To watch Jack/Barbossa act like old grannies
8.Dead Kraken scene
9. I've always loved Jack's ending. Even though I so badly wanted that JE scene for closure. I like the idea of Jack chasing his ship, freedom and immortality
10. Parlay and brethren court scene
11. To see Jack vote Elizabeth
12. To see Will trying to think like Jack in the tea party scene
13. To see Jack admitting to himself that he must think like the whelp
14. See Jack save Lizzie and Willy

Did you just call Will Willy????/ that was AMAZING! hahahaha....

So sweetest, wildest, wily, spirited piratistas, I find AWE yes a big DITTO on any and all that's been said with:

Elisabeth's look at Jack when she states, "King."

The hot worship, 20 ways to Sunday, Is you is my baby?, honeymoon scene--for a variety of reasons, smell being the foremost one. Ain't nothing like being on the beach!

Jack's face when he looks at Barbossa and says the "we're proof...about coming back" and Barbossa says "exception to the rule" (wildly paraphrased)

The sailing through the stars scene--big sigh.

Wondering for what reason Giselle might have tried to use egregious

the hot weird moment when Tia Dalma says "don't say you didn't have fun at the time" In what might they have been engaged?!!

And the bestest, becos of Pirates, all of You--I have the bestest pirate movie in the universe, becos there isn't any last scene and there are lots and lots of unique looks and glances, and defining words, and love, unrequited, overtly expressed, generally shared with a minimum of tension--Aha moments when you just want to be able to hug that person, Savvy who trademarked that procedure, and Jaeh to finish Take all you can...generosity of spirit and brilliance, feeds my pirate soul in an everlasting if I live to be 112 kinda way. Been real fine to play here wit'cha, each and all.

The KMC/Pirates is more than boards or posts, signatures or avatars, ships or threads, agreeing to disagree or LOL, LMAO--this ship is freedom. Happy New Year, Piratistas and blackeyed peas, if you please--do those things you love on the first day of the new year so you'll be doing them all year long--smilie for fireworks temp. unavailable--but you know what it looks like!!

Originally posted by texgodiva2s

Wondering for what reason Giselle might have tried to use egregious

so true!!! i never thought about that... there's more to that strumpet than meets the eye. lol.

i've said this before, but i also LOVE that moment when Tia Dalma is like "dont tell me you didn't enjoy it at the time," And Jack giggles... the two of them have AMAZING chemistry. their faces are hilarious.

1. to see Johnny as the sexiest Jack he's ever been
2. to see Norrington (especially that SEXY kiss)
3. to see Beckett and especially to hear him say "Bloddy hell, there's nothing left!"

that sums it up 4 me :-)

ah wait... I forgot what is probably my favorite line in the entire series... (thats an exaggeration but you know what i mean)

after Elizabeth has given her "hoist the colours" speech, Gibbs steps in and says "The wind's on our side, boys, that's all we need!" and everyone starts cheering--- that line is AMAZING, it gives me chills every time...

Ah, finally watched it for the second time. There are so many things you may easily have missed the first time, just like the first two movies.

1. Barbossa actually does the reach-across with his arm for Elizabeth in the Singapore scene. You may remember your mom doing this in the car when you're in the passenger seat and she stops abruptly. He went from wanting to spill her blood over a bunch of coins to looking out for her. Aw.

2. Sao Feng's details. The details of his costume and makeup are amazing. I don't find him attractive, but I could look at him for hours just trying to figure out every little bit of him, especially the interesting scars on the side of his head. Chow Yun Fat/Yun Fat Chow really shined in this brief role of his. He was definitely underused.

3. The whole scene with Will and Liz below decks where she finally comes clean about everything. "You thought I loved him." Well, babe, we ALL did. It really is a parallel to their below decks scene where he bandages her hand in the first movie. Then it was a fledgling romance where Elizabeth was taking control, having Will's hand move down her body. Maybe had the more risque version been shown, I would have been a willabether. Anyways, now their relationship is on the rocks and Will is backing her into a It's fun to find parallels with the other movies.

