If you could change One Thing about AWE...

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We've all discussed various problems we have with AWE. So, if you had a chance to go back in time and change one thing about the movie, what would it be?

Well, children, as of right this moment, it's James and Will, even money--of course there's only been two votes, I'm almost certain this will change. Any or all of the choices are good for me--I just went with the one that would alleviate some of the suffering in my mind. Good golly, Miz Kateloves, what caused you to think up on this one? It's good, just who'dathoughtit? blink

well...I of course voted for a smoking hot ending between Jack and Lizzy...duh! Like as if I would vote any other way.......I would like to vote for James to still be alive...but I wanted smoking hot endings even more so than that........and Will....well, who cares if his curse is broken or not...he can stay on that stupid flying dutchman forever for all I care! I know....pretty cruel...but hey.....as in the words of Davy...it's a cruel world, why should the afterlife be any different!LOL

i would cut out Giant Tia. And slap whoever brought the thought up.

haha oh yeah i forgot about that one... i must have blocked it out. wink

i voted to keep James alive. of course, i would do anything for a smoking hot J/E ending, but I really, really didn't like that Norrington got the ax for being a dear.

and Tex, these are important questions that need answering. LOL. wink

Norrington sadwalk

Such hard choices, Kate! I really deliberated! I picked James even though I would have loved to have picked the other choices too, so here is my reasoning.

With James alive, he would have come to the Empress with Elizabeth and maybe provided some reason to the brethren court. Either that, or they would have recognized him as a pirate hunter and tried to kill which would have resulted in another sweet action scene. AWE doesn't really have that much action in it.

After this, he would go with Jack, Barbossa, and Elizabeth to parlay for Will. He would probably be like Elizabeth's first mate or something like that. Jack and Will would switch places as was in the movie, but Will starts to wonder why Elizabeth picked up James in the first place...I mean, they're not exactly reconciled here and she did kiss another guy. This would push Will away and he would find love in the arms of a sweet, sassy lady pirate that was part of the crew of one of the other lords.

Meanwhile...everything happens according to script. Will is stabbed and Jack sacrifices his immortality for him. Boo hoo, beautiful death scene, end of Davy Jones, parachute EXCEPT

stabbing the heart does not kill the captain, just releases him. As soon as Will is resurrected, James realizes it's time for him to get over Liz. He stabs Will's heart, freeing him to go be with his exotic pirate lass (who really likes swords), and James captains the Dutchman. Touched by Jack's warrior-self and no longer attached to Will, Elizabeth feels free to pursue a romance with Jack.

it was a definite tie between norri and J/L...but chose J/L because we were all hungry for some seriously sexy sparrabeth scenes (woah. talk about alliteration...) and we didn't get ANY! we al thought they would show up in AWE...but they didn't of course. so i vote for that. but Norri...i SO wish he didn't go. His sexy life was so short...

oh Willo i like your reasoning...

I would have Elizabeth die at the end instead of Will. I dunno I liked the Willabeth ending okay but if anyone in the film series deserved to go out of all the characters IMO Elizabeth should have been the one. She got progressively more annoying as the series went on. The only downside to that is I would have had to watch people mourn her.

I'd also like Norrington to still be alive. I didn't mind Will being cursed so much. I was kind of with Captain Jack on that didn't sound like too bad of a deal to me.

And no way would I have added Flashbacks to AWE that movie was long enough as is without backstory.

And no way would I have selected the first option, lmao.

We usually don't agree on much of anything, selina, lol, but you have brought up an interesting point. Why is Will the one who gets stabbed? As far as my following of the movie goes, Davy Jones is very envious and cynical of Will and Elizabeth's relationship. To paraphrase Jack, he finds separating them forever to be far better than allowing them to wed. Later on, he meets Will and makes a nice enemy of him since Will gets the key from him and indirectly brings ideas of love (father/son as well as husband/wife) onboard the Dutchman.

So naturally Will pisses Davy off almost as much as Jack does. And then later on, Davy sees the girl Will does all this for: Elizabeth. He pieces it together that these two are an item and stabs Will so they will be separated and Elizabeth will know the pain of being alone.

I'll stop right there and ask this: if Davy hates Will so much, why wouldn't he stab Elizabeth so she would be the one to die and Will would know the pain of a woman "leaving" him and be alone? I guess it's because Will was physically closer to him at the time, but if it were me and I was a bitter evil fishface, I would have stabbed Elizabeth. The same thing would have happened. Jack would have helped her stab the heart so she would be the captain of the Dutchman. She would bequeath her king status to Will, and our trio would separate exactly as before. Interesting.

Actual Willofthewisp that ending does sound better. Could Elizabeth still give birth to Will's son if she was stabbed? I think that would have made the ending more emotional if it was Liz coming back ashore to give Will his son 10 years later too. And since Elizabeth to me always seemed more into the piracy thing than Will was it would have been cooler to me to have her be captain of the Dutchman. And this is speaking as someone who can't stand her but your ending sounds pretty appealing to me.

And I wanted Jack to be Pirate King personally...lol but I am just a selfish Captain Jack fan. Will having the title wouldn't bother me TOO much.

Selina, my guess is that if Will was stabbed and still has some semblance of a sperm count, Elizabeth would still be able to carry a child. I guess that is one of the main reasons some people doubt that actually is Will Jr. there at the end. It confuses even me how a guy with no beating heart maintains all the same physiology. T&T are probably doing the smart thing by not answering questions and stuff as speculative as we all get.

Well I definitely think the kid is Will's son because I don't think Elizabeth is mean enough to bring some other guys kid along to greet her husband...I mean that would be a reunion killer right there, lol. And Will does have a beating heart technically it's just simply not in his chest so he's alive just bound to the ship.

well, even if he isn't technically alive in the normal sense of the word (as T and T suggested on that stupid DVD explanation), this is almost a fantasy film and in legends and stories like this, immortal gods or demons or what have you frequently succeed in making mortal women pregnant.

Yup that is true. I mean arguing about logic does seem funny considering a giant lady stood on a boat and it didn't sink, lmao

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