The Dark Tale of the Three Little Pigs

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Hmm. Yeah, it's my version of that wonderful old story that my parents use to read to me.

Chapter One

Once upon a time, There lived three pigs.., Three fat, and juicy pigs. There was a wolf who watched these pigs grow in to their fat, juicy selves. Oh how they looked delicious. He watched them closely, just waiting.

One day, the pigs' mother told them that they were too old to be living at home. So the three packed their belongings and wandered off in to the forest not too far from their mother's house.

The pig, who was lazy, said he would build his home with Straw.
The youngest of the brothers merely laughed at his Lazy brother, and said he would build his home with sticks.
The Eldest and wisest of the three rolled his eyes and announced he would build his house of bricks.

The wolf laughed as he walked up to the Mother Pig's home, and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" asked the Mother Pig.
"Come to the door and find out." replied the Wolf, with a devious smirk.

The Mother Pig walked to the door and opened it, and gasped in terror at the figure in front of her.

The wolf wasted no time in ramming his foot in to the elderly pig, knocking her flat on her back, gasping for air and tears forming in her large eyes.

The wolf laughed cruelly and walked in to the home, and swiftly slammed down in to the Mother pig, and bit in to her throat with his razor sharp teeth, growling loudly as he hears the Old pig squeal and scream in horror, but only briefly as her jugulars are pierced, and blood flows from her throat, coating the wolf's teeth and tongue.

The wolf kept his teeth in the pig until he was sure she was dead, before jerking his head up, ripping the skin from the Mother Pig's throat. Looking at the corpse as he pushed the skin in to his maw, he grinned darkly, before lifting up and heading to the kitchen to grab a meat cleaver, to chop the dead Pig, and put the body in a bag for later days' food.

oh wow... it fricken rocks!

Chapter Two

After putting the cleaved body of the mother pig in a cloth bag, the wolf grinned to himself in excitement, "t'would seem that I've only three more... This old hag should last me a few days... After that, The children are mine.." he laughed to himself.

Now, we go back to the three brothers, who've already spread themselves out. Let's go to the laziest of all three, who goes by the name of Rin. He snorts to himself as he gazes at his small house of straw, "I've done good, now time for a nap!" he said to himself, and walked in to his home.

The one who wanted his home made of sticks, who goes by the name of Tokin stretched and smiled at his work, failing to see the frailty of his weak building, he grinned, "Hmm, It seems My home is finished! Mm, and all before noon! I believe it is time to get some lunch!" he declared, and walked in to his home.

The eldest of the three, who name was Kilik, wiped the sweat from his forehead, being only a quarter done with his house, scoffing at the thought of his lazy brothers. He scraped more cement on to the bricks, and started stacking more and more, working his body to it's fullest potential, all for the sake of his home, and his safety, "This will take days... I hope I am safe until then.." he spoke to himself as he stacked more bricks on to the cement.

A few days later...

The wolf licked his furry lips, cleaning his face from the dried blood from his breakfast. He looked around, seeing he had finished the mother pig, leaving nothing but a few scraps of flesh and hair, among bones and other things. He laughed to himself and stood up, wandering out of his den. "The children are mine.. They will last me weeks.." he said to himself, before grabbing a bad and putting a few objects in to it, such as matches, gun powder, gasoline, anything he might need, knowing the brothers had built their homes.

He tied the bag shut, and started towards the forest where the three pigs had built their homes, snickering to himself, imagining their horrified faces as he slaughtered them.

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