4. Oh my gosh! The hidden but oh so there unrequited love Beckett has for Jack. That man can't get close enough or strut enough around Jack. I said before the whole series should be called "Everybody Loves Lizzie," but it really is Everybody Loves Jack. Watch how close Beckett gets to him, practically whispering in his ear when he wants the information about Shipwreck Cove. Beckett's a real badass in this movie and my mom commented how happy she was to see him die, but I think the mark Jack left on Beckett was a broken heart. Also notice when Jack points out the compass will not point to the pirates but to himself. He makes sure to wipe out any gay context and add "dead" to the sentence. Classic.

5. Okay, Kate, not everyone has brown eyes. Beckett and Gibbs have light colored eyes and I'm pretty sure James does too. Barbossa might also. It's only confirmed that Tia Dalma and our trio have brown eyes.

6. Tia Dalma's costume. She's my least favorite character, but it's in this movie, especially when they're trying to capsize the ship, that you can see just how gorgeous her dress is and how pretty she is.

7. Will's hard-on. I didn't notice it the first time because I was so enthralled with Liz's motivational speech. I kept thinking, "Jeez he's not worthy of her. Jack should be hearing this." But this second time, I was amused because Will's face looks like he's suppressing a hard-on. I guess he likes his women powerful.

texgodiva2s there's a pretty picture doncha know!! PiDiva tweaked me on that one--won't Never feel the same way about Hoist Your Colors--it was a fine speech

Gets me all hot and bothered about the Marry me, I don't think...he tells her I've made my choice and she is staring 1000 mile eyes through Will, then yells BARBOSSA--his face is a study and a half--so twisted and then absolutely beaming.

Also, Barbossa's fabulous--let's make war on The Flying Dutchman--let's kick and take names--speech where he is whipping everyone into a frenzy about what next on the Malestrom battle.

Also, his unique wedding ceremony--Dearly Beloved....the boy's got the gift of gab--and all the while murdering this one or that. Barbossa can be very engaging.

Beckett--icky--tiny twerp--Miz Kateloves, really you understand him in that 'special' way? Not with someone else's body parts......icky. sick blink

Hahahaha... no i love the character of Beckett, and i ADORE Tom Hollander. I think he's brilliant and has amazing range as an actor. And whenever Beckett is onscreen, I am smiling. But not anything romantic. lol. Same with Barbossa... some of my favorite characters to watch, but not as a fangirl. lol.

ditto to everything you said Willo---- It is SO TRUE that Beckett seriously gets into everyone's personal space, and especially Jack's... it's all going back to my theory of "kissing distance" and how putting two characters within "kissing distance" is just trouble. lol.

I don't think Beckett wants to see Jack dead at all. They have WAYYYY too much fun together. Between the fan and the tossing and the backstory we never get to see or even hear references too, it makes no sense why Beckett hates Jack... and I really don't think he does. lol.

Will's hard on? Never noticed it... I tend to think of him in a sort of androgynous way... watching him kiss is like watching Elizabeth make out with a wet cabbage patch doll or something. but I'll have to go back and check it out. I do love his line "how can I trust you?" during the bulwark/pillar/below decks scene... if they would have let that scene go on for two more minutes, I agree I might have been a bit more understanding of the end of the film.

Well, you don't actually see anything going on below his face, but just watch him. Lol.

Hmm, so are we going to assume then, Kate, that Beckett actually admired Jack's rebelliousness when he branded him a pirate and the whole "opposites attract" just built up into an obsession with the enigmatic pirate? I'm not slash-y in any way, but their relationship does intrigue me. I really wish they had gone into it more, primarily explaining the mark Jack left on Beckett rather than having us guess.

haha... yeah there are a million backstory opportunities they just didn't have time for i guess.

i dont think beckett is sexually attracted to jack--- he seems much too turned on by Elizabeth's shenanigans in film 2. why is he the one who can obviously smell the heat between her and jack? lol. I think he just really admires Jack and weirdly wants to be like him, wants to prove himself Jack's superior somehow. so yeah, i think there's a sense of obsession there, but not in a slashy way. sort of in a, peter pan constantly outwitting captain hook, who is obsessed with trying to beat peter, way.

Oh yes! Agree with the Jack/Beckett relationship. And WHY is he the one who keeps mentioning Jack to Liz and Liz to Jack? Oh well.

I must say another reason I liked it was some of the one of a kind lines.

Also I realized -as tex said- that I owe it to KMC and you guys.

