Fei/Id/Graf; The -Contact- (Xenogears)

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The -Contact- is the human that made contact with god within this 4th dimensional tier. God was trapped within the pseudo-perpetual infinite engine named Zohar and wanted to return back to its domain. In order to do so, it bestilled within the 6 year old boy Abel his power. From there, the -Contact- Abel is reborn; until his task of freeing the Wave Existence (god) and allowing him to return home.

While there's been upward to 10 millenniums worth of -Contact-, only three are noticeable. Fei; the main protagonist, Id; Fei's alter ego, and Graf; a reincarnation of Abel that experienced incomplete contact

Here is some history on them
Lacan (aka Graf)

The various gears seen ridden by the -Contact-
Fei's Xenogears

Id's Weltall

Id's Xenogears

Graf's Weltall

vid showing the strength of the Gears
then shows Grahf taking them on with nothing but his hands


Id destroying mechs with ease


Oh my,my,my I'm feeling high, my money's gone I'm all alone too much to see the world keeps turning Oh what a day, what a day, what a day........

Anyway,It's a perfect way to sum these 4 contacts up.
They keep it real! They are Bad! A force to be truly reckoned with!

Love the pictures!

How did you want us to go about responding to this thread.

Superboy Prime
Grahf is like a totally different character though....

I don't think he should be included as a contact...since you know his "contact" was a failure.

Either way I'm glad Fei finally got a respect thread. I will be posting some Id videos.


Fei boards Weltall in an attempt to fight off the hostiles destroying Lahan.


As we can see everything goes wrong when Fei witnesses his friend being shot down in front of him...he loses control and unleashes the Id personality...Lahan is destroyed seconds afterwards

Zack Fair
A couple of Id/Fei pictures from my collection:

Zack Fair

Interesting fact is that Weltall unleashes so much ether energy that the heat gives the impression of the gear turning red.

Fei Fong Wong


Birthplace: Unknown
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Weight: 147 lbs
Speciality: Martial Arts
Gear: Weltall

A young man living in the small village of Lahan. He suffers from a partial memory loss due to an incident prior to his arrival. Fei enjoys teaching martial arts to the children and is adored by all of the villagers. His hobby is paint, an ability he appears to have inherited from a master artist.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.