The Kazama siblings, Daigo and Akira

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Snafu the Great
My first Rival Schools Thread. I am so honored.

Akira's Bio

Nickname The Kung Fu Rider
Date of Birth: March 3rd
Blood Type: AB
Height: 160 cm
Weight: Unknown
Measurements: 81 62 83 cm
Nationality: Japanese
Family: Orphaned, lived with older brother Daigo prior to her transfer to Seijyun HS, now lives alone in Seijyun HS dormitories
Likes: Motorbikes, Daigo, her friends at Gedo HS
Dislikes: Chatting, jetcoasters
Special Talents: Chinese martial arts (especially Tai Chi), cooking Japanese home dishes
School: Gedo High School 1st year later transferred to Seijyun Girls' Academy 2nd year
Favorite Subjects: Japanese, Social Studies, English
Least Favorite Subjects: Physical Education, Music
Club: None
Part-time Job: Maintaining motorbikes at a repair garage (stopped after entering Seijyun which prohibits part-time jobs).
Alter Ego: Powered Akira

Daigo's Bio

Nickname: The Man Among Men
Date of Birth: September 15th
Blood Type: AB
Height: 199 cm
Weight: 89 kg
Measurements: 100 88 95 cm
Family: Orphaned, lived with younger sister Akira before her transfer to Seijyun HS, now lives alone in their apartment near Gedo High School.
Likes: Cake, enka (Japanese ballads), "straight" things, heroic movies (because they are full of emotion and spirit)
Dislikes: Caterpillars, dishonorable things, crowds
Special Talents: Lecturing about manliness, ouendan (Tiffany: "Japanese cheerleading!!!"wink
School: Gedo High School - third year
Favorite Subject: Japanese (especially classical literature)
Least Favorite Subject: None
Club: None (but makes guest appearances at Ouendan Club)
Part-Time Job: None
Alter Ego Wild Daigo

Snafu the Great
Akira found herself involved in the mystery of RS1 when Daigo had not returned home for a week and nobody knew where he was. In order to transfer to Gedo HS and from there begin a search for her brother, Akira wore a crash helmet to hide her female identity and introduced herself as Daigo's younger brother. Though only Edge and Gan agreed to help her, Akira's negotiations with the investigation teams from the other schools enabled her to trace the clues to Justice HS along with the rest of them, and there she finally rescued Daigo. With the conclusion of
the adventure, Akira's true identity was revealed, but she remained at Gedo HS for the rest of her first year before transferring to Seijyun Girls' Academy to begin her second year. There she quickly became best friends with Yurika, so when Akira became worried about Daigo's change of character in PJ, she and Yurika decided to investigate together, with Zaki soon also joining in. Donning the helmet that had become her symbol of courage one more time for the final battle, Akira unleashed her full strength: Powered Akira!


-Akira's parents used to know the old man who owns the repair garage, so after they died the old man out of kindness let Akira work at the garage even though she initially didn't know anything about motorbike mechanics at all (so she probably just did things like cleaning and tidying). The old man taught Akira all about motorbikes over her time there, and now that he is too frail to do the repairs himself, Akira does them for him

-Akira is a big fan of Megaman. She owns an assortment of Megaman merchandise, such as first-aid plasters which she carries with her in case of training injuries.

-Akira prefers on-road to off-road motorbikes because the latter more quickly damages the machinery. She has no special preference in manufacturer. In general, Akira dislikes people who claim to like motorbikes but who do not take good care of the vehicles, including neglecting to polish them frequently. Akira believes that even inanimate
objects deserve respect.

-Although Akira eventually transferred to Seijyun, she at one point thought that Taiyo would suit her best. Her main condition was that the new school was still within the area so that she could see the rest of the RS gang often.

-Prior to meeting the RS gang, Akira had never visited a coffee shop before.....

-Akira believes in gradual studying well before a test rather than cramming close to it. She recommends this method to Gan, but Gan seems to have trouble retaining material studied too long ago. To help Gan memorize material (especially in subjects such as History), Akira often givens him spoken tests on quick facts

-Akira is poor at swimming and is very slightly hydrophobic.