In a way it wasn't AWE itself that was fun but everything that led up to it. All the talks, jokes and laughs. Speculating, finding out rumors and talking. So it wasn't really about just the movie but something on a wider scale. For me-for US- the movie didn't start with hanging pirates. It started with little whispers of rumors. "Singapore? Singapore you say? There's going to be a kid playing Jack in a flashback? No?! Lizzie's baby you say? Who does it look like?! Be honest now. CRABS???? JE kissing in the cove? YAY! Oh they don't? NO!!" and then then the mood swings. "I'm positive it's going to be good even if the ending isn't JE. NO! AWE IS GONNA SUCK!! I can't take it."

Good times! And I think now every time I watch AWE at the back of my mind I'm thinking of a discussion that went on here or a joke that no one I'm watching with would get but you guys would. example: Maybe if Jack had some Orbit this wouldn't have happened? I wonder if the goat's name is Icky? Or even the famous "What has the world done to you James?"

So you see! (sorry for the double post btw) It WAS fun. Even if it was stressful.

I enjoy watching it just to see the characters too! Jack with his hat!! lol
The marriage scene is a beautiful idea but it's still too painful to watch for me. Oh well, it was one of the highest grossing movies of the year...must be doing something right. Of course we all know it would beat all the movies had it been *cough* JE *cough* but it was still awesome...maybe not AWEsome as we'd hopes but awesome nevertheless

haha "what has the world done to you, James?" i am suddenly massively inspired to go watch DMC, the movie personification of the love of my life. sigh. we'll always have Tortuga...

Miz Tee PiGirl, that's it in a nutshell--it's our krewe--in addition to the wonderful story of the man. It's our jokes, impressions, obsessions, and all. Passion....from the movie to us and back again.

Miz Sailorleo, I bow to your new signature and/or avatar (avatar being the littler of the two, right Savvy?). They are absolutely one of the best of the alternative realities I've ever seen. You done good, little sister--and thanks for the sharing of it. How did you ever? Do I have this capability somewhere on my ancient Dell (wind 2000)?

Ah, really back to topic--Jack running?! Have you ever in your life seen anything as funny as Mr. Depp creating Captain Jack Sparrow channeling Forrest Gump? I hurt myselfhysterical
every time I see this wonderous thing--right arm pumping up and down, left arm circling like a back helicopter rotor, left and right feet heading towards two distinct compass points--knees almost to shoulder height hysterical

Ooh, yes, Beckett does seem to be a sparrabether. Odd, isn't it? There does seem to be sexual tension between him and Jack to me, but maybe I'm just a pervert. I guess the best of both worlds would be that Beckett, uh...has the best of both worlds, lol. As a bisexual, he can be attracted to Elizabeth (maybe he just likes mischievious people) and yet jealous of her, constantly fishing for information about her and Jack to see if maybe Jack's heart belongs to (gasp!) someone else.

the thing about beckett is, (similar to Jack) he seems to have sexual chemistry with everyone... Elizabeth, Will, Davy Jones, Jack... the only person he doesn't have sexual chemistry with is mercer (thank GOD). But he is more obvious about it than Jack is... he gets this creepy smile on his face and gets right up into people's personal space. Jack can just glance at someone across a room (like Elizabeth...) and there are sparks. haha.

I could easily be convinced that Beckett is in love with Jack, though. I mean, come on, they needed one more person thrown into that love pyramid. By now its what, a love hexagon? Will, Liz, Jack, James, Sao, Beckett... anyone i left out?

Oh wow. What I'd give to know how to do graphics on a post. Let's see.

Jack Sao James
Beckett Giselle Scarlett Sao's bodyguards Anamaria Tia + Davy

Now imagine a long diagonal line going from Will to Tia since they have some sexual tension too and this is as best as I can come up with.

i think what I'm getting from all that is, pretty much EVERYONE in POTC is involved in a Geometric Love Figure of some sort, and it's all linked together. ha ha. a love web. what a mess.

Oh, boy, I get to use two new terms I learned this year--slash, referring to those assignations which are uni-sexual and an oldie but a goodie, rogering. Willofthewisp and Kateloves made me have "thoughts" unbidden, uniquely pirate-y, decidedly not mainstream.....yep, let's change that to Thoughts with a capital T. I'm not saying this like it's a bad thang, it's just so novel to me to have thoughts about Beckett having thoughts about Jack, oh my.

