my photography

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i'm relatively new to the photography game and make a little bit of cash doing stuff for local bands and finally got a picture published as part of an article in a newspaper about one of the bands...albeit i never initially got recognition and they breached my copyright in using it

here's a few of them starting with the 1 that got used in the article

Looks good mate smile Try taking more and from different different angles.
And different objects too big grin

not bad man, the second photo is quite professional. Not that i am a professional, by any means. Because i, too am relatively new to photography, at least seriously But, your second photo definitely has good composition and is clean. You show some flare for the artistic side as well. Keep it up, partner. I, for one, would like to see more. Do you know how and when to adjust the aperture?

i know a little about ISO and F stops but not as much as i should...i'm trying to learn camera isn't great by any means...

in dark setting (like i gig) i switch off the (mostly anyway) and have a large apperture but with a relatively high shutter speed to try and not have a blurry picture but to allow enough light in to get a decent image

some more recent examples of stuff i've done


thank you very much...i'm hoping to get out and about with my camera over the next few weeks and do some stuff around my city...views that most people's autumn which is always my favourite season around my home town

i'll post 'em when i get 'em

That photo of the guitar is brilliant. What kind of camera do you use?

It's crap that your name didn't get put with the photo in that article, but well done for getting in somewhere.

thank you very much

i use a canon EOS's a generation out-of-date but it does the job...i need to get a flash unit and diffuser for it as well as a decent quality lens with a low F-stop number so i can get better close ups

i'm actually wanting to retake that guitar pic cause it's a little bit out of focus...i had to use a wide aperture to get enough light in cause i took it indoors....and as such bits are out of it i take it outdoors and redo it then hopefully i can use a smaller aperture and get more in focus

i edit using picasa cause it's easy...i have never used photoshop before but hopefully i'll download it soon and start messing around with it and see what i can come up with

started playing around with long exposures in the dark stick out tongue

it's my starting practice for a photography competition that canon are running called electric graffiti

how do you do that writing stuff? o.0 i've always wondered that.

you have to set your shutter speed manually to the slowest possible setting....put your camera on a stable surface (preferably use a proper tripod)...hit the button...and then draw patterns in the air with whatever light source you're using

a standard shutter speed is normally between 100 and 200....change this way down...this means 1/100 or 1/200 of a second shutter speed...usually with a wide aperture and outdoors this is enough to let enough light in and get a very still shot

you then change this value down to 30" which gives an exposure time of 30 seconds (the max available on my camera)

wow, cool stuff. thumb up

a few more with some different colours...courtesy of the following items

a twin bulb neon torch (blue)
the light on my shower switch (red)
stand by light on my tv (red)
my alarm clock (green)

my favourite piece of work so far

it's actually from a Ryan Adams gig in Edinburgh

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