Respect The Demon Etrigan!

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Right,This is a respect thread for the prinve of Blood himself.


Here is Etrigans fight with Shadowpact,he has the element of surprise at first,but pretty much runs through the whole team with ease.Nightmaster is cacking himself at the prospect of fighting Etrigan,implying he's almost as dangerous as the Spectre.

Amazingly,Etrigan is so evil and feared,that Ragman is instantly depowered just by being near him(as the souls he gets power from are too scared of Etrigan to help.)Note:Ragman went up against Eclipso without this happening.

Here Acheron confirms that Etrigan fears nothing.

Etrigan fighting the some guards of hell,he rips one's head off,fries two other..and rips one's arm off and beats him with it laughing out loud

Using the Trident of Lucifer,Etrigan blasts a massive wave of fire through the armies of hell.

Another show of Etrigans mettle.He was able to follow Shadowpact through Nightshades portal,a supposedly impossible feat as anyone who see's the Nightshade dimension goes mad at how horrible it is.Apparently,etrigans made worlds much worse.Oh,he also dominates Shadowpact again until a cheapshot turns him to stone.

More to come.

Endless Mike
Awesome, I've been waiting for this thread. I'll post some scans when I have the time.

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Knocks Superman from Earth, to the Moon:

According to Darkseid,
"A revitalized Etrigan, is a truly elemental being -- He is connected to... and one with... the limitless resources of pure nature":


Etrigan was a part of the 'Cinque of Cosmic Power'...

-Dr. Fate-
"Etrigan augments our might by tapping into Primal Mystical Forces, beyond my calling":

Etrigan is able to harm Gammenae,a Sorceress who has the combined power of the ancients.(A team that killed the JLA)

Here Etrigan is able to tap into the mystical energies of Stonehenge,allowing him to take on the sentinels of magic and the Martian Manhunter all by his lonesome.He is only stopped when he reverts to Jason Blood.

Here the Phantom Stranger tells Jonn that the Sentinels of magic can not defeat Etrigan without aid.

Mr. Slippyfist
I knew you were going to make this thread soon...

Etrigan destroys something that was seriously f*cking Batman up.

Etrigan vs Batman
Basically makes Batman look like nothing.

Etrigan vs Superman

Owns Encantadora with her own power.

Etrigan vs Superman
The damage on Etrigan is apparently done by getting smashed into the wall... no expression

Promises to rip Superman apart next year.

Mr. Slippyfist
Bites someones face off.

Owns some henchmen.

Owns a demon.

His mind is a pretty horrible place.

Dreamcatcher. He seems like a godlike being.

Etrigan destroys him with his hellfire. Apparently his hellfire destroys pure evil as well.

The 'crew' go back in time to retrieve Etigan after Jason was destroyed. This explains most of it:
For now on, all Etrigan feats with a '*' on it, will be Etrigan '2'. He's the Etrigan from the past. However, his feats don't seem out of reach from the Current one... but meh. I guess it needs to be said.

He owns a massive demon.

* (however, it pertains to Etrigan, so it's irrelevant)
Etrigan apparently gets more powerful as he gets closer to the past.

He says he feels more powerful, and is leaping buildings easier than in his Camelot days.

He confirms his powers are restored.
PS. He isn't allowed to kill innocents though still.

Fights and beats an Angle, that turns out later to be a demon.

Dismantles fake Jason Blood, and uses his body parts for spare parts after he got chopped up. It doesn't exactly work (and I mean, it turning into Etrigan's limbs, and not still be human parts), because this Jason is 'empty', but it should be noted that it should work according to Etrigan.

Owns Morgain Le Fay.

And now...
Current Etrigan, vs Etrigan 2 (human body parts, but he does have a suit...) vs Lord of the Damned.
Etrigan wins against #2, and Lord of the Damned follows after Etrigan 2 dies (due to a soul link, but he didn't actually get defeated...).

Mr. Slippyfist
Superman vs Etrigan
Nothing major. Although Supes doesn't cause much damage, and Etrigan could have most likely won this battle pretty easily.

Etrigan cooks up a nice spell that sends Superman back in the past to prevent something from occurring.

Etrigan vs Wonder Woman
Etrigan is in love with the blood on her. Narration:
"She's fast... Strong... But in the long run, she can't stand a chance against the power of hell.
He's also got her at his mercy...

Etrigan's Zero Hour issue, was badass iirc. Shows his history and stuff in detail.

Etrigan's appearance in the Widening Gyre was a low showing correct? I find it hard to believe he was so easily done in by Holy Water.

A lot of the images are from a Photobucket that needs a password. Does anyone know it?

Etrigan vs Lobo

Nearly all of those links are no longer showing the picture anymore. Should we include New 52 as well?

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