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I told her that she should let me hold her
until the heat is solar
between us, and cant nobody ever try to hold her
I'm jealous, I'm the only one to console her
and When she cries I'm her third shoulder
and if she acting up then she gets the cold shoulder
I'm not perfect is true, but I'm stable like a boulder or a large hill
I feel woozy like her kisses was a large pill
sexy in those high heels
Her last man gave her scars which I proved I can heal
I saw the pain, empathize with her, yes I can feel
although at times I still feel smothered
ain't no other
girl like this one, I'm pretty sure I love her
even though mama claims i don't know what love is
I know we young mama but I can rise above this
I show her off in public
and plus she is the subject
of this poem, so it must be love, you gotta love it.

I'm so hot the sand melts into glass
Your eyes melt out your sockets like wax
To graphic for the kids though my walls is lined with plaques
I stay ready for whatever, tongue sharp like battle axe
But my hand is much harder, My fist will never crack
The weak imitate me, I have the strength they lack
The strong analyze me, I am the object in there path
They can never beat me so they hate me
And I sit back and laugh
And I sit back and kill, Never test my boiling wrath,
It started out a drizzle and became a blood bath
It started out a walkway now its a War path
They took up math just to try to divide me in half
But then I subtract there souls So whats the answer to that?
They say violence begets more violence
and plus a one eyed man with a parrot is a pirate
I never been a Snake like a Metal Gear Solid
Always open. something like a broken fire hydrant
My emotions, usually borderline psychotic,
slash seductive, I'm trouble and that's highly erotic,
Reducing foes to microscopic,
that's why no one else matters
If it ain't about me its off topic

I stand saddened and alone
Never seen crying
My appearance is cold
Though on the inside I'm dying
Its because I hold
Everything you see is lies!
My laugh, my smile and grin!
constructed just to to block the pain within
cant let you in
Cant let you hurt
Cant let you cry
If you could feel my pain you'd cry
If you could hold my heart you'd die
Under its Heavy load from the hurts that's soaked inside
and then frozen over time
hard and callous
Even careless
that's why you see my eyes and they seem tearless
A great disguise
Truthfully last night I let out a million cries
A billion sharp burst of pain
and a trillion lies
To console a heart that's been hurt a gazillion times
left to rot in cracked in pieces
stabbed with a million knives



Shark Attack

The coal black eyes eyed me with ravenous, murderous intent.
Could comprehend those feelings from the frowns and sneers sent.
Circled my circumference cautiously, cunningly cutting off any means of escape.
Alone in my disastrous dilemma, I feared my physical about to violated and raped!
Quickly, this scenario was spiraling downward with me in the center steady falling.
The shark decided to attack at this vulnerable moment; she asked me since we had sex, why had I not been calling!

- by the Greatest Poet Alive

Greatest Poet Alive Presents:

I must be ugly.

I must be ugly because no one will give me a first glance.
If disgruntled wife took flight, like goods damaged or sinner sinning sins too many, not another maiden, fair or otherwise, would give this heart another love chance.
Work my mind and body out to present the best package as humanly possible.
Yet, even when standing in plain sight, I find that favorable words towards my cerebral or physical adeptness are not at all possible.
I must be ugly with the ugliness being an accursed curse cursed upon me women in my rearview window that I tried not too curse.
Father time ages assets, accentuations, and attributes that were my positives making matters worse.
Suffice to say that mama and daughter can bear to look at me.
Rhetorical the question then...doesn't that make me ugly?

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