HAHA!! That's funny to think of. A love web.
"We'll always have Tortuga" LOL Kate!!!
Beckett having feeling for Jack? Why ever not LOOOOOL!

Lol. Beckett's feelings for Jack are like a car wreck. It's disgusting and horrible and yet we can't take our eyes off it.

Deleted Scene (picks up where Beckett asks about Elizabeth and Jack shuts him up about it)

Jack: Now what is she to you? (paraphrasing)

Beckett: Oh nothing. I just never miss an opportunity to delve into what makes Jack Sparrow tick. (stands up and gets into Jack's personal bubble again)

Jack: (walks away and starts fingering the trinkets on the table. He pockets a very pretty buckle) One might say you're too much of an opportunist, so much so that once you have an opportunity you shouldn't take, you'll take the opportunity anyway and the next thing we all know, you'll be even shorter than you are now.

Beckett: (taken aback but keeping his cool) And with me out of your way, after already imprisoning Turner , you're free to whisk up your pirate lass and sail the seven seas with her.

Jack: And why would you even care if that was the plan? You would be six feet...or six hundred fathoms...whichever comes first...dead by then anyway.

Beckett: Miss Swann is capable, beautiful, impetuous. I would be shocked if you were not attracted to her.

Jack: What's truly shocking, mate, is that you don't seem to realize you're attracted to her too.

Beckett: (slightly flustered) Don't change the subject, Jack.

Jack: (takes a ring from the table and starts spinning it) It's all the same subject. You're the one who keeps mentioning her (spins it), lists all her amiable qualities (spins it again), and is fishing, as it were, for her availability (spins the ring but it falls on the floor. Jack looks for it and doesn't see it)

Beckett: I am doing nothing of the sort! I never allow the sins of the flesh to interfere with...

Jack: ....with all your other sins? (sees the ring and dives for it, rescuing it and putting it back on the table)

Beckett: I find the lass all the things I said, but she is nothing more than that.

Jack: Can't say I believe you. (smirks) Does someone else already have that oh-so enviable special place in that miniscule heart of yous?

(There is a pause. Beckett's lips tighten. Jack looks confused, and then his eyes go wide)

Jack: Uh, yes. Well then...I'll just be going from this ship off to another one (tiptoes to the door) one where there are no men. Yes, no men. Good day. (tries door. It's locked. Desperate, he jumps out the window)

Okay Miz Kateloves, somewhere, please don't ask, I've said 'kissing space'--and your theory is??

Willo, that was utterly fabulous. oh my gracious--- i can TOTALLY picture that being in the movie!! IF ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED the line about how Beckett doesn't allow the sins of the flesh to interfere with all his other sins... those kind of witty phrases that just make your writing so brilliant...

Tex, I have a theory on kissing-distance. Basically, when two people get within kissing distance of each other, the majority of the population is going to immediately find themselves thinking about kissing, even if they are two men, or about to stab each other, etc. Try it on yourself. Get within kissing distance of someone you would NEVER actually want to kiss (like say, your best friend or someone you are related to) and then try to maintain that proximity without some kind of kissing thought entering your head. it's a bit of a twisted theory. LOL.

So true, Kate. So true. It must have something to do with our personal space. We don't want just anyone to cuddle us or push us into a wall or even lean down too much. Good insight.

Oh, naughty wicked Miz KateLoves--now look what you'vedone...oh,my. I am definitely lmao at this moment--loud shocked but intrigued hoots!!

lol So Kissing Condition aka KateLoves Perversion Pivot 101, explains a lot. lol Yes, I have in my own life experienced something like this a time or two. I will add a codicil to your condition, Miz KateLoves, if you introduce tequila into the mix, why you might end up a bit more connected. You are quite the clever observer my dear girl, it's like the water drops that leap together after they achieve a certain closeness. Explains the long side glances that Jack is so expert at being given over to Beckett.

Someday, piratista KateLoves, I would adore sitting with you and Miz WilloftheWisp and shooting the breeze, maybe a glass or two of merlot. Oh, the tales what would get told and the laughing for days. Y'alls something fine--clever clever chits yes!! Thanks for the 'splanation. still lol a bunch.

