Luke Skywalker vs Dr. Robotnik

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The Rebel alliance have discovered of a new Death Star being built over a planet called Mobius. Discovering that the Empire never built it but an ex-imperial scintist by the name of Dr. Ivo Robotnik but most people called him Dr. Eggman and he called the weapon, the Death Egg.

"This Death Egg has the same design as the Death Star but it has a face on it."

Explained Madene.

"So what, theres another hole for a proton torpedo to go through?"

Taunted wedge.

"No, this time it has to be flown inside to blow up the main reactor but theres also a problem there: you have to destroy thick armor plating, and an energy shield behind it then fly in and destroy it."

"Too bad Vader didnt here about this otherwise he would make his own Death Star again and make a challenge."

Han Solo stated.

"This Death Egg has turbolasers that also shoot missles so you will have to fly quick to evade them. Though unlike the first Death Star we are sending fifty fighters to attack this one as it will be lead by General Solo. Good luck men."

Afterwords they arrived at Mobius and saw the Egg.

"If it didnt have a face, I would almost admire it."

Scoffed Han.

"I still wouldnt underestimate it."

replied Luke.

Then a transmission came to Luke and Hans ships and Robotnik appeared on the holo projector.

"Rebels? Here to destroy my creation I presume."

"Robotnik, why create another Death Star?"

Asked Luke

"Because of the Empire! I want to rub it in that any person can do what they can."

Replied Robotnik.

"Why leave the Empire?"

Asked Luke.

"They killed my daughter. I was a scientist for the Empire but apparently my Maria was giving Rebels information or doing something against the Empire I never had a reason. So then when I was gone and she was alone, Stormtroopers came marching through the door and killed her. I didnt know if I should stay, so I left and at the right time, because a day afterwords the Death Star was destroyed. But sometimes, a part of me thinks I should have stayed on that station when it blew. So I swore to myself and I can do what the Empire could not! And here it is, the Death Egg. Unlike the first Death Star I gave it a more complicated way to destroy it. But im sure you Rebels figured out a way."

"Theres still a chance to join the Rebel alliance."

Said Luke.

"Believing in the Rebels is what killed my daughter. Launch fighters!"

Fighters came out of the Death Egg and the X-Wings, A-Wings and Y-Wings responded back along with the Millenium Falcon.

"Luke watch out, two missles on your six!"

Yelled Wedge as Luke dodged the missles.

"As you say, May the Force be with you."

Said Robotnik watching the fighters fly outside.

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Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.