black metal

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alright this is new to me...i never wrote the songs for my band but i'm starting to....this is called Ereshkigal's Wrath

Ereshkigal's wrath
the beautiful ereshkigal, satan's pride
often spride her legs far and wide
mortals often used her as a nymphetamine
for she built an anger none has yet to seen
the murder soon to come, she was calm as night
souls in carpathia moaned, knowing what comes with dawn's light

ereshkigal, the blackened heart
is genocide thine greatest art?
asphodel eyes, eve's body, satanic mind
a combination that took aeon's to find

the pain felt through veins, boils like rage
the apocalypse is soon coming for this age
moon blood red, the sky caves in
all beg the pitiful enslaver to forgive their sins
ereshkigal stands on the tower of babel, killing all of the world
all hear her voice over the thunder "bow down to the real lord!"

luciferian fires line the once blue skies
the chaos dimms out the mortal cries
death fouls the air, making ereshkigal smile
no mortal knew of something so vile so evil

deathknells are wrung throughout the land
mortal time runs low on sand
lightning cracks the ground, splitting a whole to damnation
they look to the sky seeking foul salvation
mortals cringe when they hear ereshkigal's laugh
never knowing why they died of her wrath

The filth in her womb

the heart once filled with love, now is filled with lust
pink flesh often pale, turned to ashes and dust
Ereshkigal, ruler of the new destroyed world
shown what happened when a hate is unfurled
lust filled her mind, making thy find a dark knight
asking what remaining men "art thou not filled of fright?"
those foolish men whom agreed never again seen the day
for those whom didn't agree , no one can say

the tattered veil, showing signs of filth in her womb
makes Ereshkigal sleep happily in her cracked tomb
the father of the demon ,dead, lied on a deserted throne
rats feeding and nesting in rotting flesh, maggots growing in bone

months go by, the filth grows more and more
mortals fear what may come, straigh to the core
the time draws near, all heard are deathknells
they sit around in a group like cast under spells
a month to go for Babylon's whore, Midian's pride
the foolish sit and wait, the foolish hide
the filth in Ereshkigal's womb shifts with anticipation for the dawning doom
time is up! the filth claws through the stomach, escaping it's mother's womb

it was no Snow White, Ereshkigal's spawn
freeing itself on a bloodred dawn
the eyes likeit's mothers', so filled with lies
a smile that fills the moonlit sky with cries

it was a girl fully grown, whom hungered meat
dragging foolish men to her bone ridden retreat
falling in love with scattered bodies of the dead
laughing, dancing with a mortals disembodied head
happily finding a real love, she takes her mother's hand
and sits next to her throne, becoming queen of the land

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