My dear, that sounds divine. I can just imagine the conversations--- and I think we might frighten away anyone who happened by... merlot, or maybe just some good old Jack Daniels... hahaha. smile

hehe everytime i see that scene in AWE I think "He's gonna kiss him, OMG!" Even though I've already seen it and know he's not. Then I wonder why the heck he likes to get that close and why Jack isn't backing away..

KateLoves, well, we probably wouldn't get thrown out immediately..., but I feel assured we would be cut a wide berth by most--JD is just fine for me, long as it's only shots. Yea, would be some stuff. You've had a most interesting life from what I've gathered, way diff from me--I'm in one spot and loving it--love to travel, always glad to get home. One day, then this life or the next.

You got to wait for me to have my kid before I can go around sipping much of anything, but I'm not a JD fan. I'd try merlot, though, lol.

Iheartpocky, I don't think Jack is gay, but you've brought up an interesting point. Why isn't Jack a little more freaked out than he is? Shouldn't he be backing away? Maybe his twisted cool self wants to use that to his advantage. "If you love me, you'll just take Barbossa, Pintel, Ragetti, and Will and let me and the others go party."

Miz WilloftheWisp, one year + from May, then after CJ, darlin' beloved dutch nephew to KMC piratista aunties, has one year and has received most of the cool immunity thingies from you--not a prob--then we powwow--Merlot to start, it's soooo good with cheeses.

Oh, girls, life is so good to imagine--my favorite Einstein quote--Imagination is more important than Knowledge. Yep.

oh, and my favorite political quote--even if it's off topic:
If their peckers in your pocket their hearts and minds will follow. President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Old SOB was funny and real.

Thanks for the possiblities!! big grin

I think Beckett gets off on people threatening him with a gun, but the love of his life is Jack who could never love him the same way.

Ha ha, I missed this thread and welcome back, ericadawn. Yes, I think Beckett is a little turned on when Liz pulls a gun on him. I wonder what he does in his spare time when he isn't plotting...maybe he's an opium addict, a regular at "adult" shops. I bet he's a freak.

Hehe, well, the original script for DMC DID have him smoking right afterwards....

you've got to be kidding--as though he had "experienced relations"--with a substitute body never ceases to surprize me what information is out and possibly sgo (slightly grossed out).

Oh, that Beckett. He is almost as mysterious as Jack.


Ever since Blood Diamond, I have this unfortunate obsession with hot men smoking. I find it weirdly attractive. Even though in real life, i maintain it is a very bad habit. So why the blazes didn't we get to see Beckett smoke?

Come to think of it, does anyone besides Davy get to smoke in the pirate films? Not that I can remember...

It's funny how several of the Pirates characters are very ambiguous in their sexuality. Beckett definitely looks turned on by Elizabeth, but he is also clearly obsessed with Jack.

I think Beckett is one of T and T's most original bad guys to date, and would have been all the more fun if we had seen he and Jack's backstory.

Please expand on that, Kate. I think nearly all the pirates are heterosexual given their attraction/lust for Elizabeth. I know many people thought Jack was gay after COTBP but Johnny Depp quelled that by stating that Jack's sexuality was just mysterious and bordered on being asexual.

But I'm really curious as to what you think. Beckett I think is definitely gay or at least bi.

Beckett looked turned on about everything. Even when he was talking about it just being good business he seemed ready to orgasm.

Originally posted by willofthewisp
Please expand on that, Kate. I think nearly all the pirates are heterosexual given their attraction/lust for Elizabeth. I know many people thought Jack was gay after COTBP but Johnny Depp quelled that by stating that Jack's sexuality was just mysterious and bordered on being asexual.

But I'm really curious as to what you think. Beckett I think is definitely gay or at least bi.

I think Beckett is just one horny sod. Or to put it more politely, a very sensual and mildly sadistic guy caught up in Victorian England where everything is very restricted. So his interactions with Jack, Elizabeth, and pretty much everyone else in the Caribbean are bound to excite him. Poor guy's been stuck in brocade for too long.

Since everyone and their dog seem to be in love with Elizabeth, i don't think Beckett's attraction to her is a very serious testament to his sexual preferences. In my opinion, Beckett is interested in whatever sex he can get. And, any relationship he may have would be very twisted.

