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my info..
age:300 in demon years
she is a half demon but a very secritive one she is half dragon demon but her mother was a cleric.. so basically she is half demon and half angel to put it in the simplist terms.. she used to be evil but then she relised her wrong doings..naraku wants to harness her poweres but can not obtain her... when the cat demons returned to conquere the west after inutashio died and she fought along side sesshomaru in the second war when inuyasha was put under the seal..she went missing from battle and sesshomaru beilived her to be dead..but naraku got to her and erased hermemories and she has no idea who she is sesshomaru is in love with her and missed her thats why her took to rin when she tried to nursehim to health when takamie haddone the same for him..

she has long black hair and light purple eyes she has two magenta stripes on her cheeks.. she wears a skirt kimono that is white and is decorated on the trim with pink silk cherry blossoms..she wears sandles with long white socks..she has a 4 foot sword to her back..she can control the elements of water and fire she is having trouble with earth and the only time she can controll the windis when she is very angry..she is a great warrior the female to fight in war sagainst great males demons which is so unheard of.. she is very beautiful and is sometimes very serious she uses also her looks for seduction because no man can resist those eyes..

here is theplot there is a war breaking out between the west and the south the lands of takamies father ozi..seshomaru and inuyasha have to join forces in order to defeat ozi..the battle has not yet begun.. though a t this point..takamie comesinto the posession of the shikon jewl and she is instructed by kikyo to dystroy she looks at the jewel she is reminded of inuyasha who she usedtoplay with when she was lttle so she tries to find inuyasha and her memories slowwly return..

ineed a fewguys to play:





ozi(u can create your own character how he looks ext..)






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