-Akira is very strict about motorbike helmet policy, and refuses to carry anyone on her motorbike unless a spare helmet is available to be worn by the passenger.

-While not as pronounced as Daigo's infatuation, Akira also likes confectionery. Chocolate cake is among her favorites at the cake shop, though she herself is most adept at baking cheesecake.

-Having seen Yurika's hairstyle, Akira is also considering growing her hair long.

-One aspect of Seijyun lifestyle that Akira has difficulty adjusting to is having to eat slowly during mealtimes, a practice which she feels seems to takes the spirit out of eating.

-Akira frequently makes lunchboxes for Daigo^^

-When training martial arts, Akira finds it distracting to have spectators around who only watch but do not participate.

-Akira likes cats a lot. On several occasions she has looked after stray or abandoned cats encountered on the streets while trying to find them a long-term home. (Living in an apartment makes it impractical for her to keep the cats herself.)

-In fighting, Akira favors a defense based primarily on circular footwork. For example if the opponent attacks with a left punch, Akira would respond by circling towards the left. The idea is to use positioning to set herself up for counterattack as economically as possible. (A principle of Tai Chi is not to waste energy breaking through the opponent's structure, but to exploit the structural weaknesses created inevitably whenever the opponent attacks.)

Snafu the Great
As the leader of the Gedo gang sworn to protect the city with their fists, Daigo was investigating the RS1 kidnappings by himself in secrecy, not wanting to involve anyone else in the danger. His trail led to Justice HS,
where he confronted but was defeated in duel by Hyo, who then took him prisoner. He was eventually rescued by Akira, Edge and Gan, but the blow to his pride remained in his heart. Daigo subsequently took time off from his studies in order to travel and to re-evaluate himself. Returning to Gedo HS finish his final year, Daigo's attitude had become increasingly violent and intolerant, and he began ordering attacks on the other schools over the slightest of issues. In fact he had been brainwashed by Kurow without his own knowledge. As the events of PJ
unfolded, Daigo deteriorated into Wild Daigo, and nobody was sure whether to consider him as friend or enemy....


-Daigo feels uncomfortable indoors when it is crowded. On such occasions (School Festival, Christmas Party, etc.) he prefers to stay outdoors for most of the time. Basically Daigo is mildly claustrophobic. However he himself believes that liking the outdoors is a sign of manliness.....

-One of Daigo's training methods is simply to let Edge or Gan hit him with every technique they have. He is able to absorb it all without moving from his stance, and Edge and Gan get tired before he does!

-Daigo believes that when helping children on the streets, it is better to first encourage them to try to solve the problem by themselves (and then only help them out if it turns out impracticable) than to help them out at once. He considers it very important for children to learn to have faith in their own strength. Also, the worst thing you can do when you see a child crying is to attempt to cheer them up by acting funny, which is disrespectful to the child (not taking their upset condition seriously). Instead, the correct response should be to talk to them in a respectful way and find out what has upset them.

-Daigo's spiritual power comes largely from his belief in honor. While he also values love and justice, to him it is honor that is the true characteristic property of manliness, hence the concept of honor has a special place in his heart. He teaches his Gedo gang members to draw their power from the same concept: each time they punch they must first feel the honor inside their fists.

-Daigo believes that reliance on weapons in fighting obstructs development of spiritual power, hence advises Edge not to concentrate on his knives so much.

-Daigo's battle aura exerts an invisible pressure that causes his opponents to hesitate. Weak-willed opponents are often incited to flee or surrender at once. Even stronger-willed opponents often have difficulty approaching him and summoning the determination to attack him.

-Daigo believes that the best way to train oneself is to exploit every moment and every situation in everyday life with a mentality of spiritual growth. This he considers much more useful than allocating a specific slot in one's schedule to 'train' but then live without mindfulness the rest of the time.

-True strength is defined by Daigo as the ability to withstand every adversity and remain unshaken in one's spirit of justice.

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