Jack for one doesn't seem unsettled by Beckett's attraction as he was when he thought Lizzie was a dude in film 2. He and Beckett act like they could have been boys at school together in the negotiating scene in film 3--- when they are playing with the fan and all. Like they are equals playing chess or something. They don't ever give off the vibe of being serious enemies--- not in my mind, anyway. Jack and Davy--- now they give off the vibe of real enemies.

What I'm trying to say with all this is, I think Beckett is in love with Jack, but other than that, he's straight. Or wants to be straight. haha. That's my read of him.

"Jack for one doesn't seem unsettled by Beckett's attraction as he was when he thought Lizzie was a dude in film 2. He and Beckett act like they could have been boys at school together in the negotiating scene in film 3--- when they are playing with the fan and all. Like they are equals playing chess or something. They don't ever give off the vibe of being serious enemies--- not in my mind, anyway. Jack and Davy--- now they give off the vibe of real enemies. "Kateloves

Oh, heavens, never check the board before you head for bed--MizKateloves, you astound me--equal parts practical and perverse, really love that in a piratista--I'm leaning towards ambiguity in all sexuality--any port in a storm so to speak--although (and I am laughing and embarassed as I type this, oh, and did I mention titalated)(oh God--I'm Beckett!!!!!--see Diva's untranslatable post) Jack and Beckett really do seem to have some special kind of inner dialogue going on. Really is like you said, Jack was the cool kid in school and Beckett a wannabe.

Victorian sexuality, now that's a thread and a half, nobody's introduction to things should include Tom Jones or Fanny Hill.
The fan dance skit was exceptional (and the goof scene where Mr. Depp sucks the liquid into his lungs evidently and loses his voice). Ragetti and Pintal==quite the pair. Oh, boy are there going to be weird dreams running around my sleepy head....

This is all so interesting and I don't know why! lol. I guess it's because we actually see very little of Beckett and in the first two scenes he's in in DMC, we don't know what his plan is. We don't know what he wants, why the compass is so important, etc. But he's so thrilling to watch in how he arrests Will and Liz (and calls for James, which is just part of his sadistic humor), how he talks Will into going and getting the compass, how he plays with Liz's mind, and it just goes on.

The DMC commentary by T&T says that they think Jack and Beckett are very similar people in that they know how to work people and get people to do what they want. But it seems they go about it different ways. Jack has scorned the establishment, choosing to model himself after Barbossa and other pirates. He wants no ties that will bind him to anyone or anything.

Beckett, though, seems to embrace the establishment and has made it work for him. He wasn't born the head of the EITC so he had to work his way up some kind of ladder and now he can use his power and position for his own goals. But yet he seems jealous of Jack too, always wanting to bring him down. Maybe it's because he knows pirates don't fall under his control because they exist outside the establishment. Maybe it's because Jack is free to be as sexual as he wants. It's even a running joke how many women Jack has "loved" over the years. It's a perfect Ahab/Moby Dick relationship where if Ahab can't capture his whale and have it for his own to do with what he wants, he'll destroy it and in the process destroy himself.

hahaha oh yes... ahab and the whale....

I think Beckett's line "It's Lord now, actually" pretty much sealed the deal for me right away in film 2 that Beckett uses his sexuality to get places--- but definitely not in the same way Jack does.

i agree with you Tex, there is a ton of sexual ambiguity in the films. i think that's what makes it so fun. most of it happens just enough below the surface to make it difficult to articulate. but it provides this undercurrent of tension, throws an interesting wrench into character interactions, and messes with your head.

because, we all saw serious chemistry between Jack and Elizabeth--- and its only fair to acknowledge that Beckett seems to have chemistry with everyone too... once he gets into proximity with them.

"you can fight and all of you will die, or you can surrender and only most of you will die"--- and we all know what that means. No wonder Jack allows Elizabeth to make them all fight. wink

ha ha, Beckett with sex slaves, is that you mean? (shivers)

Originally posted by katelovespirate

because, we all saw serious chemistry between Jack and Elizabeth---
Not all of us big grin

do we really have to have THAT argument again?

If there was one person I would have voted off the POTC island, it was Mercer. He was about three shades too dark and evil for the film, IMO.

Hmm, who would I have voted off? I'm sure selina would have voted off Elizabeth and steal all the men for herself, lol. Kate would vote off Mercer...I would probably still vote off Tia. I don't like her and even though she's interesting and brings a lot to the table, she flirts too much with Jack and Will, would just do the same to James and would parade around acting like she owned the place.

Growing Tia from Gulliver's Travels I would have voted off too. Yikes. lol.

Oh yeah, that sucked. I expected her to be this beautiful, greenish being that would dissolve into a mist that would turn into the giant whirlpool. Was I sadly mistaken.

Ew, Tia is creepy! I'd vote her off.

Don't know about voting off the cove--but I'm back to the intriguing KISS proximity theory--get within range and thoughts turn to naughties, love this theory by the way-- Jack = Beckett...ummm, the way that works for me is that both Jack and apparently Beckett can ascertain what another person wants. With Jack, Mr. Use Carrot, encourage that person to want that (which gets Jack what he wants) though Beckett appears to take the stick route, force a person to get that thing, (which gets Beckett what he wants). Beckett would force you to walk the plank, Jack could somehow tell you to go jump in the ocean and make you look forward to the swim.

Jack just standing beside you would cause your brain to go into overdrive, wouldn't it--the brighter the person, seems to me, the more confusion would be provoked. To best Jack, well, that would require doing. Jack never appeared to struggle to outwit anyone, except for Davy Jones--maybe he wasn't as far ahead of Tia Dalma as he would have liked to be, but it was fun at the time....

on Tex, you always have such a way of putting things.

If Jack told me to jump in the ocean, if Jack told me anything really, I'd have a difficult time saying no. He's a very persuasive character. I don't think I've known anyone in real life quite that charming. it's a shame. people should be more like Jack in general, I think.

Why, thanks and Miz Kateloves, you would adore my first love, looked like Roger Daltry in movie "Tommy" (song Pinball Wizard, the Who--now some others used for theme music in CIS miami). That man...we ceased to partner in '82 (old hippie girls didn't marry)--we still talk today (never imagined that would be).

Elisabeth's snits that she stomps off over something Jack has said or done, that would be me with mine. So furious, and so utterly intrigued. He also taught me "not enough oooooo's in smooth" to describe, in this case, Jack's fine technique of bending another's will to his. It would just feel wrong wouldn't it not to do what Jack wanted...

Oh, pondering on not doing something Jack wanted.

Willo: I don't think so, Jack. I'm not one to do anyone favors, really.

Jack: Oh, I see. My persuasion skills you find lacking?

Willo: It's not that, see...

(Jack is making a Puss in Boots face with his big brown eyes)

Willo: Oh...don't do that!

Jack: (looks down sheepishly and shuffles his foot in the ground) I'm sorry, I just...

(Willo breaks down and jumps in his arms)

Jack: So you'll go get me some popcorn?

Willo: (girlish and coy) Extra butter? Tee hee!

haha smile

clappingoh Miz WilloftheWisp, that's it in a nutshell--it's that head down, raising his eyes to your face, little sideways glance--that's it!!lmao--

And the rewards you would reap for doing the man's bidding, why, a smile, starting small, ending grand, a chin chuck, an "aww, love" or "darlin', I'm Captain Jack Sparrow". Don't much see him as a pat your bottom sort, but one can dreamnaughty.

Pat or spank? wink

Oh, goodness revisited, but I'm embarrasment wink. I had to really weigh the delicious factor when I considered the possibilities...seems like to me anyway, whatever the market would bare, er bear, that's what Jack would use. Surely his arsenal of behaviors and machinations would include, well, many choices for manipulating the women or men in his contact.

Now, look what you've done, lolembarrasment--I'm sitting here trying to picture such a situation, my oh my. Possibilities...John Wayne McLintock style, or Nick and Nora, The Thin Man, Willy Shakespeare re-write in Kiss Me Kate? Elvis in Blue Hawaii...doesn't seem to be any great examples from the last 15 years or so.. Wicked WilloftheWisp--pretty amusing all in all.

How else can we accentuate the positive in AWE? I realize I spelled it wrong in the title. ha ha ha. Just when I had to defend my English skills...

Oh I know! Let's talk about Jack and Davy sword fighting!

The only scene I ended up REALLY repeating in POTC was Davy Jones entering and playing the organ....

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